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Blue Apron Makes Whole30 Easier With Diet-Friendly Meal Kits

Blue Apron Makes Whole30 Easier With Diet-Friendly Meal Kits

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If you've been thinking of trying one of 2018's most popular diets, now’s the time.

Those looking to get into shape have probably noticed how popular the Whole30 diet has become, despite a few of our editors' beliefs that it may actually hinder weight loss. Eliminating grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods, sugar, and alcohol from your daily diet is no easy feat, but many of the program's participants rave about their results. If you've been thinking about joining the month-long program, September could be the perfect time to do so—especially since Blue Apron is adding Whole30-approved meal kits to its lineup.

After helping many dieters back in January, Whole30 has struck another partnership with Blue Apron to bring a new batch of recipes right to participants' doorsteps, the Huffington Post reports. Considering that Whole30 is pretty restrictive, this is a great option for those who don't want to spend hours in grocery aisles looking for Whole30-compliant foods.

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“September is the new New Year,” Melissa Hartwig, CEO of the Whole30 program, told the Huffington Post, explaining the decision to relaunch the Blue Apron partnership. “Summer vacations are over, families are back into the school routine, and people are ready to recommit to their health before the holiday season is upon us.”

Want to learn more about Whole30? Read on:

Like many other popular meal-kit services, Blue Apron offers one-time deliveries or a weekly program with options for two or four people. Each meal comes with recipe instructions and pre-portioned, wrapped ingredients that you can cook in your own kitchen. Be warned, however: one experienced cook previously complained that Blue Apron recipes are more time-consuming than others.

Blue Apron isn't for everyone—but for those who are new to Whole30 and aren't sure how to conquer the 30-day diet, or for those who feel like they’ve hit a food rut, the service can take the stress out of attempting the diet. Blue Apron's latest deal with Whole30 lasts through the month of September only, so if you're interested in receiving weekly meals now, you can sign up right here. As an added bonus, any new Blue Apron customer will get $60 off the September Whole30 program.

Top 10 Blue Apron Easy Recipes Review

Do you like to cook but don’t have much time for heavy prep or long cooking in the kitchen? Blue Apron is one of the various meal kit delivery services available that offers step-by-step instructions and fresh produce to be delivered home every week. Blue Apron provides fresh and pre-portioned ingredients that make meal preparation and cooking time easy and convenient for you.

While the market for these meal kit services has expanded rapidly over recent years, Blue Apron was the first meal kit service in the United States. Therefore, they have had a great deal of experience and time developing a wide range of recipes suitable for home cooks.

We chose the top ten Blue Apron recipes you simply MUST try for yourself. If you want to know everything regarding the flavors, ingredients, and more, then you have come to the right place. Let’s get straight into it!

Some might say I’m a meal kit junkie! Well, I wouldn’t say I’m a junkie – okay. maybe I am – but I do enjoy meal kits and like testing them out so you can decide if it’s a good fit before purchasing. In the last 2 years, many different meal kits. You can see all my reviews here.

This week I’m testing out Blue Apron.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t tested out Blue Apron yet considering they were one of the first (if not the first) meal kit delivery service to make their way onto the food scene. I guess you can say they were the meal kit subscription pioneers!

Anyway, up until now, their recipes didn’t call out to me. They seemed like a basic meal delivery kit company, nothing special. However, back in January, I saw they were offering Whole 30 options and recently Mediterranean Diet options. So my interest was peaked. I know many of my readers turn to meal kit delivery companies to help them move towards a healthier diet so I decided to give Blue Apron a try.

In this Blue Apron review, I’ll go over the costs, recipes, and even do some comparisons with the other meal kit delivery services I’ve tried. If you have any questions that I don’t answer in this Blue Apron review please write it in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Blue Apron Cost

First, let’s go over the costs because I know this is the most common concern with new customers.

I’ve said this in other reviews, but I’ll say it again, meal kit delivery services are not in the business to give you “deals” on food. Meal kits will be more expensive than cutting coupons, walking into a store, and purchasing the ingredients yourself – it’s just the way it is.

Maybe you can get some items cheaper but, most likely, it’s going to be slightly more expensive than what you can find in your local grocery store. So if you’re looking to save money with meal kits then you’ll be disappointed.

