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Rice with milk and strawberry syrup

Rice with milk and strawberry syrup

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Put the rice in the cooker bowl, add the sugar and milk. Homogenize and choose from the MENU, one of the 3 functions for rice, depending on the texture / consistency you want to get. Aroma with cinnamon, close the lid of the appliance and let the program work. Meanwhile, prepare the strawberry syrup: in a saucepan, put water and sugar (along with the vanilla bean) and boil them together until the sugar melts completely. Then add the crushed strawberries and continue boiling until the syrup formed thickens a little.

We put the rice with milk (after boiling) in cups or small bowls, we decorate it with strawberry syrup and fresh fruits and we keep it cold until serving. Good appetite!

Rice milk with vanilla

If you already master this recipe - not that it would be a great thing to master - you can go further, adding other things to the initial mix. When we put the ingredients together in the blender, you can add, for example, a teaspoon of vanilla extract to make vanilla flavored rice milk, which is absolutely delicious and is among my favorites!

The vanilla extract together with the dates will add a sweet and pleasant taste to the milk, which will be rich in nutrients and very healthy! This vegan vanilla milk will work even better with morning coffee, especially if you prefer to consume it with sweetened.


Wash the rice well and let it drain. Bring the milk to a boil and add a little salt.

Homemade chocolate

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Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. The ingredients for the countertop are boiled in a bain marie, we add the flour


The first time we make the sheets, mixing the flour with margarine and lard very well. Add sour cream and salt,

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Mix the warm milk with the sugar and yeast and leave to activate for about 15 minutes, & icircntr a

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Sift the flour into a large bowl, add the yolks, smear

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In a saucepan (more sacrificial) caramelize 100 grams of sugar and then spread evenly the caramel

June 1, Children's Day, is a good opportunity to remember with pleasure the sweets we consume with so much desire in childhood.

Whether it's burnt sugar cream, confectionery cakes or commercial cakes, such as Pitic chocolate or Danut wafers, each of us has a special memory of one of these sweets.

That's why, because June 1st is still approaching, we thought of making you remember the child in you with this list of 20 sweets recipes that we loved when we were little.

Maybe you prepare them for your children or grandchildren and tell them about what it was like when you were children.

School has started and we are all nostalgic for the moments when we returned from class, and our mothers were waiting for us with wonderful homemade sweets.

This time, invites you to demonstrate your artist talent of homemade sweets made for good children.

Even if you don't have a backpack, you can prove your mastery with any other type of sweets prepared with care for a loved one or, why not, even for yourself.

The most important and long-awaited holiday in a child's life is definitely June 1 - Children's Day. We all fondly remember our carefree childhood when we had no other responsibilities than to do our duty as schoolchildren.

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries and basil syrup

The strawberry season has begun! It is a year conducive to strawberries, as if they have never been so good.

I celebrate this moment with an elegant dessert that emphasizes the taste of fresh strawberries. It is the sweet equivalent of Caprese salad.