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Chocolate cream with hazelnuts ..... Nutella

Chocolate cream with hazelnuts ..... Nutella

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Until now, I was buying whole jars of nutella, and I wanted to make a dessert in which he asked me to put nutella, but I said, isn't it better for me to make cream ?! And so, I set to work, and believe me, it's very tasty! As the little girl wants nutella bread for breakfast every morning, I said it's better to be homemade, at least I know what I put, especially as the commercial one, contains palm oil, which is very harmful to health when it is consumed for a long time! For nutella lovers, I recommend it, it is delicious and quick to make!
A delight both for the little ones and for the big ones!

A Healthy Nutella: Chocolate Hazelnut Cream (VIDEO)

We like to experiment with healthy recipes, but we insist that they be tasty and that's how the last recipe in the kitchen of the Herbal Pharmacy was born: a healthy version of Nutella, a tasty hazelnut cream and chocolate.

Ideal for breakfast or as a sweet snack, I prepared the cream with a base of freshly baked hazelnuts, sweet dates and well hydrated, I added the extra flavor with a little organic cocoa powder, I sweetened it to taste with maple syrup and I adjusted its consistency with a little olive oil and a little coconut milk.

For a 300 ml jar, we used:

250 grams of raw hazelnuts

8-10 dates

2 tablespoons maple syrup

2-3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder

1 teaspoon coconut oil

2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk

We started by preparing the star ingredient: hazelnuts. I put them in a tray prepared with baking paper and put them in the oven, at 180 degrees, for about 8-10 minutes, enough to fill the kitchen with the smell of fried walnuts.

I left them to cool and cleaned the shells by massaging them with my hands. You can use another trick: transfer the hazelnuts to a towel and mix them well until you feel that they have run out of shell.

I passed the whole worksheet around the blender. I transferred the hazelnuts to his bowl and mixed them for about 3-4 minutes, during which time they went through the flour stage and then the hazelnut butter stage.

On top of the peanut butter I added the dates hydrated in a little water, maple syrup and cocoa powder. As we continued to mix the cream, we added a little coconut oil and a little coconut milk. Decide what texture you prefer your cream to have and play with these two ingredients to make it either very creamy and spreadable, or coarser and denser.

We went for tasting: sandwiches with rice slices, hazelnut cream with chocolate, banana slices and chia seeds. But the options are endless, play with your favorite toppings or enjoy your homemade Nutella directly from the jar, we do not judge you.

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Who Invented Nutella?

Nutella is the name of a famous brand of Italian chocolate cream. Its main ingredients are sugar and palm oil followed by hazelnuts, cocoa and skim milk. In many countries, Nutella is sold as a hazelnut cream. In Italy it cannot be passed under the category of "chocolate cream" because it does not meet the minimum criterion of solid cocoa concentration. Nutella is a form of chocolate cream, so the production process is very similar to the normal production process of chocolate cream.

History of Nutella chocolate

In 1946, Pietro Ferrero, which owned a bakery in Alba, Piedmont, an area known for peanut production, sold an initial batch of 300 kg of "Gianduja Pasta". This lot was a solid block of hazelnut chocolate, but Ferrero began selling a creamier version in 1951, called "Super Cream."

In 1963, Michele Ferrero, Pietro's son, rethought "Supercrema" with the intention of selling it in Europe. The composition of the cream was changed and renamed to "Nutella". The first jar of "Nutella" left Ferrero's factory in Alba on April 20, 1964. The product was an instant success and has remained very popular ever since.

The French senator, Yves Daudigny, proposed, in 2012, an increase in the tax on palm oil from 100 euros to 400 euros per metric ton. Palm oil is one of the main ingredients of "Nutella" chocolate, so the tax has been called by the media "Nutella tax".

On May 14, 2014, the Italian government postal service "Poste Italiane" issued a "Nutella" stamp to commemorate 50 years of existence. The 70 euro cent stamp was made by the Italian State Printing and Mint and featured a jar of "Nutella" on a gold background. Ferrero organized "Nutella Day" on May 17 and 18. Nowadays, "International Nutella Day" is celebrated on February 5.

"Nutella" is produced in various facilities. It is produced in the North American market in a Canadian factory in Brantford, Ontario. More recently, a new factory was opened in San Jose Iturbide, Guanjuato, Mexico. For Australia and New Zealand, "Nutella" has been produced in Lithgow, New South Wales since the late 1970s.

Two out of four Ferrero factories produce "Nutella" in Italy - in Alba, Piedmont and in Sant & # 8217Angelo dei Lombardi, Campania. In France there is a factory in Villers-Ecalles, and for Eastern Europe and South Africa, the product is made in Warsaw, respectively in Manisa. For the German market "Nutella" is produced in the factory in Stadtallendorf, open since 1956.

In Asia, "Nutella" chocolate is growing in popularity due to its introduction in many local dishes. Starting in 2015, Australia began to suffer from the "Nutella" crisis due to its popularity as a donut filling.

"Nutella" has become a really popular food due to its consistency and taste. Now you know who invented Nutella and how popular it has become over the years. We hope that this article has satisfied your desire for knowledge and enriched your knowledge.

Commercial spread creams contain an excessive amount of sugar!

The most abundant ingredient in commercial spreads is refined sugar.

In just 2 teaspoons of Nutella there are 5 teaspoons of sugar and 200 calories!

Such a large amount of sugar consumed in the early hours of the morning will cause a sudden rise in blood sugar.

Sugar produces hyperactivity, reduces the ability to concentrate and energy levels.

In addition, concentrated sweets depreciate the function of the immune system.

These consequences are not to be neglected, especially if the recipients of these products are children.

Other problematic ingredients in Nutella are saturated fats (modified palm oil) and sodium in large quantities.

