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What We’re Loving: Neiman Marcus’ 'Cheers' Dessert Plates

What We’re Loving: Neiman Marcus’ 'Cheers' Dessert Plates

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With New Year’s just a few weeks away, pull out these adorable plates for dessert on the big night

All right, all right, we’re ahead of ourselves a bit, but these "cheers" dessert plates from Neiman Marcus aren’t only for New Year’s Eve, right?

Sure, they would make a perfect addition to any host or hostess’ festivities to ring in 2013, but they would also be a great addition to anyone’s serving ware collection.

There are plenty of things to celebrate throughout the year, from birthdays to babies and anniversaries, not to mention, the end of the workweek.

Though they’re meant for dessert, they’re so pretty, you can even display them, which is what we’re doing.

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