You are paying for the convenience of someone else putting together a meal plan, shopping and organizing all the ingredients, and shipping it straight to your door. All you need to do is cook it. <–that’s what you’re paying for. Personally, I think it’s worth every penny, but that’s just me.

However, I’ll say this. If you frequent restaurants, or order take out often, then subscribing to a meal kit service will save you money and help you eat healthier. So, it really depends on your current situation and what your goal is with using Blue Apron or any other meal kit delivery service.

With that said, I don’t think meal kit delivery services are over the top expensive. In fact, I do think they’re affordable especially if you’re used to spending money on restaurants and take-out. And if you’re trying to eat healthier, and don’t know where to start, then ordering a meal kit might be the solution.

Okay, here are the current costs with Blue Apron.

Blue Apron is the cheapest of the meal kit delivery services I’ve tried. For example, Hello Fresh is $129 a week for 4 people 3 meals – that’s over $30 more. Sun Basket is $150.87 a week for 4 people 3 meals – that’s well over $50 more. So if you’re looking to try a meal kit delivery service without spending a lot of money then Blue Apron is going to be your best option.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Blue Apron Recipes

Okay, let’s get to the recipes. Just like all the other meal delivery services I’ve tried you pick the recipes that’ll be sent. Blue Apron provides 8 recipes to choose from which I think is a nice selection. The issue – at least for me – is they only offered 2 Mediterranean diet recipes and no Whole 30 recipes. Apparently, the Whole 30 approved recipes were only offered at the beginning of the year. Is this the end of the world? No, because the other recipes looked great but I do think it would be nice for Blue Apron to offer more than 2 Mediterranean selections and I think they should make Whole 30 permanent. In my opinion, if people join because they are enticed by Whole 30 recipes then it makes sense those people would want that same type of selection week after week. Just a thought.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Regardless, I thought the recipe selection was very good. They had a little something for everyone. Recipes ranged from classic-style to more eclectic.

Before jumping into the recipes I tried lets first talk about the packaging.

All the ingredients come delivered to your door in a sturdy recyclable box.

Items are chilled by being kept in an insulated bag with a large ice pack that can be reused or recycled.

All the recipes come with their own colorful recipe card. At first, I didn’t think the recipes included nutritional information. However, when I opened up the condiment or “extras” bags – that came with each recipe – I noticed small nutritional information cards. I felt the nutritional information should just be on the recipe cards. That’d make it easier for those of us that need that information.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Now let’s get to the ingredients.

I’m not going to lie, I was annoyed when all the ingredients were simply tossed in the box. Other meal kit delivery services group recipe ingredients into their own bags and I find that very helpful. Again, is this the end of the world? No? Will it stop me from ordering in the future? Probably not. But here’s the thing. I’m a busy woman. I order these meal kit boxes for the convenience. When my box was delivered we were rushing out the door to a party so it would’ve been nice to just grab the recipe bags and throw it in the refrigerator. Instead, I had to get a plastic bag and put everything in myself. And none of the ingredients are labeled (or color-coded) for the recipes. This isn’t a huge deal because I can figure out which ingredient goes with what recipe but if someone is just starting out I can see where it can get confusing. Also, every other meal kit deliver service organizes the ingredients by recipes and I think it would be a nice touch for Blue Apron to do the same.

The first Blue Apron recipe I made was the Middle Eastern Spiced Cod. I like to order fish when I’m testing out meal kit delivery companies because I want to see how fresh it is.

All the ingredients were fresh and the cod was white and firm. Also, it didn’t smell “fishy” which is a good thing. I was very impressed with the quality.

This recipe came together really easy and the cod was delicious. The flavors were very different from anything I’ve tried before. This is one of the things I really enjoy about meal kit delivery services. I get pushed out of my culinary comfort zone and discover new flavors.

This recipe is part of the Mediterranean diet selection. I really enjoyed the rice and all the veggies that came with it.

First Blue Apron recipe was a success.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

The second recipe I made was the Spanish-spiced Chicken and Rice. All the ingredients were perfectly portioned and I loved that they took extra care and put the chicken thighs into a plastic bag. This is huge with meal delivery kit services because if the meat leaks this can ruin the whole box. So, I think it’s worthwhile for meal kit companies to take this extra step.

I thought the chicken was high quality and had great flavor.

