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Puppy cookies

Puppy cookies

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Mix margarine with sugar until the sugar dissolves. Add sour cream and essence. Mix and add the yolks mixed with the vanilla sugar sachets. Divide the composition into 2.

In the first we add cocoa and about 220 g of flour, knead until the dough is easy to shape.

In the 2nd, add only the flour and knead until a non-sticky dough results.

Refrigerate for about 30 minutes

We spread a sheet from each shell separately and cut hearts out of each.

We form the puppies-head made of a cocoa heart, we add the ears formed of a white heart cut in two, we press them a little to stick together.

Then we form her eyes and mouth with balls made of white dough. If we want, we add a bow to the girls and a bow tie to the puppies.

We place them in a tray lined with aluminum foil and put them in the oven over medium heat for about 20 minutes.


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In this game, Dora needs medical care. Your friend Dora came to

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In this game, Barbie is a fashion designer and remakes the dresses of the most famous princesses. & Icircn this game

Hello girls, guess what? Today you will be a celebrity, do you have any idea who it might be? Fantastic! You're right

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& Icircn this game our beautiful Barbie is getting ready to go to her girlfriend's wedding and she will be Miss D

The mermaid in this game is a true princess of the seas. Like any princess, she wants to impress with beauty

Princess Rapunzel new hairstyle

In this game, the beautiful Barbie is at the SPA for a care and beauty treatment. & Ic

The happy day has arrived when Barbie and Ken are getting married! Everyone in fashion is wondering what dresses

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The Beautiful Cinderella is waiting for the Handsome Boy in her new room. Cinderella wants everything to be perfect

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This hip-hop singer in music also has a passion for creating her own clothes.

& Icircn cur & acircnd the beautiful Barbie will be a mother and will have a baby. Barbie is so happy, and with

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What a beautiful job to be a model. You are paid to wear beautiful clothes and always look good

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Hello girls, in today's game you will have to take care of a beautiful Barbie doll who is in great need of your help.

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Diego wants to throw a party outside in the backyard to celebrate Halloween. But to organize a

Did you miss the cute Spongebob? If so, I've prepared a new game with SpongeBob. In this game you will be u

In today's game you will meet Ariana Grande. She and her best friend Jessie will go to a salon

In this game you girls are beauty counselors at a special salon for brides. Here you will have to help her

In this game you will see how to take care of a farm with pets with Peppa. You have a choice between the vacuum

Hi kids ! We have prepared for you on our site another very fun game with Elsa and Olaf from the Frozen cartoon. From ac

Today's game will be a lot of fun. Little Barbie has already built a house for her dolls, but in the game d

Hi girls, in today's game you will take care of Barbie when she was a little baby. You will have to take care of her, be s

Little Barbie takes care of her hair especially in winter, when her hair becomes very dry due to the cold. In j

Hey girls, in today's game Barbie needs your creativity because she wants to decorate her house. He wants a s

Ever since the beautiful and intelligent sisters of Frozen, Anna and Elsa showed their magical powers to everyone in the kingdom.

Today we will help Lucy prepare for Thanksgiving. First you will help Barbie Lucy in the ritual

Kids, let's help Peppa's family clean the whole house. You will have to help them clean the living room, bu

The cute Peppa family needs your children's help. Today in Peppa's family is cleaning day, everyone me

Girls, Barbie is pregnant, expecting a baby and has a pretty big belly. It is normal for her wardrobe to f

Barbie is invited to a Christmas party where she will go with her boyfriend.Of course the beautiful Barbie is

Fashion enthusiasts like Barbie not only follow fashion trends but also create them. This is also the case with Barbie car

Hey girls! We have prepared a super interesting and very creative game for you. In today's game you will have to choose between 3 &

Hi girls ! In today's game you will help Barbie to take care of the way she looks, because in the morning she

, Hey girls! Today you have to help Dora become clean and beautiful again. She s-

A! not! A tragedy has just happened in Arendelle's kingdom. Princess He

Kids, we have some very good news for you. Anna from Farm Mania returns in an equally exciting new game. In this

In today's game you will have to help the knight Arthur to save his beloved princess. Arthur, a knight

