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Woman Arrested for Hurling Raw Meat at Police

Woman Arrested for Hurling Raw Meat at Police

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The meat-thrower said God told her to pelt police with bacon


A young woman said God told her to throw raw meat at police.

A young woman was arrested Friday for throwing raw meat at police officers in Boston, and she has responded to the charges by claiming God made her do it.

According to Gawker, 24-year-old Lindsay McNamara allegedly entered the Framingham police station Friday with a Dunkin’ Donuts box and told the officer at the front desk that she was there “to feed the pigs,” before hurling the box--which was full of raw bacon and sausage--at the desk.

The front desk was behind bulletproof glass, so McNamara failed to hit anyone with her box of raw meat. Finding herself thwarted, McNamara just smeared the meat over the window until someone came out to arrest her.

McNamara allegedly told police, “God told me to go feed the pigs.”

McNamara was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property, but McNamara denies that any property, besides her bacon and sausage, was actually destroyed.

"I mean, I didn't really destruct property," said McNamara. "I just smeared some grease."

Lies The Pioneer Woman Made You Believe About Cooking

Ree Drummond, the copper-haired blogger who resides on a quaint parcel of 433,000 acres in Pawhuska, Oklahoma makes creating yummy, down-home prairie food look so easy. Whether she's making her world-famous cinnamon rolls to give as gifts to her mailman, hosting game day feasts, or whipping up a chicken-fried steak, it all looks effortless to this little wife on the prairie.

Not only does she cook up a storm, but she is also the author of a pile of books, the host of her own wildly successful cooking show, a homeschooling mother of four, and even has her own line of kitchen tools, cookware, and home goods. She basically does everything, all while looking totes adorbs in affluent nouveau-hippie tunics and dangly earrings and bearing what must be the extreme hardships of being married to an actual real-life hunky cowboy. Sucks to be her, right?

But as much as we all love her, and as much as a lot of us (make that all of us) would love to be her, not everything she does is perfect. As a matter of fact, here are a few of the lies the Pioneer Woman has made us believe about cooking.

Weld County declares ‘Meat-In’ with barbecues, sales on meat, restaurant specials

Gov. Jared Polis’ proclamation of March 20 as MeatOut Day has caused the opposite effect in several counties across Colorado, including Weld County and even parts of Nebraska.

Polis’ attempt to promote the benefits of a more plant-based diet was met with outrage and uproar from farmers and ranchers across the state, who contribute nearly $47 billion dollars each year to the Colorado agricultural industry.

“For our governor to say that we should have a meat-free day is the last straw,” state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, R-Weld, said. “It’s just one more attack against my county.”

In Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts pushed back against Polis’ proclamation by declaring Saturday as “Meat on the Menu” Day in his state.

“While meat is one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, there are radical anti-agricultural activists that are working to end meat production and our way of life here in Nebraska,” Ricketts wrote on his Twitter account, @GovRicketts.

Weld County Commissioner Scott James, right, chats with some attendees at Saturday’s Meat-IN Music Rally for Ag. (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

The Farm Animal Rights Movement, a nonprofit animal welfare organization, began the MeatOut movement in 1985 with proclamations issued by states and countries around the world.

The proclamation aims to encourage people to eat more vegetables and fruits to help prevent risks associated with high-meat diets such as heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer and diabetes. A 2020 study partly funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute links consumption of red and processed meat with a higher risk of heart disease and death. The World Health Organization in 2015 classified red meat as “probably carcinogenic to humans” and processed meat as “carcinogenic to humans.”

In addition to the health benefits, eating a more plant-based diet is said to help the environment in reducing carbon footprints, preserving grasslands and wildlife habitats.

And, while some area produce farmers understand what Polis was trying to do, and appreciate his attempt to endorse their industry, many have said that the governor went about the proclamation in the wrong way.

“My take on it is that, I am a meat lover and am going to eat my meat regardless, but I would prefer that the governor change it to a positive, instead of the negative approach,” said Kathy Rickart, co-owner of Tigges Farms at 12404 County Road 64 1/2, in Greeley. “Instead, let’s have a ‘Veggies In’ day rather than a MeatOut day and take a positive approach.”

Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine wrote a letter to Gov. Jared Polis inviting him to a brisket cooking showdown. (Photo courtesy Lori Saine)

Dean McElroy, owner of Eden Herbs and Flowers, 27491 County Road 66, in Gill agrees with Rickart in that a more positive approach would have probably been better accepted within a state that is agriculturally centered.

“I eat a salad every night, and we raised our children to eat a salad every night. Our grandchildren eat a salad every night because you need raw food,” McElroy said. “But to do this in an agricultural county that’s supplying most of the agricultural wealth in the area, that’s not really the right way to go about it. You don’t start with the negative. A ‘Vegetable In’ day would have been better.”

Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine echoed that sentiment.

“In his proclamation, the governor could have celebrated food choice in this diverse state and highlighted the Colorado-grown staples such as millet, quinoa, black beans that make vegan burgers and other meatless products,” Saine said. “Instead, he inferred that an essential part of our Weld agricultural industry is cruel, unhealthy and unsafe for the environment.”

Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, R-Weld, left, helping out at the Meat-IN Music Rally for Ag on Saturday at the Double Check Arena in Eaton. Talking to the crowd, Kirkmeyer termed the event as a “big-ass barbecue.” (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

Saine wrote Polis a letter challenging him to a brisket cook-off, hoping that the friendly contest would help open the governor’s mind toward agricultural constituents in Weld County.

On Wednesday, Polis issued a op-ed backpedaling a bit on his proclamation to promote plant-based diets, stating that he was “excited to see the grassroots movement that (his) recent proclamation helped generate in support and promotion of Colorado beef products.

“I’m hopeful that this renewed support helps our producers and all who earn a living in ranching and the livestock industry.”

The governor also stressed people’s right to choose what they eat without the government interfering in those choices.

“In Colorado, we value the highly personal choice individuals make about what to eat,” he said. “That choice is between you, your family, your doctor and the Lord.”

Polis’s statement also included the recipe for his Famed Brisket Rub.

Attendees file in at the Meat-IN Music Rally for Ag that took place Saturday at the Double Check Arena in Eaton. (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

Art Guttersen hosted the Meat-IN rally for Ag, which took place at Double Check Arena, 37440 County Road 43, in Eaton, and included a barbecue of beef, lamb and pork provided by Colorado ranchers, farmers and meat producers such as Rockin 4D Meats, Wells Ranch, Arapahoe Meat Company and The Colorado Pork Producers Council.

The free event drew more than 250 people, including Weld County Commissioner Scott James, Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams and Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer, R-Weld.

Betta Gumbo, at 277 N. Lincoln Ave,. in Loveland, hosted Meat-In specials that included a smothered pork chop or lollipop wings.

Meat lovers and supporters of animal agriculture feasted on a variety of barbecued items including lamb sausages and hamburgers at the Meat-IN Music Rally for Ag in Eaton on Saturday. (Tamara Markard/Staff Reporter)

Over at the Windsor Mill Tavern, 301 Main St., Unit C, customers could partake in the restaurant’s Mountain Man Feast that featured a platter piled high with bison tenderloin, beef skirt steak, New Zealand lamb, smoked salmon, buffalo jalapeno sausage, wild game meatballs and chicken wings. Customers also received $15 off the feast in support of the Meat-In movement.

Polis isn’t the first governor of Colorado to make a MeatOut Day proclamation. In 2011, then-governor John Hickenlooper made a similar proclamation. However, Hickenlooper’s event was met with much less pushback.

70 Going On 40: Meet Annette Larkins,The Best-Looking Senior Citizen Ever!

Annette Larkins (pictured) doesn’t look anywhere near 71 years old, and she knows it.

Looking more like her 80-year-old husband’s granddaughter and either of her children’s older sister, Annette credits her meatless diet of more than 40 years for her radiant youthfulness and her physical vitality. She doesn’t heat any of her food, preferring to eat all of it raw by making any number of meals out of nuts, beets, greens, or anything else she grows in her home garden in Miami.

Sure, some of you may balk at the idea of passing up your mother’s fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and all the other delicacies that make you yearn for a home-cooked meal, but Annette would be quick to bring up the classic movie “Soul Food” and remind you of something you may not have ever considered: “You know what killed ‘Big Mama,’ don’t you? Soul food.”

But there was a time in her life when she would have never turned up her nose at a piece of meat. That changed one Saturday morning in 1963 when she suddenly began to abhor the smell, taste, and touch of it.

Annette and her family were at the dinner table eating a traditional Southern breakfast: ham, bacon, sausage, jam, toast, butter, grits, and eggs. After the family had eaten, she went to the kitchen to prepare some frozen pork chops for the evening meal. When she returned to check on the thawing chops, “it seemed like, all of a sudden, it was so different,” she recalled in an interview with NewsOne. “I looked at meat entirely different.”

Soon after that sudden emotional disdain for all things hog, she stopped eating any animal products altogether and became a vegetarian. She eventually moved on to eating only raw foods, which is ironic, given that her husband, Amos, was a butcher at the time.

Annette kept her drastic dietary transformation to herself for two weeks before saying a word to her husband and children. She simply prepared separate meals — one for herself and one for the rest of the family. She didn’t think it was fair to subject them to her change in eating habits. It worked out no one noticed.

But when she told Amos, 80, about her decision to be a raw foodist, his face showed shock, then surprise, and eventually, concern.

“I thought she was ill,” he said. “I was going to take her to the doctor. I had never heard of nobody saying anything like that before. I asked her, Are you sick?”

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And because she takes care of her body, she rarely is.

But Annette wants everyone to age as well as she has — citing her raw-food-eating lifestyle of 27 years as the best example — so she began holding talks around town to explain how raw eating can lead to a longer life. Some of her raw meals include “Spicy Collard Greens,” “Wild Rice Superb,” and “Nut Patties” (pictured below).

In 1999, Annette said God told her it was time to write her first book on the subject, “I was lying on a slantboard at home and said, Lord, you made me do this, so you must make them listen. And so they did listen.”

While people of all races were seeking her advice, Annette remembers that Black people were the last to see the benefits of her lifestyle. “Our Black people weren’t ready for that at that time,” she says. But that changed over time, and now she says more Black people are seeking her advice than anyone else.