This was my favorite of the 3 recipes. Mike and I thought it had great flavor. The only issue is the rice took a lot longer to cook than what the recipe said. Not a huge deal, and I kind of figured it would take longer, but if you don’t feel like waiting 40 minutes or longer for dinner to cook this recipe could be frustrating. Although you could easily make the rice ahead of time. Anyway, it was worth the wait to me and the leftovers kept great.

The only thing I didn’t like about this recipe was it called for blanched snow peas. Some people might not care about blanching snow peas but during the week I aint got time for blanching anything. So, I simply steamed them in the microwave, problem solved.

However, if you want to try blanching, but need a visual, then go to the Blue Apron website and view your recipes, they give great tutorials on the cooking methods used in each recipe. I actually really liked this feature.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

The third recipe I made was Soba Noodles with snow peas and Marinated Enoki Mushrooms. This recipe was delicious. I love any type of Asian-inspired noodle and veggie recipe. I think they could’ve left the marinated mushrooms out and simply added white or portobello mushrooms to the recipe. All the recipes I made seemed to have an extra ingredient on the side that needed some attention. I prefer one-pot meals but this might be totally fine for you.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Regardless, the flavors were all there. Very tasty. I also like that it was filled with vegetables. Of course, this would’ve been great with shredded chicken but I like vegetarian meals too and appreciated this one.

Overall, I feel the recipes I tried were delicious and easy to put together. I did think they took a little longer than what the recipe stated but that could’ve just been me.

Blue Apron prides itself on providing restaurant-quality dinners you can make at home and I have to say I’d agree that all of these dishes could easily be found in a restaurant. They are different than anything I’d make on a regular basis but that’s one of the reasons I enjoy using meal kit subscription boxes, they keep me creative as a home cook.

Blue Apron doesn’t offer organic ingredients or state that the ingredients used are GMO-free, gluten-free, or anything like that but I felt all the ingredients were fresh and high quality. Like I said the cod and chicken had great flavor and texture.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

If you’re still on the fence let’s go over some Blue Apron pros and cons.

  • It’s the cheapest out of all the meal kit delivery services I’ve tried. If you’re curious whether or not a meal kit delivery service would meet your needs then Blue Apron is a good one to start with.
  • They offer 8 dinner options to choose from. That’s a great variety and sure to offer something you’d like.
  • If you eat at restaurants often then you’ll enjoy Blue Apron meals. They are restaurant quality and very tasty.
  • Ingredients are fresh and high quality. Since this review, I’ve order Blue Apron a couple more times and opted for beef dishes. I was highly impressed that both recipes came with grass-fed ground beef. It was delicious and very high quality for a great price. Besides Sun Basket, I think Blue Apron has the best meat and fish quality out of the other meal kit delivery services.
  • Portions are hearty. You don’t have to worry about being hungry after cooking these meals.
  • It’s a great way to learn to cook or elevate your cooking. The instructions on the recipe card are very clear and they offer video tutorials on their website to assist with some of the methods you might not be familiar with. Like I said, this is one of my top reasons for using meal kit companies. I love learning new recipes and cooking techniques. I truly believe my cooking has improved because of this.
  • They do offer some specialty diet options. I think they started to experiment with this and will most likely offer more in the future. In fact, they’ll have to if they want to compete with the other companies.
  • You have to email them to cancel your account. Of course, this isn’t a huge deal but something to consider.
  • They only offer 1-2 specialty diet options. If you’re turning to meal kit delivery services to eat Paleo, gluten-free, or low-carb then this won’t work for you. Instead, try Sun Basket (check out my Sun Basket Review for more info). Update: Blue Apron now offers WW Freestyle Menu options. So, if you’re looking for weight watchers meals delivered then definitely check out this option. You can see my full review here.
  • The recipes I tried took between 30 – 50 minutes to prepare. Some things can be prepped ahead of time but if you don’t then it’ll take a little time to get the recipes together.
  • I’ve said this with other meal kit reviews but I would like to see healthier twists on classic recipes. Many of the recipes Blue Apron offered were more on the eclectic side. If that’s what you like then those recipes will work for you. However, many people are not as adventurous so I think more familiar family-friendly recipes would work great.
  • I would like to see the group the recipes into bags. It makes it so much easier to move the ingredients from the box to the refrigerator. I think it overwhelming to open a box and see it filled with ingredients not knowing which recipe it goes to. Of course, once you go through the recipe card you can figure this out but when I pay for the convenience that’s what I like.
  • Last, I would like to see them put the nutritional information right on the recipe card. This makes it so much easier. I don’t know why they chose to put it on a separate card in with the condiments. Also, I can’t find the nutritional information on their website for the recipes. So, if you lose that card then it’ll be difficult to tracks calories and other nutritional information.