Spreadable creams in stores are not only harmful to health, but also expensive.

Anyone can make a much healthier version at home, from natural ingredients.

Homemade desserts give us absolute control over the amount of sugar used.

If you want, you can always replace sugar with honey or another natural sweetener.

Chocolate spread cream - recipe


  • ¼ cup of browned hazelnuts
  • ¼ cup of peeled hemp seeds
  • 1/3 cup cocoa powder
  • ¼ cup of butter or coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 pinch of salt

Method of preparation

Put all the ingredients in a high speed blender and mix until a fine cream results.

Taste the sweet and if necessary, add more honey.

What are the benefits of the ingredients used

This chocolate cream can be served on bread or biscuits.

It can be used for pancakes or other desserts.

Children can eat it without problems for breakfast because it is very nutritious.

Contains protein and fiber - nutrients that give satiety and support growth.

Hemp seeds have a high nutritional value. They are considered a functional food because they can help prevent and treat diseases such as inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

They are rich in protein, phenolic compounds, tocopherols, carotenoids, phytosterols, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, copper and zinc.

Healthy fats from hemp seeds support the brain and nervous system.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids have the ability to fight cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's.

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants (catechins, epicatechins, procyanidins) and minerals & # 8211 especially magnesium.

Cocoa antioxidants have cardiovascular benefits, reduce the risk of diabetes, improve immunity, protect nerves from injury and inflammation.

This food is also associated with increased satiety, improved cognitive function and mood.

Honey is a sweetener suitable for sweets that do not require thermal preparation. Provides vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients with antimicrobial properties.

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* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.


Nutella cream preparation: Rub the yolks froth with the sugar. Add sifted cocoa and mix. Heat the milk and pour it thinly over the yolk cream, stirring vigorously so that the eggs do not boil. Place the bowl in a bain-marie, stirring constantly, until it begins to thicken. Then transfer the composition to the mixer bowl and mix on medium-high speed until cool. Add the butter, mix well. At the end, incorporate Nutella.

Nutella cocoa cream with 200g cocoa

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Ferrero Rocher (Hazelnut Chocolates)

From the beginning I will tell you that I did not have the necessary amount of hazelnuts so I skipped the final phase and I did not have bitter chocolate and I used the one with milk. it's good but it makes a difference.

The hazelnuts are fried and then the thin skin is taken from them. Put the hazelnuts and wafers in a blender / food processor and grind. Fry the second amount of hazelnuts, proceed in the same way as with the first round, except that it is ground without wafers. They are placed separately.

The combined hazelnut wafers are mixed with nutella and then refrigerated for about half an hour to harden the composition. To work better with nutella cream, it is good to be slightly heated, this way it mixes very easily and quickly with hazelnuts and wafers.

After the composition has hardened, remove and make balls that are placed on the tray, stick a toothpick in them (optional - use the toothpick to be able to walk more easily with the balls when we draw them in chocolate) and give them again in the refrigerator for hardening.

Melt some of the chocolate, mix with a little butter and roll the balls in chocolate, place on a kitchen grill placed on a plate or tray so we can gather the drained chocolate, then let it cool.

Remove, roll through the second portion of hazelnuts, the one set aside and pull once more into the second layer of chocolate (melt the rest of the chocolate before). Leave to cool for coagulation and put in foil and cheese.

Peanut butter

A delicious hazelnut tart, without chocolate, that children really like. As a filling for cakes, as a sandwich, with yogurt, muffins. and more!

  • Ascen Jiménez
  • Recipe type: picnic
  • Calories: 82
  • Preparation time: 5M
  • Cooking time: 4M
  • Total time: 9M


  • 250 g icing sugar (it's better with the purchased one, but if we don't have it, we can make it ourselves)
  • 80 g milk powder
  • 45 g skinless hazelnuts so that the cream is white
  • 120 g of sunflower oil
  • A teaspoon of liquid vanilla essence


Put the icing sugar, powdered milk and hazelnuts in the glass. atomizer progressive speed 5-10 until it remains a very fine powder.

Add the oil and the teaspoon of liquid vanilla. programmer 1 minute, speed 7. And we already have our cream.

We keep it in a glass jar (the Nutella glass with its lid looks great).

Is pistachio cream better than Nutella?

Today I decided I will add another recipe. A very simple but successful one. Pistachio cream is a recipe that can help you offer a much healthier version of Nutella cream sold in most stores.

It's been a while and unfortunately I haven't been able to write new recipes. I kept telling myself for days that I had to, that the readers were waiting but I couldn't write anything. I posted new photos on Instagram because my activity in the kitchen and outside the kitchen did not stop.

How far did I get the pistachio cream? From a discussion on Facebook that made me curious, I ended up looking for a cream that I had seen presented as a product in an online store, I think.

Pistachio cream because it's about it, and for me it sounded extra appetizing, I managed to find it accidentally presented on an Italian site. I took the idea and created something that will be very successful.

Being proposed at Food Revolution Day at Verona Garden, where I volunteered, the cream was tried by both children and parents present there. It was a perfect choice for the pancakes made on the spot by the participants. I had the pleasure to see that she was also appreciated by Mrs. Maria Coman, the journalist who makes the show LIVE, to whom I thank because she wanted to try my preparation.

Pistachio cream is a recipe as simple as it is tasty and the final product.

Put the pistachios and sugar in a blender and grind the mixture until it forms a fine mass. Put in a separate bowl.

In a fireproof bowl put the butter and white chocolate and melt over low heat, then add the milk and mix until smooth.

Melt the milk chocolate and pour it over the pistachio and sugar mixture, mix everything and pour it back into the fireproof bowl. Add two drops of vanilla extract. Leave it on the fire until the mixture thickens, much like a thicker cream, but it is still liquid.


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