“I was taken aback [at the new response],” she said. “I was very pleasantly surprised. I said, Well, we got a Black president. Now we’ve got a sista here that people are proud of and they want to do something differently.”

(Annette was quick to clarify that the sista she was referring to was herself, not the other fit, health-conscience sista on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.: First Lady Michelle Obama. Though, of course, First Lady deserves praise too, she joked.)

Annette recalls an African-American woman telling her that she is no longer afraid of aging after meeting her. Mothers have called her to say that their sons in college learned of her raw food lifestyle and were eating healthier. And while she almost never accepts speaking requests, she did make an exception for a young woman in Atlanta.

When her husband asked what motivated her to make the exception, she told him, “That girl is 14 years old. You think I’m going to refuse her. It was just so exciting to me. She is a raw chef. She is 14, so they [those interested] are getting younger.”

And the requests are becoming more frequent and global. Over the years, Annette has been invited to travel the world as a guest speaker on raw eating but has graciously declined all requests to do so. “I don’t want to do it as a job,” she said. A former receptionist at an airline, she says that her job empowered her and her family to see much of the world. She doesn’t want to travel for any other reason than that, she says, even though she has accepted the occasional television request.

During an appearance on “The Drs,” last year, one of the four co-hosts, Dr. Travis Stork, started off the segment by assuring viewers that Annette did not undergo Botox to achieve her looks. An image of her driver’s license appeared across the screen later in the segment to remove all doubt. Telling the audience that “health is wealth,” Annette discussed some of her raw-cooked meals that were displayed on-set. Next to one of the hosts was a dish full of Noni fruit, the juice of which she jokingly says she drinks “like a tequila shot.”

Co-host Dr. Lisa Masterson asked a question that was likely on the minds of many in the audience. “When you’re with your husband, he doesn’t mind [that] you look that much younger,” she asked.

“He doesn’t mind at all,” Annette replied. “He’s very proud of me. After 54 years of marriage come Sept. 5th, the man still treats me like a queen. What more can I ask for?

While that sounds nice, it takes a very strong man to have people marvel at your wife’s looks then take one look at you and wonder silently, “Well, what’s your problem?

Amos knows people think that and admitted as much during an interview with NewsOne. Indeed, he credits his wife for his improved eating habits over the years, but wishes he had started sooner. And while his wife can easily walk flights of stairs without losing her breath, he has to take the elevator. He actually pokes fun at himself over his and his wife’s physical appearances.

Recalling an outing he and Annette made some time ago, Amos said they went to a museum where a man complemented his wife…sort of. When Annette along with other visitors wanted to explore the area outside the museum, Amos decided to stay behind. “They went out there and this old guy walked up to my wife and said,’ Ma’am, I have to tell you, I think it’s great you push your grandfather around and spend time with your grand daddy.'” Annette burst out laughing, telling the well-meaning gentleman “that grandfather in the wheelchair is my husband.”

And whenever they go shopping together, Amos says, “I don’t even walk with her. I fall back because we get better service that way. Everybody wants to wait on her.”

At 71 years old, everyone would surely like to look like her too, and such a goal is not out of reach, Annette says. She feels the food we put in to our bodies can help us live longer or shorter lives, depending on the choices we make. Annette believes God put her on Earth to help people make better choices, especially Black people.

During slavery time, our people did the best that they could with what they had, so they are not to be blamed,” she said. “But that soul food has been killing so many of us. Now the shackles have been removed from our ankles and our wrists. Now it’s time to remove them from our minds.”

Police: woman offered to � the pigs' and smeared pork on station window

Police in Massachusetts have arrested a woman who they say smeared uncooked bacon and sausage all over a police station dispatch window, as part of an offer to “feed the pigs”.

Framingham police lieutenant Harry Wareham told Lindsey McNamara entered the station on Friday morning with a Dunkin’ Donuts box full of raw bacon and sausage.

Wareham said McNamara approached an officer with a “great smile on her face” and said she was there to “feed the pigs”. He said she then took the meat from the box and smeared it on the window.

McNamara was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property.

The Boston Herald reported that a judge postponed McNamara’s arraignment and ordered the 24-year-old to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Raw-food raid highlights a hunger

With no warning one weekday morning, investigators entered an organic grocery with a search warrant and ordered the hemp-clad workers to put down their buckets of mashed coconut cream and to step away from the nuts.

Then, guns drawn, four officers fanned out across Rawesome Foods in Venice. Skirting past the arugula and peering under crates of zucchini, they found the raid’s target inside a walk-in refrigerator: unmarked jugs of raw milk.

“I still can’t believe they took our yogurt,” said Rawesome volunteer Sea J. Jones, a few days after the raid. “There’s a medical marijuana shop a couple miles away, and they’re raiding us because we’re selling raw dairy products?”

Cartons of raw goat and cow milk and blocks of unpasteurized goat cheese were among the groceries seized in the June 30 raid by federal, state and local authorities — the latest salvo in the heated food fight over what people can put in their mouths.

On one side are government regulators, who say they are enforcing rules designed to protect consumers from unsafe foods and to provide a level playing field for producers. On the other side are " healthy food” consumers — a faction of foodies who challenge government science and seek food in its most pure form.

They want almonds cracked fresh from the shell, not those run through a federally mandated pasteurization process that uses either heat or a chemical to kill off salmonella and other possible contaminants. They hunger for meat slaughtered on the farm. And they’re willing to pay a premium — $6, $8 or more — for a gallon of milk straight from the cow.

So despite research outlining the dangers of consuming raw milk and other unprocessed foods, they’re finding ways to circumnavigate federal, state and local laws that seek to control what they can serve at the dinner table. Such defiance, they said, comes from growing distrust of a food sector that has become more industrialized and consolidated — and whose products have been at the root of some of the country’s deadliest food contamination cases.

“This is about control and profit, not our health,” said Aajonus Vonderplanitz, co-founder of Rawesome Foods. “How can we not have the freedom to choose what we eat?”

Scientists and regulators point to epidemiological evidence linking disease outbreaks to raw milk: The milk can transmit bacteria such as E. coli O157:H7, salmonella, campylobacter and listeria, which can result in diarrhea, kidney failure or death.

“This is not about restricting the public’s rights,” said Nicole Neeser, program manager for dairy, meat and poultry inspection at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. “This is about making sure people are safe.”

Demand for all manner of raw foods — including honey, nuts and meat — has been growing, spurred by heightened interest in the way food is produced. But raw milk in particular has drawn a lot of regulatory scrutiny, largely because the politically powerful dairy industry has pressed the government to act.

It is legal for licensed dairies to sell raw milk at retail outlets in California and 10 other states, according to research by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Twenty states allow people to buy unpasteurized milk directly from farms, or take part in a “cow sharing” program (in which a person buys part ownership of an animal and gets some of its milk).

But in the case of Rawesome, regulators allege that the group broke the law by failing to have the proper permits to sell food to the public. While the raid was happening at Rawesome, another went down at one of its suppliers, Healthy Family Farms in Ventura County. California agriculture officials said farm owner Sharon Palmer’s processing plant had not met standards to obtain a license. Palmer could not be reached for comment.

Rawesome’s fans, though, shrugged off such concerns.

“I always had problems with my stomach and digestion with normal milk,” said Darin Nellis, 41, who runs a nonprofit production company in Culver City and has been a member of Rawesome for three months. “I like how raw goat milk tastes, and I feel better.”

Such sentiments exasperate officials at the Food and Drug Administration, which bans interstate sales of raw milk and advises that both milk and honey should be pasteurized.

The debate has boiled at the state level for years. Alta Dena Dairy founder Harold J.J. Stueve fought for decades to help keep raw milk sales legal in California. This year, Wisconsin legislators approved a bill aimed largely at allowing the state’s struggling small farmers to sell more raw milk products. But Gov. Jim Doyle vetoed that bill under pressure from large producers. In neighboring Minnesota, whose official state drink is milk, authorities recently raided a private club similar to Rawesome in south Minneapolis.

Such battles have had a chilling effect on some retailers. Whole Foods Market used to carry raw milk and raw milk products in California and three other states. But in March, the chain pulled all but a few cheeses off its shelves. Part of the reason, it said in a statement, was “the realities of the very high additional costs for liability insurance … because of the potential risks from selling unpasteurized milk and milk products.”

Rawesome was born of consumer frustration. In 1998, James Stewart — a vegetarian who drank raw milk — couldn’t find the stuff in Southern California grocery stores. So he started making road trips to dairies in northern California and to Whole Foods in San Jose, which at the time carried raw milk. Word spread. Family and friends wanted it too.

So Stewart and Vonderplanitz created a private food club where, for a $25 annual fee, members “lease” the land and livestock directly from a farmer. Then, members pay an additional service fee attached to each grocery item, which they say covers the cost of transporting each food item from the farm to Venice.

The pair reasoned that they didn’t need to obtain a license from state or local agencies because they weren’t technically retailers. In 2004, Rawesome opened on Rose Avenue in Venice. “We’re just a place where people come to pick up the products they already own,” Vonderplanitz said.

The L.A. County Public Health Department didn’t see it that way. Vonderplanitz said that in 2005 the agency told Rawesome staff they needed a food-business license. Vonderplanitz said that he objected in a letter, and that the county never replied or followed up. (County officials declined to comment.)

Five years passed. Rawesome now boasts 1,600 members, who battle for street parking every Wednesday and Saturday when the club is open.

Squeezed between a coffee shop and a vintage guitar store, Rawesome looks from the outside like a forgotten storage unit. A tiny club sign hangs on the 10-foot-tall corrugated fence that hides the windowless storefront.

But inside, the shop is bright and airy, a bohemian farmers market surrounded by burnt-orange walls and a white tarp roof to keep out the rain. Boxes of coconuts and ginger from Hawaii sit nestled next to crates of California squash. Labels identify where each bite of produce was grown: onions from the Viva Tierra farm in Harlingen, Texas, and King’s Crown Organic farm in King Hill, Idaho.