If you don’t want to read my Blue Apron full review and are ready give it a try, then here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

Blue Apron Vs. Hello Fresh

I decided to throw in this last section because many readers have asked what’s the difference between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I’ve been using Hello Fresh for almost 2 years so I feel very familiar with this company, you can read my full Hello Fresh review for more information.

  • Hello Fresh is more expensive. However, I do feel the portions are bigger.
  • Blue Apron has higher quality meats and fish. Other ingredients are the same quality.
  • Hello Fresh offers more family-friendly classic recipes. Blue Apron has more eclectic recipes.
  • Both are trying to offer more health-conscious recipes. Keep in mind, anytime you cook at home is going to be healthier than ordering take-out so in this case they are both the same.
  • Hello Fresh groups all ingredients (except meat) into bags. I love this. Although Hello Fresh doesn’t take the extra step to put meat in separate plastic bags. I wish they would. Blue Apron does take that extra care with meat.
  • Hello Fresh clearly states nutritional information.
  • Hello Fresh offers a lot of one-pot meals.
  • Both services include a lot of pasta, rice, and potatoes so if you’re watching your carbs neither of these meal kit services will work for you.

I hope you found this Blue Apron review helpful as you search for the best meal kit delivery service.

Overall, I think Blue Apron is a good meal kit delivery service to start with. Here’s $60 off over your first 3 boxes!

I’d love to hear from others who have tried Blue Apron. What’s been your experience? How has it compared to other meal kit delivery services?

**This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you decide to subscribe to Blue Apron. However, this is my completely honest review and you’re by no means obligated to use my links. If you do thanks so much for supporting my site.

Blue Apron Now Has A Whole30 Meal Plan, But Only Through February

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat cleaner and healthier, the challenge just got a little bit easier.

Meal kit delivery service Blue Apron is partnering with the trendy clean-eating experts at Whole30 to create eight weeks of Whole30-approved recipes delivered right to your doorstep.

During the weeks of Jan. 8 to Feb. 26, Blue Apron subscribers will see two recipes from each weekly two-person menu marked “Whole30” recipes. If you’re not familiar with Whole30′s spiel, it’s an ultra-strict meal plan that emphasizes whole foods while banning sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy and dairy. Basically, you’re left eating lean proteins and lots (and lots and lots) of veggies.

As Whole30 veterans know, meal planning and food prep are two of the most time consuming, complicated and tedious parts of sticking to Whole30′s strict requirements. Blue Apron’s pre-portioned and pre-packed meal kits aim to change that with unique Whole30-approved recipes like seared steaks and warm lemon salsa verde with roasted broccoli and sweet potato and Mexican-spiced barramundi with kale, sweet potato and avocado salad.

Blue Apron’s own chefs crafted the meals to help consumers keep their healthy eating New Year’s Resolutions. “These simple, satisfying recipes are designed to help customers kick off the new year with a clean plate,” according to a spokesperson with the brand.

For Blue Apron novices, the services have two-person and four-person family plans to choose from, with options from two to four recipes per week, starting at $48 a week. From Blue Apron’s selection of weekly recipes (including vegetarian recipes) you choose which ones you want, and then everything you need for those meals is shipped to you in perfectly-proportioned packages with step-by-step instructions.

For all of its ease, however, meal delivery kits do produce a lot of food and packaging waste (though the company has made significant steps to make its packaging recyclable and even returnable), and ― speaking from experience ― the meals can be a bit time consuming.

But, for strict diets like Whole30, the ease of having a weekly supply of fresh, approved ingredients on-hand can certainly take the stress out of weeknight dinners and cut meal prep time that might be spent reading the ingredients list of everything in your pantry.

Unfortunately, Blue Apron’s Whole30 partnership is only for a limited time, kicking off Jan. 8 and lasting through the week of Feb. 26, so ring in the new year with a clean plate while the program is available.