In today's game you will meet an already famous character, Mario. In this game Mario will not be alone, but with him

In today's game a Barbie princess was imprisoned in the castle by some evil monsters. And who

In today's game you will be with two knights in all their power. It is a game with many levels and you have to

In today's game you will meet again with the nice Spongebob who has a very important mission. SpongeBob must

A beautiful princess only needs to find a matching prince of her heart. The princess wants to find

Hi girls !! You are ready to play a new funny game with the beautiful Barbie. Princess Barbie, Angel meets in the needle

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Hi girls !! In today's game we have prepared a big surprise for you. In one game you can now play three mini games c

Christmas has arrived. The royal palace of Princess Barbie is ready decorated with Christmas lights. Barbie's family will

In today's game you will accompany Barbie on a walk through the city with her new Vespa motorcycle. But the walk will not be

In today's game you will meet a princess who has a more unusual desire. She is very attached to the castle where

In today's game you will meet another beautiful princess Barbie, Princess Amalia. She has a great passion for pen

Princess Tiana is very well known to the girls from the Disney cartoons, in which she enters an extraordinary adventure

The princess in today's game is waiting for some friends to visit the castle. But unfortunately the castle looks very careless

In today's game you will meet the beautiful Princess Cathrine and her lovely daughter Sandra. It's a day for Sandra

Beautiful Princess Ariel wants to swim to the surface so she can meet Prince Eric. As you know, baby

Princess Ariel from the cartoon The Little Mermaid is finally a beautiful young woman with legs like people. But what

The snow queen is now living happily because she managed to unlock her heart. But unfortunately you will see in this

Barbie is beautiful, elegant, full of charm just as a real princess should be. In today's game Bar

Today we propose a very, very funny game in which you will meet together three of the most beloved person

Princess Belle loves to live in the country in France. The scenery is enchanting, the French cuisine is excellent, and

This game is very relaxing and fun. All you have to do is use the mouse to click on the object

Every girl has been dreaming of the perfect wedding since she was little. But a wedding needs a lot of planning, because it is

Finally the big day arrived for Barbie and Ken. They will get married and get married, and Barbie will be the best

And today we propose a new game with the beautiful Barbie dolls. In today's game, Sarah is getting married and needs you

In today's game you will meet Fiona again. Maybe you remember, that Fiona is the kind of girl who p

Hey! Girls! Would you like to embark on a new adventure with your friend Diego? & Icircn this game

A new game with your friend Diego. You know that Diego loves to explore and venture everywhere

Dora and Diego got injured in one of their adventures and decided to go together for a

In this game you will embark on a new adventure, with Diego and Dora. Unfortunately, our friend Die

Diego invites you on a new adventure. In this game, Diego got lost in a dark tunnel and must find a horse

Barbie invites you to play with a new game of planting and caring for farm animals. In this jo

Now you can play the second game in the Farm Away series. In this game you will see that you have several options between & nb

Farm Mania invites you to play the most popular farm game. In this farm management game you have to help her

In this game, the most beautiful animal on earth is waiting for you: a panda bear. He got lost to his mother

Barbie is a successful farmer! This time he expanded his business from the farm and now has 12 agricultural lands

Hi girls! Barbie has just opened a new hair salon and can't wait to step on her doorstep.

Hi girls ! We have a new game with Barbie dolls for you. In this game you will take care of Lina, because she wants to

You already know Barbie very well. She is a beautiful and stylish doll who likes to go out a lot, to

Barbie and the winged Pegasus will go to play outdoors. Barbie wants you to dress her with the most beautiful you

Hi girls, in today's game, Barbie has to stay home because she has a very important exam. But as a c

In this game the beautiful Barbie owns a car maintenance salon. Barbie has to thank every customer who int

Tonight Barbie will have to go to the school ball, and she needs you to help her style her hair. All

Barbie thought of surprising her mother on Mother's Day to show her how much he loves her. Barbie a & nbs

Barbie wants to clean her kitchen, because she has become very dirty. Barbie's kitchen is full of garbage and

Girls, if you've ever wondered what's in Barbie's head more precisely in her brain, now's your chance.