The members — a mix of tattooed young people and middle-aged executives in Italian shoes — chat as they head to the walk-in cooler in the back. It is jam-packed with meat and dairy. Ziploc bags are filled with chicken, beef and pork. Many don’t have an expiration date. The other side is stocked with Amish buttermilk ($7.95 a quart), Amish cream cheese ($12.75 a pound) and whole milk ($8.59 per half-gallon).

Agencies that participated in the raid on Rawesome included the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Investigators confiscated the club’s computer and 17 coolers packed with, among other things, 24 bottles of organic honey, 10 gallons of raw whole milk and two bottles of raw cane syrup. Stewart said the health department slapped a closure notice on the club’s front door that said it was “operating a food facility without a valid public health permit.”

The health department, district attorney’s office and the FDA declined to comment, citing the pending investigation. The state Department of Food and Agriculture, which was the agency of record on the search warrant, said it continues to work with the district attorney’s office.

Co-op members are undeterred. Four days after the raid, Rawesome reopened its doors. The shelves were restocked. They have remained so ever since.

On a recent Wednesday afternoon, the line stretched halfway down the block. A stern young man in baggy cargo pants and sunglasses guarded the entrance, checking drivers’ licenses. Lela Buttery, a Rawesome volunteer and professional biologist, handed out legal waivers to sign.

One woman, digging into her green grocery bag for a pen, asked, “You guys got shut down last week?”

Atlanta officers remove woman from Delta plane

Atlanta police officers removed a woman from a Delta Air Lines plane at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and arrested her after she allegedly threatened passengers and refused orders to exit.

Chandler Black’s dramatic exit from the Los Angeles-bound flight last week was captured on cellphone video obtained by Channel 2 Action News.

In the video, shot by another passenger, Black can be heard screaming that an officer intentionally stepped on her hair while removing her from the plane.

Police said seconds after Black boarded the plane, she started threatening passengers next to her and a flight attendant asked her to leave the plane 10 times.

Black started swinging at the flight attendant, according to the police report. When an officer went to hold Black back from the flight attendant, she threatened him.

“Thank God she didn’t have anything to harm anyone,” passenger Antonia Edwards told Channel 2. Still, that didn’t stop Black from trying to harm officers.

Witnesses told Channel 2 that officers only handcuffed Black when she tried to punch one of them and kick him.

Edwards and her mother Alisa Boyd told Channel 2 their weekend getaway to L.A. was stalled by Black’s drunken behavior. Boyd said she was chatting with loved ones on Facebook when Black got riled up.

“It kinda got bad with my live chat,” Boyd said. “I heard the cussing and I asked her to calm down for the sake of the children.”

Black refused to walk off the aircraft and was carried out by her arms and legs. She twisted her body to try to get away from police and continued her swear-filled rant from the plane to the patrol car.

Black was taken to the Clayton County Jail. She is charged with obstructing officers, public drunkenness and criminal trespass.

Attorney arrested after allegedly egging cars in Nichols Hills

NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. — An Oklahoma attorney has been charged with a misdemeanor crime for allegedly vandalizing cars parked in front of her parent’s million dollar home.

On Feb. 11, an eyewitness called 911 to report the incident near the corner of Wilshire and Waverly.

The 911 caller was driving by when he saw a woman in a white shirt hurling raw eggs at parked cars.

Also, a neighbor across the street captured the whole thing on surveillance camera.

The suspect allegedly egged five cars that were legally parked in front of a home in the 1500 block of Wilshire Ave.

According to Nichols Hills Police Chief Steven Cox, officers talked to several neighbors who confirmed the family who lives at the home has been involved in a long-standing show-down with city hall over the parking along the street in front of their home.

It is legal for cars to park on their side of the street.

“I couldn’t even imagine why somebody would be upset that cars were parked on the street legally,” said Chief Cox.

Police arrested 37-year-old Kelly Hensley for the crime. Hensley is an attorney who was in town visiting her parent’s home on Wilshire.

Officers reviewed the surveillance video before arresting Hensley.

She has been charged with a misdemeanor crime for “molesting a standing vehicle.”

On Thursday, NewsChannel 4’s Ali Meyer tried to talk to Hensley about the allegations against her.

We received word through her attorney that she has no comment about the case.

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The star was in such bad shape, she almost got kicked off the set of a modeling campaign.

"I was gaining weight and starting to look old at 34," she remembers. "They said, 'You're not in bathing suit condition' and called my management team over. I was so embarrassed."

In addition to the cookbook — this is her third one — Alt has also produced a line of skin-care products using the raw food concept.

At 51, she believes the raw diet is what keeps her looking young and feeling energetic.

"People are hungry because their food isn't nutritious. Because raw food is so nutritionally dense, you eat it and it'll feed your body," Alt says. "Take it from someone who has been through health issues, it doesn't matter if you're the No. 1 model in the world or you're a mechanic working on somebody's car, this is the best defense we have."


A disclaimer at the end of the credits reads, "The people and events depicted in this program are real. Certain events may have been re-enacted for dramatic purposes." [1]

Television reviewer Ben Pobjie wrote, "Mystery Diners has achieved enormous success on SBS Food Network despite making no attempt whatsoever to appear convincing. This show, which purports to 'expose' employees of restaurants ripping off their employers, contains so many implausible scenarios, inept actors and transparently fake denouements that it's really quite refreshing." [2]

The show focuses on the Mystery Diners, an organization that goes undercover at specific restaurants at their owners' requests, and sets up undercover stings and unseen surveillance cameras to catch misbehaving restaurant employees in the act. [3]

Beginning in Season 9, Mystery Diners made changes to its format including the addition of private investigators, new technology, new graphics and opening credits, and advanced equipment. In the opening sequence, Stiles narrates that the changes were made on the pretext that restaurant staff have grown more aware of the show and the company and become more savvy in their scams.

The Consultation Edit

Charles greets the owners with his signature, "Charles Stiles, Mystery Diners" at the episode's beginning. He and one or more of his fellow Mystery Diners meet with a restaurant's owner(s) to discuss the restaurant's problem(s) before opening, or at a neutral venue, and Charles learns of the possible suspect(s). Charles then tells the owner(s) that his team will come after hours to wire the restaurant with hidden cameras and microphones.

The narrator gives details of where the hidden cameras and microphones have been set up (usually with a floorplan graphic presenting a simplified layout of the establishment), and also mentions which Mystery Diners will be going undercover as new staff members or customers. Microphones and cameras are set up only in areas of the restaurant where legally allowed and customers and employees have no expectation of privacy (with restrooms and locker rooms universally excluded from stings), and sometimes are set up outside in patio and 'breakroom' areas of the establishments, whether outside or inside.

The Sting Edit

Charles and the owner(s) operate from a control room setup, usually within an isolated part of the building without easy employee access, or in another nearby building rented temporarily during the sting length. Sometimes, a luton van or similar is hired. A number of large-screen LCD televisions featuring the live camera footage and graphics involving the sting subjects are configured in a multi-screen matrix and a switching system is utilized, along with audio monitoring of the establishment through shotgun microphones. The Mystery Diner decoy employees and customers are wired with hidden duplex two-way communication to Stiles and the control room, either through audible means and/or cameras hidden in common objects such as eyeglasses or other personal effects.

  • Usually the owner introduces one undercover team member (who may have already spent some days at the establishment in advance of the sting) to the staff as a trainee waiter. The owner then retires to the control room to watch events unfold. Although the owner(s) are usually the contact, this individual can be acting on their behalf. On several occasions, a subordinate employee or co-partner has contacted Stiles for a sting against an owner accused of neglectful supervision, operation of the restaurant, or theft.
  • Several episodes also have Stiles conduct a sting on behalf of owners appraising someone they want to sell their establishment to for their trustworthiness in all cases, the buyers were proven to have ill intention.
  • Others on the team appear as regular diners, charting the progress of service and quality of the food, and generally observing the staff to help reveal what goes on during the restaurant's regular operations.

From Season 9, Charles has also brought in one of his private investigators who shows the owner information he has found while doing background checks on the employees and details that are connected to any illegal activities.

The Confrontation Edit

After seeing enough, the owner goes down and rounds up the staff members responsible for the problems and brings them to the control room to be confronted by Charles Stiles, an event which usually ends with said staff members getting fired and/or occasional law enforcement intervention if a confrontation becomes violent (though several have sighted the sting and quickly flee the building before the confrontation can take place). Otherwise, innocent staff members who prove to have been manipulated by the troublesome staff member are normally spared by the owners. There are also cases in which the staff member is merely reprimanded or quits without allowing the owner to render action against him/her.

Four Months Later or Restaurant Update Edit

During the closing credits, the narrator tells the viewers what has happened, since the recording, to former and remaining employees and anyone else who was involved and reports on the restaurant's current status.

A graphic at the end of each episode states "Certain events may have been re-enacted for dramatic purposes."

The "Four Months Later" update element was dropped as time went on and the segment took on the generic "Restaurant Update" heading, as the program was able to economize their editing process to turn-around an episode in much less time than the earlier seasons.