Blue Apron Is Bringing Back Its Whole30 Meal Kits In September

Following an incredibly successful eight-week partnership in January, Blue Apron and Whole30 are teaming up again throughout the month of September to bring healthy eaters a new slate of Whole30-approved recipes.

Beginning Sept. 3 and lasting through the end of the month, Blue Apron subscribers will be able to choose from three Whole30 recipes each week to have delivered to their doorstep. It’s the second time the two brands have partnered to make Whole30 recipes and at-home meals more accessible to consumers, a move Whole30 co-creator and CEO Melissa Hartwig says is a no-brainer.

“The first Blue Apron partnership we launched in January was one of the most popular in the history of Whole30,” Hartwig told HuffPost. “Blue Apron makes doing the Whole30 easier, tastier, and more accessible than ever, and they’ve risen to the challenge of working within the Whole30 program rules with delicious meals that add variety and excitement to your normal Whole30 dinner routine.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Whole30, it’s a strict 30-day diet that emphasizes whole foods, while banning sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, soy and dairy. You’re basically left with lean proteins and veggies — lots of both.

Whole30 alumni know that meal planning, building a Whole30 shopping list and food prep are the most time consuming and complicated parts of sticking to Whole30′s rules. It’s what Blue Apron’s pre-portioned and pre-packed meal boxes claim to fix with handcrafted Whole30-approved recipes like Mediterranean salmon with sautéed kale and zucchini, pork fried cauliflower rice with cabbage and sweet peppers, and chicken piccata with roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. Hungry yet?

Thinking Of Trying The Whole30 Diet? Here's The Easiest Way To Start.

This secret weapon makes adhering to the plan completely stress-free.

If you're toying around the with the idea of trying the Whole30 Diet, you&rsquore definitely not alone. Since the plan&rsquos inception in 2009, millions of people have ditched sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains, legumes, dairy, and alcohol for 30 days in the name of better health.

(Find out how to stop the craving cycle before it starts and burn fat around the clock with the naturally sweet, salty, and satisfying meals in Eat Clean, Lose Weight & Love Every Bite.)

But Whole30&rsquos popularity has little to do with the ease of the plan and more with how great people feel when the month is through. Since the diet carries so many restrictions and is centered around whole, minimally processed foods, cooking Whole30-approved recipes is essentially mandatory&mdashwhich is tons of work. And not to mention, makes following the diet nearly impossible for busy folks who don&rsquot have spare time to slice, dice, and sauté all of their meals. Sound like the very thing that&rsquos preventing you from giving the diet a try? Well, there&rsquos finally a solution! Enter: Blue Apron&rsquos Whole30 meal delivery kits.

(One writer following Whole30 said that not making time for meal prep was one of the biggest mistakes she made along her journey. Read more about her experience and gain her sage diet wisdom here.)

Meal prep with just one pan:

Now through February 26, the ingredient-and-recipe meal kit company is bringing seriously satisfying Whole30-compliant recipes right to customers&rsquo front doors. This way, all you need to do to get a delicious meal on the table is follow the recipe instructions and eat! There&rsquos no trip to the store and zero time wasted reading food labels or researching recipes. Enjoy lunch and dinner dishes like salsa verde topped steak with roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes (pictured above) and chile- and orange-glazed chicken with roasted vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. (Yum!)

Sound like exactly what you need? Sign up today and jump-start your new healthy lifestyle, all while curbing cravings for sugar and processed food&mdashfor good. Paired with our go-to Whole30-friendly breakfast ideas, you&rsquoll be covered for all of your meals for the next month! Seriously, sticking to Whole30 has never been easier.

Talk about freshness

Sometimes ordering food online can be iffy, but the orange slices for my Togarashi Chicken Lettuce Cups were mouthwateringly juicy, and even the avocado was ripe (that’s a praise-hands emoji achievement).

And since everything is pre-portioned (you receive the exact amount of each ingredient to make the recipe) there was no waste or worry about letting forgotten veggies go bad in the back of the fridge (guilty).

Blue Apron Meal Delivery Meets Whole30

Whole30 has taken the world by storm, but by far the biggest compliant I hear is all the prep work that goes into it. Cooking your own meals 3 times a day for 30 days is a huge adjustment for most of us. Even as a food blogger, guess what? Sometimes I just don’t want to grocery shop, prep and come up with something for dinner. Especially on a busy week night. Blue Apron announced their partnership with Whole30 for January and February and I couldn’t be more excited to have the option to reduce my workload, my stress, and my time in the kitchen.