Barbie has caught a cold and it seems that the medicine that the doctor recommended does not work as it should.

In today's game you will be the personal stylist of the beautiful Barbie and you will have to prepare her for the party. Start the game

In today's game you will accompany little Barbie to school. But first you have to prepare her clothes for take-off

Barbie suffered an accident and you will unfortunately see her full of cuts and bruises on her face. In this game

In today's game you will meet Barbie in her princess castle. Because you girls have a lot of experience in

When it comes to fashion, no one can beat Barbie. Because we know how passionate she is about fashion

Hi girls ! We have for you a new game with the beautiful Barbie. In today's game you will advise Barbie how to dress

Because we know that you like animals and especially puppies, we have prepared a new game with a super cute puppy. In a

We think you've heard of this delicious Panna Cotta dessert. In today's game you will learn how to do it, which is ret

Hi girls ! Do you like games with lovers? In today's game you will meet Barbie Lara, a beautiful girl

Did you know that Barbie is very good at taking care of a farm? In this game Barbie has a big farm and must have

The beautiful Barbie needs a relaxing massage in today's game. She is very stressed and tired and wants to relax

Hi girls ! We have a big surprise for you. Because we know that you like Barbie so much, today we propose a

In today's beautiful game Barbie will live an unforgettable experience. She will attend a special masquerade ball, where she was

In today's game Barbie is preparing for the party. You will help Barbie to be ready on time and look perfect

All you have to do in this fun game is to patiently find the hidden objects in his bedroom.

It was a little cold outside, it was raining more, the wind was colder and Barbie had a cold. So as not to aggravate her condition, Barb

We know for sure that you will like Barbie very much. In today's game we will see how Barb's bedroom is decorated

For every girl there comes a time when she wants to leave the city where she was born in a bigger city. The same

Hi girls ! In today's game we will help little Barbie to take care of an adorable puppy she found

We all know that school will start soon, in today's game you will help Barbie prepare for the first day

We all know that in summer the sun heats up very much and raises the temperature in thermometers to many degrees. Of needles

Today's game is very simple and fun. You will see that with just a simple click of the mouse you can change everything in it

Hi girls ! Today we will help Barbie to make a skin treatment as good as the most professional ones

You already know that Barbie, like you, loves animals very much. In today's game she will have to take care of 3 animals

Hi girls ! Barbie has a date tonight. In today's game you will help her to be ready in time for understanding

Barbie in today's game opened a cafe where she serves burgers. You will have to help her take over correctly

In today's game Barbie wants to impress and surprise them by cooking a delicious pie. Barbei chose

Tomorrow is a very important day for Barbie! Barbie will celebrate her birthday, and because you are friends

In today's game Barbie would like to drive to the mall to buy clothes. But the road to the mall is

In today's game you will help Barbie with the candy store. Barbie has just opened this store and she should

Girls, who wants to be a doctor when she grows up? In today's game you have the opportunity to learn what a doctor does

In the first part of today's game, little Barbie wants to plant some colored tulips in the farm garden.

Barbie received a new bicycle to take with her to school. Barbie likes to ride a whip more

Hi girls ! Today's game is super interesting! Get ready to help the beautiful Babie decorate her bathroom. OJ

Little Barbie wants to take advantage of the beautiful weather and asked her parents for permission to go for a bike ride. But from p

It's time for the girls for Barbie to go to the school ball at the end of the year. But what if at the school ball

Girls, this game is a game as simple as it is fun. Barbie wants to go for a walk with her pony

In this game you see Emily and Lisa again. As you know they are some barbie dolls that will have to

In this game you will be pleasantly impressed by the girls, to have fun with Barbie but also with her friend Ken. They're both on one

In this new game, the characters from Frozen invite you to live adventures with them again. This time you will meet Fr.