Season Episodes Original airing
Season premiere Season finale
1 7 May 20, 2012 June 29, 2012
2 13 October 19, 2012 January 25, 2013
3 13 April 19, 2013 July 10, 2013
4 13 July 17, 2013 October 9, 2013
5 13 January 6, 2014 March 31, 2014
6 13 [4] April 7, 2014 [4] June 30, 2014 [4]
7 13 July 30, 2014 October 13, 2014
8 13 October 13, 2014 January 7, 2015
9 15 February 4, 2015 April 29, 2015
10 14 June 3, 2015 October 21, 2015
11 15 November 4, 2015 April 27, 2016

Season 1 (2012) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
11"Raiding the Bar"December 14, 2011 ( 2011-12-14 ) YM0100H1.21 [5]
The owner of Maeve's Residuals in Studio City, California suspects that one of her newly hired bartenders might be over-pouring for customers, giving away too many free drinks, and over-tipping himself. During the sting, the bartender was seen drinking on the job, ignoring the regular customers in favor of Mystery Diners Shellene and Jessica, over-pouring top shelf alcohol, and only charging $12 for $122 worth of drinks. The owner confronted the bartender and fired him, and he gave the money from his tip jar to the owner. His exit interview stated that the owner lost a good bartender. The narrator revealed that the owner hasn't had any more theft since the bartender left, and all of her regulars have since returned.
22"Catering on the Side"May 20, 2012 ( 2012-05-20 ) YM0101H1.32 [6]
When the owner of The Groves Bar & Grill in Gilbert, Arizona becomes concerned about a large loss in food and supplies, the Mystery Diners go undercover with hidden cameras as new employees and customers, suspecting that a recently-hired chef is plotting something. The sting reveals that the newly-hired chef is indeed running his own catering business using the restaurant's kitchen and supplies, and making business at The Groves suffer, with customers waiting extensively for their orders. With Charles on hand, the owner confronts and fires the chef. The narrator reveals that the former chef has gone out of business without his own overhead. The Groves' business has improved now that the owner has all his food and supplies in check
33"Bringing Down the Haus"May 25, 2012 ( 2012-05-25 ) YM0102H1.28 [7]
Brett and Rose, husband-and-wife owners of German restaurant Haus Murphy in Glendale, Arizona, disagree on almost everything, particularly the hiring of Rose's nephew-in-law as their new restaurant manager. Fearing he is unqualified for the job, they hire Charles and Mystery Diners Danny, Chris, and Deanna to go undercover and show them the extent of their nephew's incompetence. During the sting, the manager was proven to be horrible to staff and customers, and even stole beer from right under his aunt's nose. At the confrontation, Rose must terminate her nephew's employment at Haus Murphy. The narrator revealed that the nephew found employment elsewhere. The manager apologized for his actions upon being reprimanded and returned the stolen beer.
44"Big Earl's Gone Wild"June 1, 2012 ( 2012-06-01 ) YM0103H1.44 [8]
After losing thousands of dollars in unaccounted alcohol and hearing rumors of late-night staff parties, the owner of Big Earl's Greasy Eats in Cave Creek, Arizona contacts Charles, and Mystery Diners Shellene and Chris go undercover as waitress and flirty customer hoping to score invitations to an after-hours bash. The suspected bartender drank on the job, pocketed money that should have gone into the register, and threw an out-of-control party after the bar was closed. The owner returned to the restaurant to throw everybody out and fired the bartender during the confrontation. The narrator revealed that the former bartender apologized for her actions and moved on to new employment. All of the bar's alcohol was accounted for and revenue was back up at Big Earl's.
55"F for Effort"June 8, 2012 ( 2012-06-08 ) YM0104H1.36 [9]
After receiving numerous bad-service reviews and noticing a 30% decline in revenue, the owner of Caffe Boa in Tempe, Arizona, contacts Charles and the Mystery Diners to help him find the cause. Mystery Diner Danny goes undercover as a waiter and discovers three problem employees: a waiter, a waitress, and a waitress-in-training. Despite calling owner Jay a dirty name, the waitress turns out to be a model employee. The waiter was a good employee but lacked confidence and had a temper. The waitress-in-training was the real problem: she drank on the job, ate food from customers' plates, and was rude to customers. At the confrontation, Jay praises Gwen, encourages Brad to be more confident, and fires Sophia. The narrator reveals that the waitress-in-training has found employment elsewhere. The waiter was taking a wine-appreciation course. The waitress was promoted to head server. Profits and service are back to normal at Caffe Boa.
66"Managing Disaster"June 15, 2012 ( 2012-06-15 ) YM0105H1.35 [10]
The owner of Amaro Italian Bistro in Cave Creek, Arizona believes his manager is acting inappropriately with the staff and picking favorites based on appearance. Mystery Diners Destiney (Charles' daughter) and Sarah go undercover and interview for waitress positions to see if the manager will hire an attractive waitress over a qualified one. This is proven true when the manager gets flirtatious with Destiney, much to Charles' ire. The manager has also attempted to poach the staff by offering them jobs at his and his brother's own restaurant. During the confrontation, the manager gets into an argument with the owner and Charles which ends with him quitting. The narrator reveals that the former manager and his brother were unable to keep running their own restaurant after two months and both are seeking employment. The owner has hired a new manager and business has improved greatly.
77"Grumpy Tom"June 22, 2012 ( 2012-06-22 ) YM0106H1.46 [11]
Charles and the Mystery Diners descend upon The Blue Moose in Scottsdale, Arizona, where longtime chef "Grumpy Tom" has a knack for disrespecting everyone in the place--including the newly-installed second-generation co-owner and manager. Mystery Diner Jessica goes undercover as a waitress to prove just how grumpy Tom is and how his attitude negatively affects business. During the sting, Tom was impatient, verbally abusive, and had little respect for the owner. When the manager confronted him, he began yelling as well, proving that he needed to control his own actions. When brought back to the control room for the confrontation, Tom initially walked out, but Charles was able to lure him back in. After discussion, they were able to reach a compromise. The narrator revealed that the owners implemented a training program. Tom and the manager have mutual respect for each other.
88"Undercover Brother"July 6, 2012 ( 2012-07-06 ) YM0107H1.37 [12]
The owner of Las Vegas bistro 3 Tomatoes & A Mozzarella fears his manager, who is also his brother, may not possess the skills to manage the front of the house like he does the back of the house. He also wanted to look at a veteran server who he feared was apathetic, but turned out to be an asset to the restaurant. The manager was unprofessional with staff, easily agitated and rude to customers, and even drinking on the job. Before Charles and the owner could confront the manager, he left the restaurant in the middle of his shift and they were unable to catch him as he drove away. The owner did praise the waitress and even promoted her to assistant manager. The narrator revealed that the owner's brother apologized for his actions and was given a second chance at his original position as kitchen manager. Business has never been better at 3 Tomatoes & A Mozzarella.

Season 2 (2012–13) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
81"The Tipping Point"October 19, 2012 ( 2012-10-19 ) YM0201H1.06 [13]
After receiving numerous staff complaints that his recently-promoted headwaiter is not evenly distributing the pooled tips, the general manager of D'Cache restaurant in Toluca Lake, California contacts Charles and the Mystery Diners to help him discover whether the rumor is true. Charles sends in Destiney and Grant as customer and waiter, and they discover that the headwaiter is telling customers that the card system is down and pocketing the money. The waiter tries to set up Grant by stealing an entire bill payment, then asking Grant to fetch the bill. When confronted, the waiter tries to defend himself, stating the manager giving tips to people who haven't earned them is stealing. The manager doesn't buy it and fires him. The narrator revealed that the former head waiter still maintains that he did nothing wrong and was hired as a bartender at another restaurant. Revenue and employee morale have both gone back up.
92"Something Smells Fishy"October 26, 2012 ( 2012-10-26 ) YM0202H1.13 [14]
When Mario, owner of La Traviata in Long Beach, California, becomes concerned over complaints about the quality of his fish, Charles and the Mystery Diners discover that a chef inherited from previous ownership might not be honest about what's in his high-priced dishes, and Mystery Diners Rob, Shellene, and Lauren go undercover to reel in answers for Mario. During the sting, the chef has Mystery Diner Shellene purchase non-organic ingredients, passing off inexpensive carp as Chilean sea bass, and pocketing any leftover money that he was given by the owner to purchase ingredients for the day. Mario demanded the money back from the chef, which he threw in Mario's face. The chef was fired and Mario rehired his former chef. The narrator revealed the former chef found employment elsewhere. The quality of food and customer satisfaction have risen back up.
103"Getting a Leg Up"November 2, 2012 ( 2012-11-02 ) YM0204H1.08 [15]
Derrick Pipkin, owner of Pips on La Brea in Los Angeles has a waiter named Bob who claims he hurt his leg on the day Derrick was to fire him for not doing his job. Bob threatened to sue Derrick, so Derrick made Bob a host. But Bob is still being lazy, and Derrick wonders if he is even injured at all. Derrick contacts Charles, and Mystery Diners Shellene, Lukas, and Tracy go undercover to see if Bob's faking his injury. By posing as a "damsel in distress," Tracy probes that Derrick is right about Bob. Derrick fires Bob during the confrontation, leg brace and all. The narrator revealed that Bob "kept on walking" and Derrick hasn't heard from him since the taping of the sting. Pips has relaunched and business has never been better.
114"Raising the Stakes"November 9, 2012 ( 2012-11-09 ) YM0205H1.04 [16]
Ali, owner of a Moroccan-themed restaurant in Studio City, California called Marrakesh, believes that his manager has a gambling problem outside of work that's affecting his ability to do his job. Mystery Diners Rob, Scarlet, and Loree go undercover to serve him the truth. Even before the sting, the Mystery Diner noticed the manager's unprofessional behavior. During the sting, the manager was caught drinking on the job, giving catering samples intended for a Mystery Diner posing as a customer to his friends, closing the restaurant early so he and his friends could play poker, and stealing money from the restaurant to support his gambling addiction. The manager was fired during the confrontation. The narrator revealed that former manager sought help for his gambling addiction.
125"Extra Curricular"November 16, 2012 ( 2012-11-16 ) YM0206H0.97 [17]
Johnny, owner of Pina Pizza House in Downey, California, believes his "frat-tastic" college-enrolled waiter may not have his best interests at heart and might be taking the party off-campus and into his restaurant. Mystery Diners Grant and Jill go undercover to see if the waiter is taking his job as seriously as he claims to take his classes. During the sting, the waiter was caught displaying poor customer service, drinking on the job, serving alcohol without asking for identification, and intentionally screwing up orders to give his friends free food. Right before the owner went to confront the waiter, he was preparing to sell a keg of beer to Mystery Diners posing as customers. The waiter was unsurprisingly fired during the confrontation. The narrator revealed that the former waiter apologized for his actions. Johnny is no longer losing money and his food sales are all accounted for.
136"Valet Disservice"November 23, 2012 ( 2012-11-23 ) YM0203H1.01 [18]
After Ca'Brea in Los Angeles' valet driver had to take a personal leave, owner George began receiving complaints about his new valet driver as well as his delivery service. During the sting, the valet driver was seen rummaging through cars, stealing exposed money and a cell phone from a Mystery Diner's car, and taking another Mystery Diner's Bentley for a delivery with the delivery boy, leaving the lot unattended. During the confrontation, the delivery boy was suspended for a week while the valet driver was fired. The narrator revealed that the former valet found employment elsewhere. George's valet driver returned from his leave. The delivery boy no longer causes problems.
147"Sleeping on the Job"December 7, 2012 ( 2012-12-07 ) YM0207H1.08 [19]
Chef Marc, owner of Parma in Las Vegas, contacts Charles and the Mystery Diners when he notices disparities in sales receipts and inventory with his high-end Italian deli meats. Mystery Diner Shane goes undercover as a busboy and discovers that one of Marc's employees is down on his luck and might be using restaurant supplies to pull himself up. One of his employees was caught bartering with food, scalping customers, and pawning the restaurant's food. When confronted, the employee mentioned that he was kicked out of his house and was acting selfishly to survive. The owner decided to give him a second chance, and helped him get back on his feet. He has finished expanding the restaurant and is no longer losing money.
158"Singles Night"December 14, 2012 ( 2012-12-14 ) YM0208H1.05 [20]
When Will, co-owner of Whiskey Dick's in Las Vegas, becomes concerned over a steady decline in female patrons, Mystery Diner Shellene goes undercover as a waitress and learns that the manager is serving more than just drinks from the bar. The manager was seen giving away free food and alcohol, ignoring women coming to the restaurants, and encouraging the waitstaff to take care of the men, setting up a dating service that was not approved by the owner. The owner fired the manager, who took her waitresses with her. The narrator revealed that Will hasn't seen or heard from them since the taping of this sting. The female patrons and profits have returned.
169"Sour Grapes"December 21, 2012 ( 2012-12-21 ) YM0209H N/A
Scott, owner of Rhythm Kitchen in Las Vegas, suspects his sophisticated but slightly-arrogant wine sommelier of somehow negatively affecting wine sales could he also be selling his own wine to customer and keeping the profits? Charles sends Mystery Diners Chelsea and Hollie in as customers to find out. During the sting, the sommelier is seen being rude to customers, accepting kickbacks from the wine distributor, charging wine sales to his personal account, and pushing low-quality wine on customers instead of honoring their requests. Scott fired him for his theft, and personally took over the sommelier responsibilities. The narrator revealed that the former sommelier has found employment elsewhere. Wine sales and customer satisfaction have improved.
1710"Night Shift"January 4, 2013 ( 2013-01-04 ) YM0210H1.22 [21]
Janaya, general manager of Putter's Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, contacts Charles after noticing unusually-low sales during the graveyard shift. The Mystery Diners go undercover as customers and discover that the overnight bartender is running his own bar out of Putter's, "The Junkyard." He tapped his own beer, gave his friends access to the bar and kitchen, and left the bar unattended during his shift. During the confrontation, the bartender recognizes Charles and flees, ordering the pursuing cameraman to stop following him. The narrator revealed that Janaya doesn't know the current whereabouts of "The Junkyard" and hired a new overnight manager. Profits have returned to normal.
1811"My Brother's Keeper"January 11, 2013 ( 2013-01-11 ) YM0211H N/A
After Nico Santucci, owner of Capo's Speakeasy's in Las Vegas, hears complaints that his brother/manager Dominic is acting inappropriately with guests, he calls Charles. Besides catching him hitting on female patrons, the Mystery Diners discover that a disgruntled waiter is stealing money and supplies from the restaurant. During the confrontation, the waiter is fired and Nico offers Dominic a second chance. The narrator reveals that Dominic is behaving and that the former waiter has apologized for his actions and found employment elsewhere.
1912"Love Hurts"January 18, 2013 ( 2013-01-18 ) YM0212H1.07 [22]
Jeff and Rhonda, owners of Marche Bacchus in Las Vegas, contact Charles regarding the breakup of their manager and waiter. The manager was still hung up on the waiter and punishing him by not giving him any tables. She was flirting inappropriately with customers and even threw water in her ex-boyfriend's face in front of customers. During the confrontation, Jeff and Rhonda fired the manager. The narrator revealed that the former manager has found employment elsewhere. Jeff and Rhonda implemented a strict no-dating policy amongst their staff. Employee morale and customer satisfaction have both returned to normal.
2013"Where's the Beef?"January 25, 2013 ( 2013-01-25 ) YM0213H1.06 [23]
When Adam, owner of Via Brasil in Las Vegas, is concerned that meat sales aren't being reflected in his register, the Mystery Diners discover that the manager isn't just giving away free steak. During the sting, the manager is caught breaking the restaurant's policy against taking food home, stealing meat, and collecting money for a fake charity in exchange for free trips to the buffet. Adam fired the manager. The narrator revealed that the former manager found employment elsewhere. The head waiter was promoted to manager. All of the meat was accounted for and profits returned to normal.