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. I’m happy to work with a company that brings so much value to my life! Thanks for your support here on the blog and your support for Blue Apron!

Blue Apron is a national meal delivery service which specializes in providing customers with everything they need to make healthy eating easier. It allows you to choose between amounts of portions included in your delivery to fit your families needs, and gives you permission to click into auto pilot when cooking dinner is the last thing you want to do. And now with Blue Apron offering Whole30 meals, you can be on auto pilot and still stay on the Whole30 wagon.

I tried Blue Apron, and I can’t even begin to tell ya how magical it was to come home to a box full of Whole30 compliant ingredients and easy, creative recipes I didn’t have to come up with or scour the web for myself. My boyfriend even went as far to call our week eating Blue Apron a “Whole30 Miracle”, and, honestly, I’m kind of thinking Blue Apron should snatch up that up as their new tagline.

Even some members of my January Whole30 group posted throughout the month about their experience having a stress-free meal option from Blue Apron. And as their Certified Whole30 Coach, I was just happy they had Blue Apron to make their lives easier instead of opt for an off-plan choice.

Alright, so here’s the nitty gritty details.

You go onto Blue Apron’s super user friendly site and select your meals. The Whole30 compliant ones are all clearly marked, so there’s no way you’re going to mess that up. A few days later, a big ol’ box of goodies waits patiently at your front door until you get home, hungry and tired from adulting all day.

Open the box (which, I have to say was really nicely packaged with ingredients, veggies, meats, spices clearly marked), unpack the goods onto the counter or into the fridge for later.

The recipe cards have step-by-step instructions with photos that are easy to follow. AKA, husbands can even handle cooking dinner if you’re off carting the family around to football practice or getting home late from work. Next thing you know, dinner is done.

I was pretty impressed with my Blue Apron meals. The process from start to finish, from signing up to clearing my plate, was totally seamless. The meals didn’t take any longer to cook than it would have taken a pizza delivery guy to get to my house. And the recipes were fresh ideas I wouldn’t have thought to make myself. It was just a nice change of pace to have both convenience and a great tasting meal.

The good news? You still have a whole month left to take advantage of Blue Apron’s Whole30 partnership and get the goodness on your doorstep. Giving yourself a break and making your Whole30 simpler every once in a while is one of my top tips for a successful Whole30, and taking the work out of a few dinners is exactly how you can do that! Plus, you’ll thank yourself later when suddenly it’s 6:30 pm, you’re starving, and you realize you have a Whole30 Blue Apron meal waiting for you in the fridge.

the meals all seem to range from 20-40 minutes. i’ve ordered from other boxes where they were up to an hour and i’m like uh no way. i’d say on average these mostly take me 25 minutes, and gid about 35 because he’s slower at cooking haha.

the box comes with recyclable ice packs and packaging, each meal comes with a step by step recipe card (with step by step photos which i love), and a knick knacks bag full of everything you’ll need for each. it’s super nicely organized and easy to store in and remove from the fridge when it’s time to cook. the individually packaged items are mostly packaged in plastic, but overall it’s clear they’ve made an effort to cut down on non-recyclable packaging.

Overview of the Best Whole30 Meal Delivery & Subscriptions

1 - Paleo on the Go ( Editor's Choice )

Best match for less strict dieters.

Paleo on the Go is a meal delivery subscription based on the Paleo plan. As the Paleo diet and the Whole30 diet are very similar, the website contains a menu of Whole 30 approved meals. Because this is a company dedicated specifically to this niche of diet, it makes it super easy for beginners. This meal-delivery service is great for wanting to start clean eating or simply trying to stay healthy while having a busy schedule. If there’s any meal service to consider as a go-to, it’s definitely Paleo on the Go.

They take pride in being able to store and ship Whole30 meal delivery with zero additives. They also offer tons of variations to classic meals. Their poultry is always raised humanely, and their veggies are always fresh. With chicken, beef, and pork being the main protein options, they have international-inspired cuisines options for a flavorful take on Whole30 meal delivery services.

Watch the video: Blue Apron A better value comes from better values. (May 2022).