Today's game is about two sisters who love each other very much. Emma and Sharon will be next to each other in c

In today's game you will help Barbie to treat a cold. Barbie is at the doctor's office and waiting for

Little Barbie just received as a gift a very cute pony, as a gift from her grandmother and grandfather. My grandparents did this to him

Surely you know girls that the most fashionable hairstyle this summer is braided hair in various shapes. Little Barbi

Hi girls ! We know very well that your favorite doll is none other than Barbie! And that's because Barbie

Barbie wants to have the party of the year. For this, it is a lot of work and side by side with it you will have to

In Barbie's beauty ritual there are a series of stages that she never skips. In this game you will discover

In this salon, the girls who come to you feel very happy because they have all the pampering in the world. After I go

In this game you will accompany the baby Barbie in the amusement park. Unfortunately, an accident puts an end to the fun

She is beautiful, she is charming, she is in fact a precious princess! To become so charming you have to

Barbie is on her way to the hospital right now because she fell from a tree while she was picking apples. She was fat

Barbie is getting ready for the party she was invited to tonight. Barbie has a beautiful bathroom and all pros

A modern princess will visit you today. She wants to put on some piercings and she chose your salon. Choose the one for her

Welcome to Barbie's Burger Shop! As a manager you have to satisfy the tastes of Barbie and her friend

This game is actually a big challenge for you. Your dream of becoming a star stylist will come true. In this

Little Barbie wants to help her mother plant beautiful tulips in her garden, but she is allergic to pollen and needles.

Because you like the hairdressing profession, you came up with an extraordinary business idea and you opened a hair salon for

Today is a super special day. Did you know it's Barbie's birthday? Let's surprise her and organize the most beautiful one

Barbie is invited to the ball that will take place tonight. He made a reservation at the SPA beauty salon

Today you and your friend are at a birthday party. After the celebrant celebrated his birthday

Every girl wants to be beautiful and charming. This Barbie girl is going to a children's salon for the first time

Today Barbie invites you to test your knowledge of anatomy in this unique game. In this game you have to identify

Barbie has some ear problems, she seems to have an infection and would need a doctor to cure her ear.

This game offers you a kitchen in which to prepare delicious carrot cakes. You are offered all the necessary ingredients

This game is for you girls who want to be like princesses. In this game called Princess Maria's nails

Maria is a seamstress and fashion designer from New York City. She wore some very famous people and many v

In the kingdom of beauty, in an enchanted castle, lives a gorgeous princess. Enter the magical world of the princess

Ami and her sister are very good sisters and they are also very good friends, now they are shopping in the mall. Help them to

Transform Barbie doll into the famous singer Lady Gaga. Look at their costumes, her nails, choose her hairstyle,

Alex has been away for business for a week and is coming home today. Sarah loves him very much.

Help our princess to make a perfect drink for her pint. Mix the ingredients that you think will be

Hello girls, Christmas is coming! Let's help Barbi choose the perfect outfit for Christmas Eve. Rejoice

Barbie set out to impress her family and cook a very interesting and rare pie, a pie

It's a beautiful day and Barbie decided to make a delicious sandwich for her lunch. Join in the beautiful

Help Sarah prepare for the most beautiful day of her life. She will really need you to

It is not new that Barbie loves to dance. In this regard she has a wonderful wardrobe, full of soup dresses

Barbie's friend is invited to a bachelor party and of course Barbie can not accompany him. Chin

Use your amazing talent as a fashion stylist and choose how to dress Barbie for her photo shoot

Barbie needs your help to choose clothes for the party. Everyone at the party will be watching p

In this game, the beautiful Barbie visits the city that never sleeps, New York. She would like to dress after m

Barbie got lost on Halloween night. Help her get home safely and encourage her not to be scared :)

Barbie has a morning ritual that she observes with holiness. to look beautiful at any time of the day

In order to dress girls in glamorous fashion, you need a rich imagination, inspiration and especially to have style.