Season 3 (2013) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
211"Dining in the Dark"April 19, 2013 ( 2013-04-19 ) YM0302H1.11 [24]
The owner of Catharsis in Miami, Florida receives complaints about inappropriate touching and theft of items during the restaurant's "Dining in the Dark" event. The targets are three newly-hired servers (two male, one female). The Mystery Diners discover that two of the servers have created a game by stealing from customers and screwing with them and the food. Both are fired during the confrontation. The narrator reveals that the disruptive duo have gone their separate ways. The remaining server has been promoted to head server.
222"Cheese-Burglar"April 26, 2013 ( 2013-04-26 ) YM0301H1.13 [25]
When the owners of Cheeseburger Baby in Miami hear reports of theft of money from the cash register, they ask Charles to investigate an ex-con waiter they hired to give him a second chance at life. The Mystery Diners reveal a big problem: their waitress Krystia is behind the theft and is falsifying evidence to pit the customers and owners against the ex-con waiter, making him her scapegoat. When confronted, Krystia tries to defend herself, but the owners are fed up with her lies and order her to confess. She eventually does and returns the money, but they fire her and apologize to the waiter for thinking he had stolen the money. The narrator reveals that Krystia was never heard from again. The waiter was celebrating his 10-month anniversary at Cheeseburger Baby. The owners have implemented a new theft-preventing register.
233"Party Monster"May 3, 2013 ( 2013-05-03 ) YM0303H1.06 [26]
The owner of George's in Miami thinks his staff is going too far with the party atmosphere after noticing significant revenue loss. He's right to be concerned: his manager and bartender have been over-serving women free shots, letting customers drink from a beer bong, and threatening to burn down the whole restaurant while one of them wears George's Napoleon hat. During the confrontation, George fires them both. The narrator reveals that the former manager and bartender found employment elsewhere,. The waiter is training to be a manager. Only George is allowed to wear his Napoleon hat.
244"Catch of the Day"May 10, 2013 ( 2013-05-10 ) YM0304H1.28 [27]
The owner of Garcia's Seafood in Miami notices an unusual low amount of Crab Claws, and much wasted product. The team finds out that a fisherman whose father worked for his company long ago has been selling the catch to another buyer and a prep cook is filleting fish improperly. The owner goes rough on the fisherman during the confrontation and fires him, and the prep cook is ordered to improve his filleting skills. The narrator reveals that the former fisherman is working at another fishing company. The prep cook is no longer wasting product. The owner has installed an expensive security system to watch his restaurant from his office.
255"All in the Family"May 17, 2013 ( 2013-05-17 ) YM0305H0.99 [28]
The owner of R&O's Restaurant in New Orleans is fed up with the lack of respect. The Diners discover big problems: the owner's niece Dee Dee, a waitress, is rude to customers and staff, and the owner's nephew Chris, a busboy, is coming in tired from college and getting only a few moments of sleep. During the confrontation, the owner fires Dee Dee for her blatant disrespect and forbids her to return. She threatens to send her mother to confront him on her way out. Chris apologizes while stating that he has college work to do, and his uncle says he'll talk to his mother. The narrator reveals that Dee Dee has apologized for her actions after being scolded by her mother and has moved on to another job. With a lighter workload, Chris has gotten straight A's. Another niece named Amanda was promoted to assistant-manager. The owner has hired new employees who are fitting in with his family.
266"Friends with Benefits"May 24, 2013 ( 2013-05-24 ) YM0306H1.21 [29]
The husband-and-wife owners of N'awlins Café in New Orleans ask for help getting to the root of why their restaurant isn't thriving. Charles and his team discover that the manager has staffed the place with her friends, few of whom are fully qualified. One waiter, the manager's boyfriend, is shown taking a break instead of working and the manager and waiter are shown eating an order that was messed up and being rude to difficult customers. During the confrontation, the manager and the waiter are fired. Charles claims that the bartender the manager hired could be a good employee. The narrator doesn't mention what happened to the former manager and waiter, but he does mention that the bartender was offered full bartender training only to quit. The owners have replaced the former manager's friends with more competent people.
277"Secret Sauce"May 31, 2013 ( 2013-05-31 ) YM0309H1.20 [30]
Terry, owner of Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in Fort Worth, Texas, is concerned that one of his employees is selling his secret family recipe to his rivals and calls in Charles to help find the culprit. The Mystery Diners discover that Terry's nephew Michael, who works as a manager, is behind this. During the confrontation, Terry fires him. The narrator revealed that Michael was disowned from the family business. The rest of the kitchen staff has signed non-disclosure agreements.
288"No Laughing Matter"June 7, 2013 ( 2013-06-07 ) YM0307H0.96 [31]
Charles and his team arrive at Deanie's Seafood in New Orleans to keep an eye on the restaurant's manager, a wannabe comedian. They also discover that one of the waiters is drinking on the job and stealing wine while the manager performs his stand-up routine in the middle of the restaurant. When both are confronted, the waiter is fired and the manager is put on a 3-month leave with a demotion to waiter on his return. The narrator revealed that the former waiter found work at another restaurant. The demoted manager continues his dream of being a professional comedian and performs at clubs in New Orleans.
299"Crazy Hearts"June 14, 2013 ( 2013-06-14 ) YM0308H1.18 [32]
The owner of Poppy's The Crazy Lobster in New Orleans fields complaints about constant fighting between the cooks also, his nephew, a part-time animal trainer, brings wild animals into the restaurant. The Mystery Diners point to a waitress who is playing the grill supervisor and cook against each other since she's dating the cook and having an affair with the supervisor. The nephew tries to impress a Mystery Diner posing as a customer by showing off a baby alligator. During the confrontation, the cook lashes out at the grill supervisor upon what was revealed as the owner breaks up the argument. The waitress and grill supervisor are both fired while the cook and nephew are suspended. The narrator reveals that the former waitress and grill supervisor have stopped seeing other. The cook is training to be the grill supervisor. The nephew no longer brings wild animals into the restaurant.
3010"Menu Mayhem"June 21, 2013 ( 2013-06-21 ) YM0310H1.21 [33]
Francesco, owner of Zio Cecio in Dallas, starts to hear rave reviews about Tex-Mex food being served in his Italian restaurant. The Mystery Diners prove that he was right to be concerned: the head chef and the floor manager are running a side business serving Tex-Mex food the floor manager has also told the waitstaff to push the Tex-Mex menu for a cash incentive and was also poaching customers with plans to open their own restaurant in 6 months. During the confrontation, Francesco fires the head chef and the floor manager. In their exit interviews, the former manager complains of unfair treatment and the former cook states that he's one of Dallas' best chefs and will be successful in 6 months. The narrator reveals that there's no indication of the duo being successful in starting their own Tex-Mex restaurant or not.
3111"Boss Hog"June 28, 2013 ( 2013-06-28 ) YM0311H1.57 [34]
Rick Fairless, owner of Stroker's Ice House, a biker bar and grill in Dallas, and his mother call in Charles to report a revenue dip that might be related to Rick's motorcycle shop. The Mystery Diners find that two waitresses have been stealing money behind his back one of them, Sammi, is stealing and selling motorcycle parts with her mechanic boyfriend Lobo, who works at Rick's motorcycle shop. Rick fires the couple during the confrontation and his mother tells them to take the other waitress with them. The narrator reveals that Lobo, Sammi, and the other waitress have found new employment. The manager was demoted to bartender only to resign. Rick's mother has temporarily returned to work and is looking for new managers.
3212"Armed Services"July 3, 2013 ( 2013-07-03 ) YM0312H1.41 [35]
The owner of Buttons Restaurant in Dallas asks Charles to investigate after fielding complaints that his ex-military manager is being too strict. The Mystery Diners discover that the ex-military manager has made one employee, an ROTC trainee who looks up to him, run laps around the restaurant for messing up and caused one of the servers to quit. When confronted by the owner and Charles, the manager states that he was only keeping them in line and tells him to fire him if he must. The owner, who was also in the military, decides not to fire him but advises him to mellow his approach. Charles advises the owner to rehire the resigned server. The narrator reveals that the manager is taking a positive approach to his job. The server who quit was rehired and promoted to head server.
3313"Cooking the Books"July 10, 2013 ( 2013-07-10 ) YM0313H1.70 [36]
Jamie and Francine Alba, owners of Sisley Italian Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, California, enlist Charles to get to the bottom of a revenue discrepancy that might involve their bookkeeper Pamela. During the sting, she is caught coming to work late, making personal phone calls, and sleeping on the job, but is actually honest in reporting a cash discrepancy to the manager. The Mystery Diners then reveal that the manager, Mike, is actually behind the discrepancy by collecting an extra paycheck for an employee named Hector Rodriguez and also collecting a check for a window-cleaning company after firing them and making the busboys clean the windows. During the confrontation, Mike tries to defend himself saying that the restaurant was getting cleaned, but Jamie and Francine have had enough and fire him and make him tell Hector he's also fired. In his exit interview, Mike states he knows what he's worth and he can find a job anywhere. Jamie and Francine decide to suspend Pamela instead of firing her at Charles' advice. The narrator reveals that Mike and Hector have stopped collecting undeserved paychecks. Pamela has returned to work following her suspension.

