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11 of the World's Best Beaches for Partying (Slideshow)

11 of the World's Best Beaches for Partying (Slideshow)

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It’s summer somewhere in the world

11 of the World's Best Beaches for Partying

It’s summer somewhere in the world.

11. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece

With a name like Super Paradise, how can you go wrong? Mykonos Island does not disappoint and tends to be at the top of many party lists because of its reputation for exposed flesh, sexy revelers and legendary party shenanigans. Clothing is often optional on the liberal sandy beaches and in the blissfully blue waters of Mykonos. Paradise Beach is known to be the Grecian capital of fabulous luxury. What was once a gay beach has expanded to become one of the most well-known party beaches in the area. Fashionistas and celebrities flock to Paradise to party all day, all night, and then all day again. Parties tend to pop up around mid-afternoon and go until the next morning. It is not uncommon to wake up and find people still partying from the night before. Beach Tomato voted Super Paradise as one of the “Best Beaches for Partying” and AskMen included it on its “Top 10 Party Beaches” list. Mykonos is known to be one of Greece’s most cosmopolitan and expensive islands. At night, the beach becomes a Bacchanalian celebration with incredible fire dancing shows, fireworks, live bands, DJs blasting house music and all-night parties.

10. White Beach, Boracay, Philippines

Rumor has it that partygoers were sworn to secrecy after leaving certain White Beach parties. Things got that crazy. Word got out, (thanks, big mouth!), and now White Beach is packed day and night with clubbers looking to dance the night away after a relaxing day. It’s all about balance, you know. Different music dominates different sections of the beach, all of them packed.

9. Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Foam parties, bikini contests, and celeb DJs are the norm during the daytime on Nissi Beach. The fun lasts well into the night, and even the next day sometimes. The crowd is here for the party and that is evident by the amounts of booze and boobs on display. There hasn’t been an empty spot on the sand since Nissi was featured on the BBC’s Radio 1 Roadshow one summer back in 2002. Since then, the season, which runs from May to October, beach parties are nonstop and will put your party lasting skills to the test.

8. Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach in Bali takes your budget into consideration when partying. The all-night raves are popular with surfers (the waves are incredible), backpackers and tourists because of the party specials offered by the bevy of bars set up on the beach. Think 20 shots for roughly five bucks, and drinks so big you rarely need another round. Kuta is considered the best party spot in all of Indonesia, so make this a must visit on your beach party tour.

7. Palolem Beach, Goa, India

If the 1960s free love movement met up with today’s technology, they’d have their party on Palolem beach in Goa, India. Already a well-known party destination, Goa is also a hippie haven. Not into the whole bass-rocking-your-bones vibe? No problem; guests on Palolem are given headphones during day-long silent parties so you can jam to your own beat. Once you’ve tranced out enough, hit up one of the bonfires for fire dancing or get sweaty rubbing up against eclectic tourists and friendly locals

6. Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv has roughly 16 beaches, but Gordon is the one everyone wants to get on. It could be the posh clubs and high-end restaurants and hotels that line the shore, but for the LGBT community, it has nothing to do with that at all. Gordon Beach is an attraction because of the huge Pride Week parties that kind of feel like you put Carnival, Mardi Gras, South Beach, and NYC into a blender and poured it all over the beach.

5. Puro Beach, Palma de Mallorca

Inspired by Thailand’s infamous full moon parties, Puro Beach hosts a lunar party of their own that draws millions of sexy sun worshipers looking to let loose for a few days. Here, the posh White Party is furnished with Philippe Starck chairs and oversized swimming pools of the “P Diddy would approve” variety.

4. Zrće Beach, Novalja, Croatia

So long, South Beach and South Padre. Zrće Beach is Spring Break’s most popular destination. Dubbed the “Croatian Ibiza,” Zrće Beach has water so clear it was given a Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Impressive, right? Not as much as the four-day Spring Break party that includes anthology parties, mega boat parties, DJs, erotic dancers as far as the eye can see, games and more. Basically, everything except sleep.

3. Cala Jondal Beach, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is famous for its parties, so it is only natural that it is on the list. Really, where would we be if they hadn’t started the foam party craze, after all? The thing is, everyone knows about Ibiza and Benirras Beach, so while the party is still kick ass, it’s not it like it was in the early days. You’ll still find day-long parties on Cala Jonal Beach filled with models and beautiful people alike (Leo DiCaprio and the Biebs are both fans). Most are hitting up the Blue Marlin, a club dominating the beach that is famous for its hidden VIP areas and exclusive entry.

2. Sunrise Beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Famous for its monthly Full Moon Parties, thousands of revelers descend upon Koh Phangan to pretend they care what the moon looks like. We know they are really here for the jugglers, fire eaters, DJs, and dancing. From techno to trance to house and base, everything is happening all at once here. The intense focus on partying lasts all night long, a marathon session of dancing and drinking that will have you rethinking the way you’ve partied before. If you’re feeling brave, rest up for 29 days and give it another try. The Full Moon Party happens once a month.

1. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach is one of the most iconic beaches, not only in Brazil, but in the world. Close friend to legendary Ipanema Beach, Copacabana is the place to go if you are looking for hustle and bustle, loud music, international tourists and a wide array of party activities. In fact, Brazil made famous the teeny tiny bikini, ultra gorgeous women, locals with a tan of golden brown and a sexy attitude. The party-goers at Copacabana are no different and this beach is where the beautiful people go to soak up the sun and dance to samba beats. Copacabana made Msn Travels “The World’s Best Party Beaches” list, as well as Ask Men’s “Top 10 Beach Parties” list. The beach hosts millions of party-goers during its incredible New Year’s Eve celebration and the biggest and most legendary carnival celebration in the world. Crowds surge over 3 million during these festivals and music, fireworks, dancing, drinking, sparkly costumes and scantily clad bodies take place all over the beach and town.

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