Autumn has came! With her gorgeous colors that take you, unwittingly, in dreaming, in melancholy. Everything in the nature of through

Barbie's wedding is approaching. Barbie is so happy because she found HIM, the prince of her heart. For needles

How much do you like ballet? It's Barbie's favorite dance. He really likes to go to the train

Could you help Barbie do a simple make-up? He wants to go for a walk with his friends and gets fat

In this game Barbie invites you to see her favorite makeup and hairstyles. Choose a fashionable make-up and hairstyle

Dear ones, Barbie is a great animal lover. Love cats! She adopted two such cute kittens

There are two more days and your wedding is approaching. You thought about visiting the manicure salons to find something on g

Find all the differences between the two pictures with the children playing in the garden. Be careful and

Imagine going to a different school. a school where you can dress and style just the way you want

Did you think that Barbie is always in shape? Well, unfortunately she also gets sick and has to

Barbie and her friend Ellie are still on vacation in a corner of paradise. They sunbathe, go to the salon

Hey, ladies, school has just begun. Are you ready? A new fashion is waiting for you. Watch the girls in the game and see

A magical game with a princess and her fabulous horse. Do you like magic princesses? What do you say to dress it exactly as

In this game you have to decorate the room of a baby who will one day become a real prince. The queen needs it

A new SPA beauty salon has just opened which is very popular. I've heard so much about this saloon

Would you like to play the role of Princess Cindarella and meet your handsome prince at the ball? If you want

It's time to have a special and delicious breakfast. Would you like to invite your friends? For such a day choose

Did you manage to see the movie The Great Gatsby? Such an impressive movie. In this game you will meet her

Do you know the impressive story of Beauty and the Beast? The princess is the most beautiful of all time and the Beast is

We all know how much Barbie likes to travel. She has visited almost every country in the world and now

Barbie can be anything she wants. In this game you will meet Barbie mermaid. Barbie loves water and a

Good to find you a fashion lover! You are invited to the biggest event in the fashion world, the parade on the red carpet

Help! A witch turned me from a handsome prince into an itchy frog, casting a curse on

I really enjoy playing with my sister. Our favorite game is the puzzle. We spend many hours together

These cute penguins are trapped in the ice cube and in great need of your help. To set them free

Yuppy! Girls, the holiday has come! Wouldn't you like a new haircut and hairstyle? On this holiday I f

Prepare a beautiful bouquet of flowers and give it to your mother. She will be very happy because you thought about it

The forehead, nose, cheeks and chin need special care. If you want this summerHey girls! It's me,

Would you like to go on a dream vacation this summer? A dream place is one where there is peace,

Do you like to be a trendy girl and wear fashionable clothes? When you step on the red carpet you have to

How happy we are! The day has come when my mother will take us to her workplace and we are very excited. E

Oh! What a great day! it's hot outside and the weather is perfect, don't you think? It would be a shame to sit in the house and watch

And the girls really like to climb on a sky board on the water and let themselves be carried away by the waves. I just have d

Barbie accepted a new challenge: to be a model and pose for a famous car company. Let's pick her coat

Sarah's last jobs were very inappropriate. This time he found a job to work for

Barbie accepted a new challenge: to take care of two twin babies. Twin babies need all the attention

Yes, I'm a princess! I am a princess who lives in a huge palace and that makes me very happy. What do you think?

Vivian has three cute pets, a cute dog, a fluffy bunny and a playful kitten. Q

I have always been fascinated by the fabulous dresses of queens. You have to help me find a queen's dress

Before a special event, a wedding, a baptism or even a party you have to visit a SPA salon, to c

On the red carpet, the stars step into the dresses of the most famous designers. The trend of 2013 upsets the rules

Hi! Tonight will be the hottest party for girls. At every party you have to get dressed and make up

I'm so excited! I was nominated to present the 2013 Oscar gala. I urgently need a SPA. Must s

Follow the recipe in the game and prepare the most delicious cake you have ever eaten. All you have to do is

Jack and Jasmine are so in love that they always make nice surprises for each other. Now they are preparing

I'm so excited! Today I am meeting my friend for the first time and I really need your help.

In this game Barbie is a beautiful fairy like a princess. Choose for her the most beautiful princess dresses

Turn Barbie into a magnificent royal princess. Choose one of the most beautiful pen princess dresses

Tonight, Barbi will attend the ball. She's sure she'll be the prom queen so she needs you.