Season 4 (2013) Edit

The owners of Big and Little's Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois respond to rumors that employees are illegally selling alcohol to customers at their restaurant. The Mystery Diners discover the manager doing a side business selling alcohol with his friend Enrique this nearly attracts police attention. During the confrontation, the owners fire the manager and order him to inform Enrique to never return. The narrator revealed that the former manager and Enrique were never heard from again. Everyone else involved was either reprimanded or terminated.

Season 5 (2014) Edit

Charles helps the owners of Redballs Rock & Roll Pizza in Moorpark, California who have found discrepancies in their pizza supplies. The Mystery Diners discover that the manager has instructed the waitress to ring up a slice of cheese pizza as beer to play the bands with beer, in addition to using his own bouncer to collect money from patrons at the door and inside the restaurant and keeping the money for himself, and withholding payment from the bands. The male owner must run outside to stop one of the bands from driving off in his truck to make up for not being paid. The owners confront the manager and waitress involved and fire them both. The narrator revealed that the former manager and waitress have moved on to other jobs. The pizza chef they bought from Staten Island has been promoted to manager.

Season 6 (2014) Edit

Doug, owner of Pelons Tex-Mex Restaurant in Austin, Texas hears about his staff collecting donations for an unauthorized charity. The Mystery Diners discover that the manager Anthony as well as other staffers plan to give the money they made to a real charity (the one to which Doug sometimes donated) which involves shaving their heads. During the confrontation, Anthony accepts responsibility for his actions and is reprimanded along with the others. The narrator revealed that Doug continued to donate the money to charity and the staff only focuses on their jobs.

Season 7 (2014) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
731"Going to the Dogs" [4] July 30, 2014 ( 2014-07-30 ) YM0701HTBA
The owners of Shades Bistro Front in San Diego discover discrepancies in their chicken and beef supply. The Mystery Diners show them that their head chef Clint has been stealing both meats and replacing them with dog food as revenge against the owners for letting the dogs be fed "people food". Worse, manager Alicia has been too busy running her own doggy-daycare to notice the theft. In addition, she's been giving away free pupsicle, and allowing waitress Genevieve and the rest of the staff brings their dogs to work. At the confrontation, Clint and Alicia are fired. In his exit interview, Clint feels guilty about the thefts but insists that dogs should only eat dog food. The narrator revealed that Clint and Alicia have found work elsewhere. Genevieve was reprimanded and no longer brings her dog to work.
742"Cocktail Fail" [4] August 6, 2014 ( 2014-08-06 ) YM0702HTBA
Sara, owner of The Compass in Carlsbad, California, fears that a rivalry between her two flair bartenders Levi and Steve is causing tension, negative reviews, and missing alcohol. The Mystery Diners discover that the disgruntled waitress Andrea was stealing tips from both bartenders, sending bad reviews from her cellphone, and breaking empty bottles to pit them against each other, hoping they would get terminated. In the confrontation, Sara fires Andrea after catching her trying to sabotage Levi and Steve, posting bad reviews, and arguing with Charles in defense of her actions. She remains unremorseful in her exit interview stating that she'd been trying to alleviate the waitstaff's frustrations and thinks Sara made a big mistake firing her and the waitstaff's tips will suffer because Andrea kept Levi and Steve and booted her. When Charles tells Levi and Steve of Andrea's scam, they decide to end their rivalry realizing that they'd been acting out of frustration and should have suspected Andrea of sabotaging them. The narrator revealed that Andrea has found work elsewhere. Levi and Steve have called a truce and become friends. Sara has implemented a tip-sharing policy for her staff.
753"Promotion Sabotage" [4] August 13, 2014 ( 2014-08-13 ) YM0703HTBA
Isabel and her boyfriend Todd, owners of Barrio Star in San Diego, dispute over which waiter they should promote to manager for their second restaurant in San Francisco: Cal or Mark. The Mystery Diners discover that their waitress Jessica was taking advantage of their dispute by sabotaging Mark because she still has feelings for him after their first date and doesn't want him to leave the restaurant. When Mark tells her to leave him alone, Jessica retaliates by voiding his customers' orders and is the direct cause of their complaints. During the confrontation, Isabel fires Jessica, telling her she's embarrassed by her behavior. In her exit interview, Jessica insists that she was getting back at Mark for humiliating her, but she's remorseful because she never intended to embarrass Isabel and Todd. Mark is warned not to mix personal relationships with business. The narrator revealed that Jessica found employment elsewhere. Cal has been promoted to manager and transferred to the Barrio Star in San Francisco. Mark has apologized and is next in line for promotion. Isabel and Todd have implemented a "No Dating" policy in their restaurant.
764"Dueling Food Trucks" [4] August 20, 2014 ( 2014-08-20 ) YM0704HTBA
Rival San Diego food-truck owners Marko and Brett work together with Charles to investigate revenue loss in both their trucks. This was confirmed when two of their employees got carried away, taking a friendly competition into a feud. While one employee leaves upon identifying Charles Stiles during the confrontation, the other two workers are fired and the other one persuaded his boss to spare him while apologizing for not catching the action sooner. The narrator revealed that the three former employees of both trucks have found employment elsewhere. The remaining employee has made amends with his boss.
775"Trademark Trouble" [4] August 27, 2014 ( 2014-08-27 ) YM0705HTBA
After fighting off a lawsuit over the rights to his signature item--the Torpasta--Damien, owner of Devine Pastabilities in San Diego fears someone within his business is trying to steal his creation, and notices inventory discrepancies involving his missing signature stands and bread. Charles and the Mystery Diners show Damien that his manager Seth had stolen his signature recipe and tried to sell Torpasta knockoff "Torpatty" as his own and blackmailed head chef Alfredo into helping him in this scheme. During the confrontation, Alfredo is spared when he is made aware of Seth's scam and returns to his job. Damien fires Seth for his actions. The narrator revealed that Seth has moved on to another job. Alfredo has been promoted to kitchen manager. Damien is no longer missing inventory items.
786"Customer Concerns" [4] September 3, 2014 ( 2014-09-03 ) YM0706HTBA
Larry, owner of 730 South in Denver, feels that some of his customers have become too entitled. The Mystery Diners discover that the customers weren't misbehaving and were actually fine with sitting in different locations of the restaurant. They do find Larry's waitress Katrina trying to manipulate waiter Andy into helping her stash a bag of hashbrowns against Larry's rules and fighting with hostess Mimi for refusing to help her by removing a Reserved sign from a table to seat a new customer. In the confrontation, Katrina claims that the customers were upset when their usual tables were taken. Larry points out that they were fine sitting in a new location. Charles mentions that the customers are angry with Katrina because she picked a fight with Mimi for doing her job. Larry confronts her for her behavior, but she gets angry and quits as a way to save Larry the trouble of firing her. In her exit interview, she says she wanted to make customers feel special. Larry praises Andy for his good work. The narrator revealed that Katrina is working elsewhere. Andy continues to be a model employee.
797"Heavy Metal Mess" [4] September 10, 2014 ( 2014-09-10 ) YM0707HTBA
Leah and Garrett, owners of the Toad Tavern in Littleton, Colorado, think their son Justin and his bandmates are more interested in their musical aspirations than their Toad Tavern jobs. The Mystery Diners confirm this and also find that waitress Christine is taking advantage of Justin's inexperience and the frustration of staffers who believe he's unqualified to be a manager by giving her friends free food and alcohol. In the confrontation, Christine is fired for her actions. In her exit interview, Christine maintains she did nothing wrong and thought Justin should be fired for his negligence. Justin apologizes for his actions and is reprimanded and demoted to bar-back. Leah and Garrett promise that his band will get on the stage the right way if he can be serious about his job. The narrator revealed that Christine is working elsewhere. Justin has accepted his demotion and his more serious about his job.
808"Vicious Cycle" [4] September 17, 2014 ( 2014-09-17 ) YM0708HTBA
Lou, owner of Slice Works in Denver, notices a decrease in bicycle-delivery sales and an increase in delivery complaints. The Mystery Diners find out that serviceman Chris augments his regular routine with a bicycle tours job he didn't tell Lou about. Another serviceman, Jason, does his job properly but has trouble controlling his rage against motorists. In the confrontation, Lou fires Chris, who says in his exit interview that he prefers his bicycle-tour job. Lou reprimands Jason for his road rage and suspends him for a week. The narrator revealed that Chris was also fired from the bicycle-tour job after the boss there was informed of his scheme. Jason has apologized and now rides his bike calmly and safely.
819"Secret Pairings" [4] September 24, 2014 ( 2014-09-24 ) YM0709HTBA
Peter and his wife Delinda, owners of the Indulge Wine Bar and Bistro in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, are concerned about food costs after noticing discrepancies in wine and cheese costs. The Mystery Diners discover bartender Jeremy overpouring wine for customers and that manager Jessica and waiter Scot are more focused on their wine-tasting-event side business than their jobs at Indulge. When confronted, both Jessica and Scot are fired after they hand over their latest side-business pay and despite apologizing to Peter and Delinda. In their exit interview, neither was remorseful, claiming it was for the good of Peter and Delinda's business and Jessica adds that by firing Scot, they'd lost their valuable source of cheese knowledge. The narrator revealed that Jessica and Scot were unsuccessful at opening their own wine bar. Jeremy has apologized for his actions and now serves just the right amount of wine.
8210"Vintage Scams" [4] October 1, 2014 ( 2014-10-01 ) YM0710HTBA
Jimmy, owner of Rockabillies in Arvada, Colorado, becomes concerned about a dip in sales, especially during his restaurant's summer vintage car show, and increase of customer complaints involving outside beer. The Mystery Diners find his manager Chad running a get-rich-quick scheme that's not only hurting his business but also forcing customers to pay an entry fee to look at vintage cars and inviting food vendors to operate in the parking lot. He also involved waitress Sabrina in his scam by claiming it was for Jimmy's benefit. They also find that another waitress, Rachel, ripping off the bar by selling customers beer from her own supply. When Jimmy confronts the trio, he fires Chad and Rachel. In his exit interview, Chad maintains that his actions were for the good of the car show and believes that Jimmy made a huge mistake firing him for it. Jimmy reprimands Sabrina, suspends her for a week, and makes her promise she'll let him know about future suspicious behavior. The narrator revealed that Chad and Rachel found other work.
8311"Partner in Crime" [4] October 6, 2014 ( 2014-10-06 ) YM0711HTBA
Ondrea, owner of the Black Rose Tavern in Los Angeles, notices multiple cash-register mistakes and inventory discrepancies, and wonders who's taking advantage of her generosity. The Mystery Diners show her that her business partner Frank has been taking her generosity for granted by conducting his own scams and she confronts him. Frank claims the bar was losing money. Charles points out that Frank was the one behind the discrepancies by making unauthorized deals with brewing companies by covering up his crimes in using the cash register to delete inventory orders, stealing food that Ondrea meant for Salem (a musician she mentors), and promoting unauthorized music events under the guise that it was for her charity. Ondrea fires Frank and says she's ending their business partnership. In his exit interview, Frank maintains he did nothing wrong as it was supposed to be a good deed for Ondrea's business. The narrator revealed that Frank found employment elsewhere. Ondrea's staff and Salem continue to appreciate her generosity.
8412"Cafe Coup" [4] October 6, 2014 ( 2014-10-06 ) YM0712HTBA
Anthony and Anna, new owners of Cafe Aldente in Studio City, California, is concerned about the staff from the previous owner practicing old policies. The Mystery Diners point to their manager Julia, who believes she should own the restaurant now, is embittered at being outbid. She manipulates the staff to keep practicing the former policies, bribes unlicensed musicians to play in the restaurant, and has customers sign a petition to force Anthony and Anna to give Café Aldente to her. When they confront her, she defends herself with the believe that they're unqualified to be the owners. Charles points out that her selfish behavior makes her the unfit one and Anthony fires her. In her exit interview, she says that Anthony and Anna will not last long in the restaurant and she'll buy it someday. The narrator revealed that Julia has been unsuccessful in constant attempts to purchase the restaurant and has received a restraining order not to come within 50 ft. of the restaurant. The staff continues to work for Anthony and Anna and no longer practices old policies.
8513"Daddy's Girl" [4] October 13, 2014 ( 2014-10-13 ) YM0713HTBA
Joe and Fran, married owners of Geppino's Sicilian Kitchen in Moorpark, California, hear customer complaints about stolen items. Joe's main suspect is McCall, a waiter who is dating their daughter Brianna who also works there. But doubtful Fran notes that "Mac" is extremely popular with female patrons. The Mystery Diners discover that the real thief is the elderly part-time busboy Hal who also drinks on the job. Mac is innocent of criminal wrongdoing, but cameras catch him letting a female diner kiss him and agreeing to go out with Mystery Diner Shelby after telling Brianna he had to study. Joe confronts Mac and Hal with Brianna present. Mac claims he and Brianna weren't exclusive. Hal claims Mac framed him. Joe fires Hal, then fires Mac for being a bad waiter and a "scumbag" as Brianna breaks up with Mac. Brianna tells her parents that they did the right thing. The narrator revealed that McCall has been unable to reconcile with Brianna. Hal is now working at a supermarket.

Season 8 (2014–15) Edit

No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
861"Employee Discount" [4] October 13, 2014 ( 2014-10-13 ) YM0802HTBA
The owner of 55 Degree Wine and Link-n-Hops in Los Angeles believes discrepancies at both his wine shop and restaurant are somehow related. Link-n-Hops' bartender was using his employee discount to buy beer from the cashier at 55 Degree Wine that is also sold at the restaurant. The bartender would charge Link-n-Hops customers full price, under-ring the sale, pocket the difference, then later split the money with the cashier. During the confrontation, both employees are fired by the owner. The narrator revealed that the former bartender from Link-n-Hops and the cashier from 55 Degree Wine have found employment elsewhere. The owner no longer sells the same liquor at both shops.
872"Poaching Profits" [4] October 20, 2014 ( 2014-10-20 ) YM0803HTBA
The owner of Cookin' with Lenny Smokehouse in Chatsworth, California fears that someone on his staff is using restaurant supplies to operate a competing catering company, The Delicious Dish Catering Company. Charles brings his consultant Brooke Williamson, who reports that waitress Grace displayed little tolerance toward the customers during the investigation, which also revealed that manager J and Carlos, one of the cooks, were behind the catering project that used the restaurant's recipes. J and Carlos claimed they were trying to help out the restaurant, but the boss fired them. In their exit interviews, J and Carlos said they hope Charles Stiles is proud of himself for causing two innocent employees to be fired. The narrator revealed that J and Carlos were unsuccessful at starting their own catering company. Grace was also terminated and has since apologized for her behavior.
883"Missing Memorabilia" [4] October 20, 2014 ( 2014-10-20 ) YM0804HTBA
When the owners of Fenders Moto Cafe and Brew Pub in Portland, Oregon notice that some of their valuable motorcycle memorabilia has gone missing, the Mystery Diners discover that the manager and waiter have been selling off valuable motorcycle memorabilia and scamming customers just to make money for themselves. When they are confronted, the owners intend to notify the authorities if the men don't come clean with their scam. The manager and waiter eventually confess to their scheme and are fired. The narrator revealed the former manager and waiter have moved on to new employment. All of the memorabilia has been recovered.
894"Robbed Kabobs" [4] October 27, 2014 ( 2014-10-27 ) YM0805HTBA
Ghaith and Tiffany, owners of Dar Salaam in Portland, Oregon, notice a discrepancy in supplies and suspect an Iraqi food cart that operates near the restaurant. They were right: their manager Aleck and prep cook Aníbal were supplying the cart with their food, including a Dar Salaam-exclusive dish called "mashi." Another prep cook named Hector is caught stealing onions for personal use. He leaves in the middle of the sting, but Charles and the owners confront Aníbal and Aleck, who are fired. The narrator revealed that Aleck and Aníbal found work elsewhere. Hector has also been terminated and has paid for the stolen onions.
905"Behind the Eight Ball" [4] November 3, 2014 ( 2014-11-03 ) YM0806HTBA
The owner of Uptown Billiards in Portland, Oregon asks Mystery Diners to investigate the social-media expert he hired when he suspects that he isn't doing his job. The Mystery Diners find out that the social-media expert was letting his friends play for free using coupons meant for paying customers and that the bartender was hustling customers. The bartender is fired and the owner terminates the contract he had with the social-media expert. The narrator revealed that the former bartender found employment elsewhere (in reality as a Roulette Dealer for corporate events at Uptown Billiards). The social-media expert still maintains his innocence.
916"Thanksgiving Thievery" [4] November 10, 2014 ( 2014-11-10 ) YM0801HTBA
The owner of Tavern on Main in El Segundo, California thinks someone on his staff is stealing donations meant for a food drive. He was right to be concerned: his busboy took a can of peaches to eat on his break, and his waitress is stealing and taking home donated items like wine and cupcakes because she thinks the homeless don't need those items, and the manager hasn't been paying attention and was ringing up bigger-than-instructed discounts. When the waitress and manager are confronted, the waitress is fired and the manager is reprimanded. In her exit interview, the former waitress maintains she did nothing wrong and thinks that the drive was designed to make her look bad. The narrator revealed that the former waitress found other work. The busboy returned all the peaches he stole. The manager now pays close attention to the restaurant.
927"Food Cart Catastrophe" [4] November 17, 2014 ( 2014-11-17 ) YM0807HTBA
Rod and Linda, owners of à La Carts Food Pavilion in Portland, Oregon, hear complaints about the new on-site manager and the Mystery Diners discover that the manager was charging a $10 cleaning fee, getting a free haircut from the salon cart, and instructing the maintenance man to steal supplies from a food cart to run her own burger stand. During the confrontation, the manager and maintenance man are fired. The narrator revealed that the former manager and maintenance man have found employment elsewhere.
938"Local Celebrities" [4] November 24, 2014 ( 2014-11-24 ) YM0808HTBA
The owners of Amalfi's restaurant in Portland, Oregon hear complaints that staff members are going too far with the digital shorts they produce to promote the restaurant. The Mystery Diners learn that two waiters cast in the shorts are taking new employees to the back to watch their videos. Worse, the manager feeds into their egos by letting them leave mid-shift to get supplies to make an unauthorized music video. In the confrontation, the manager is fired and the waiters are put on three-months' probation. The narrator revealed that the former manager still champions the marketing campaign. The waiters continue to perform in the digital shorts after completing their job responsibilities.
949"Memorabilia Mayhem" [4] December 1, 2014 ( 2014-12-01 ) YM0809HTBA
The owner of Rock Island Cafe in Honolulu notices a drop in his restaurant's memorabilia sales. The Mystery Diners find his manager and one of his waitresses running their own get-rich-quick scheme by bringing items from home and scamming customers into buying them. During the confrontation, the owner fires both of them. The manager states in her exit interview that there's no way the memorabilia can be authenticated. The narrator revealed that the manager and waitress have found other work. The remaining waitress is training hard to become a manager.
9510"Deep Sea Delivery" [4] December 8, 2014 ( 2014-12-08 ) YM0810HTBA
The owner of Cha Cha Cha Salsaria in Honolulu wants Charles to investigate rumors of an unauthorized boat delivery service. The Mystery Diners discover that the manager and a cook are behind this and that a waitress has been giving food away illegally. At the confrontation, the owner fires the waitress, but is moved by the plea of the manager arranging for boat deliveries to other areas and allows the delivery service to run, though wondering if she'll regret it. The narrator revealed that the former waitress has found employment elsewhere and has paid the owner for the stolen food. The manager and cook have made amends while their boat delivery service is on a trial run and the owner hasn't regretted it.
9611"Hawaiian Club Crashers" [4] December 15, 2014 ( 2014-12-15 ) TBATBA
The general manager of the Hawaii Yacht Club in Honolulu responds to complaints about non-members at members-only dinner events that led to some members cancelling their memberships. The Mystery Diners show her that two of her waitstaff, Tony and Jordan, have been sneaking their friends into members-only events, consuming food and drink meant for guests, and stealing clothes from the club's gift shop. During the confrontation, Tony and Jordan are fired. In their exit interview, they're remorseful. The narrator revealed that Tony and Jordan have found new work. The other server and the doorwoman were commended for their loyalty and are training to be assistant managers.
9712"Fyre on the Beach" [4] December 29, 2014 ( 2014-12-29 ) TBATBA
The owner of Shore Fyre Grill in Honolulu notices discrepancies in sales and contacts Charles to investigate not only his store, but the surf shop next door. The Diners point to big problems with his male cashier who often interacts with the cashier next door by trading food for surfing-gear rentals and often leaves work to go surfing then a female cashier comes to work intoxicated and gets a surf-shop worker to cover to her while she naps. At the confrontation, both cashiers are fired. In her exit interview, the cashier maintains she did nothing wrong and still has a hangover. Charles advises the owner to hard a word with the surf shop's manager about what happened. The narrator revealws that the former cashiers have found employment elsewhere. The surf-shop worker was reprimanded by his manager and now is only focused on his job.
9813"Bad Credit" [4] January 7, 2015 ( 2015-01-07 ) TBATBA
When Chai, owner of Honolulu's Chef Chai, notices multiple ticket voids, the Diners discover that his manager has been forcing her waitress friend to void out customer bills for personal gain and telling other servers that the POS system is down to force customers to pay with cash so she can keep the money for herself. At the confrontation, the server says that she had been letting the manager void out checks under her code, which the manager denied. They're both fired and Chai orders them to leave the restaurant before he calls the police. In her exit interview, the former waitress says she never should have trusted her friend in the first place. The narrator revealed that the former manager and waitress had ended their friendship. Chai hired a new manager. Voided tickets were no longer a problem.

Season 9 (2015) Edit

The owner of a Culver City, California restaurant contacts Charles to do a reverse sting on the maltreating co-owner her ex-husband. During the confrontation, the ex-husband tells Charles to stay away from his business and walks out. The narrator revealed that the restaurant has closed down allowing the employees to find employment elsewhere. The owner has ended her partnership with her ex-husband and plans to open another restaurant at some point.

The owner of Fillmore and Western Railway in Fillmore, California is concerned about missing supplies and rumors of unauthorized passengers during his train's dinner theater service. While using the caboose as the control room with a cover-up from the owner that it is under maintenance, Charles makes use of a remote-operated drone and plants his private investigator J.R. on the train as a passenger. The Mystery Diners show him that he has a right to be concerned thanks to an incompetent conductor, a female train manager who has been sneaking her friends in the train past the incompetent conductor, and his head chef secretly stealing his meat to help his brother save his nearby restaurant from foreclosure. During the confrontation, the train manager and head chef are fired and are told to get off his train and walk back to the station with their friends. The narrator revealed that the former train manager has moved away from Fillmore. The former head chef and his brother have apologized for their actions where reparations are underway. The conductor was also terminated and replaced with a more competent one.

Mystery Diners counts down the series' Top 10 greatest moments in catching employee theft involving stolen food, alcohol, supplies, and money:

  • At #10 is "The Tipping Point."
  • At #9 is "Thanksgiving Thievery."
  • At #8 is "Fraternity Disorder."
  • At #7 is "Secret Sauce."
  • At #6 is "Heavy Lifting."
  • At #5 is "Going to the Dogs."
  • At #4 is "Sleeping on the Job."
  • At #3 is "Boss Hog."
  • At #2 is "My Brother's Keeper."
  • At #1 is "Catch of the Day."

Mystery Diners counts down the Top 10 craziest schemes caught on videos from operating unauthorized businesses to raising money for bogus charities, having people pose as celebrities, faking injuries, and even creating fake employees.

  • At #10 is "Catering on the Side."
  • At #9 is "Night Shift."
  • At #8 is "Fyre on the Beach."
  • At #7 is "Vicious Cycle."
  • At #6 is "Getting a Leg Up."
  • At #5 is "Money on the Side."
  • At #4 is "Food Truck Fiasco."
  • At #3 is "What a Drag."
  • At #2 is "Where's the Beef?"
  • At #1 is "Cooking the Books."

Season 10 (2015) Edit

A former client of Mystery Diners, Jamie Alba of Sisley Italian Kitchen from "Cooking the Books," contacts Charles to help determine if he should invest in a failing Torrance, California restaurant called Industry Sports Bar & Grill. The restaurant's owner James Mercado sees nothing wrong until he discovers that his restaurant is riddled with cockroaches and dead mice, his staff buys prepared frozen food from grocery stores, nobody checks the expiration dates on their food supplies, and the dishwasher was working as the cook because the previous one had just quit. Jamie has seen enough. Stating that James' restaurant has too many problems, he leaves. After seeing all those problems, James vows to Charles that he'll fix them as Charles suggests that he get a bank loan and he agrees. The narrator revealed that Jamie and James have gone their separate ways since the taping of this sting. James' loan application was rejected and the restaurant was forced to close down for good causing most of his staffers to find employment elsewhere. James has vowed to continue fixing his problems and reopen his restaurant in the next year.

The Mystery Diners count down the Top 10 favorite family feuds from dishonest siblings, thieving spouses, and dysfunctional families caught on tape.

  • At #10 is "Bringing Down the Haus."
  • At #9 is "Grumpy Tom."
  • At #8 is "Mexicali Blues."
  • At #7 is "Red Hot Mess."
  • At #6 is "Security Issues."
  • At #5 is "Heavy Metal Mess."
  • At #4 is "Managing Disaster."
  • At #3 is "Crazy Hearts."
  • At #2 is "Hamburger Burglar."
  • At #1 is "All in the Family."

Season 11 (2015–2016) Edit

The Mystery Diners count down the Top 10 favorite love-related scams that broke hearts as well as love delusions:

  • At #10 is "Promotion Sabotage."
  • At #9 is "Daddy's Girl."
  • At #8 is "Love Hurts."
  • At #7 is "Dinner Drama."
  • At #6 is "Life's Not a Beach."
  • At #5 is "Private Chef Sting."
  • At #4 is "Comic Book Caper."
  • At #3 is "Lobster Looting."
  • At #2 is "Singles Night."
  • At #1 is "Crazy Hearts."

The Mystery Diners count down the Top 10 biggest twists that surprised Charles Stiles and the various owners that called for his help:

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Prosecutors had also charged that he used a law enforcement database to research potential targets and searched the internet for torture devices specific to his bizarre tastes.

Jurors in the case appeared sick when they were shown stomach-turning images plucked from his hard drive — including a naked woman getting cooked on a spit.

"Inside Edition" also posted a book excerpt where he details taking a deep dive into the website where the police officer found kindred twisted souls.

"When it came to my cannibalism fetish . I never got to the part where I was actually eating the person," the 32-year-old ex-cop writes.

"The idea of the girl tied up and being prepared to be cooked was the peak of it, what I was into was the image of a woman tied up on a platter with an apple in her mouth, not the act itself."

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