Daisy has a flower shop where she sells the most beautiful flowers. And she considers herself a beautiful flower and chooses her own

A queen of rock will always be special and different from the others. But don't think it's easy for me! Please

Many girls would like to have a magic wand to use when needed to make their dreams come true. J

These beautiful girls are two sisters. Their best friend is getting married and will have their wedding on an exotic beach

A fun game with Barbie and her girlfriend in the club. Before the party they have to do a treatment of î

Betty's Eatery is the best restaurant in town. Everyone knows, and he has many clients. Please give him a hand

Winter has come! It's snowing! What great joy! You need to dress well before you go out. Look at his wardrobe

After cooking, you need to get ready and take care of your skin. Sarah will show you how to

Start the weekend by combing your hair in different colors. Try a new makeup model and a facial tattoo.

The color purple is a magnificent color, it gives you an elegant mood and a feminine look. It fits l

Do you want a dream bedroom? Use the decorative objects and decorate the most beautiful bedroom!

Choose a funny halloween costume, a hairstyle, a magic wand, boots and matching accessories for scary

The first meeting is very important and exciting! You definitely want to look amazing and bring it to you

Animals are better friends. Because they deserve the best, they need a dream home to run in

Look at that cute bunny! These girls have just found him and are going to show it to their friends. Before going l

This little girl Barbie has just started school and wants to make new friends. When he goes to the park he likes it

These twin sisters love to go shopping, although they are twins they have different styles and they like to dress up.

Barbie is very excited about surprise parties. This time she also wants to surprise her guests with a

When it comes to going to the hospital and the doctors' offices, we panic and fear. That's because I go

The ball of the most beautiful dresses is approaching. Choose for this girl a gorgeous evening dress. Combine makeup

You rarely see a cat playing with a dog. These two pets grew up together and played

The sun does not shine only in summer! It is not like that? Choose for Barbi a new makeup and clothes and accessories for a day in

I just received a gift that I really like: a new phone. And I would like it to be very elegant. Help me s

You work in a fast food restaurant and you have to have a proper outfit. You have to look good, be careful and

Summer is coming to an end and you have to take full advantage of the sunny days to eat the most delicious ice cream.

A sandless beach is not as fun as it should be. This girl is on a beach where I am pale

Dessert is welcome after every meal. I think there is a person who does not like a portion of

Welcome to my kitchen! In this game we will cook a delicious portion of spaghetti with meatballs and tomato sauce

Clothing fashion is usually inspired by the season of the seasons, celebrities or special occasions. How about

How delicious a fruit salad is! Especially if it has a dressing of chocolate, vanilla or other creams. Choose

Summer is the season for swimwear, dresses, hats and of course bathing in the sea and sitting at the beach.

This beautiful princess has a wardrobe of grandiose dresses. Choose for her the most beautiful dress.

Many pregnant moms look gorgeous. They are beautiful, stylish and choose pregnant clothes carefully. They are sen

Strawberries, cherries, vanilla, chocolate, apricots, berries. All types of ice cream taste much better

The beautiful days of the year follow when gala awards are organized. Actresses, singers, m

The summer season in some places lasts only a few months, in the tropics, summer is all year round. Pen

This little girl really likes to do different things around the house. He likes to paint walls

Natalia's wedding is getting closer! The bride needs a total change of look. Choose a style that catches her

A pop music star should always look good and if possible be unique. Match these custom clothes

The juniper is without a doubt the most important meal of the day. To have energy during the day you need

The sun is getting stronger and the beach is becoming more and more crowded with tourists. These 3 friends do not miss fun

Barbie wants to buy a scooter and has accepted a part-time job. She has to sell these radio flayers.

A game in which you play an important role in attracting customers to the stores in the mall. Use a st

Today you want to invite your friends to the new house. Now you need to arrange and decorate the pen coffee table

This teenage actress played her first role at the age of only 8 years old. He appeared in an award-winning film that didn't

This girl has just found a seasonal job for this summer. He wants to save money

You are invited to the princess party. You have to choose a princess dress and serve the tea exactly like that

When the ocean is calm and the sun is shining, everything seems clearer and brighter. That's why all the sirens

A new Hollywood style embraces us. New hairstyles, natural makeup and accessories that stand out. Q

My best friend decided to get married. Today is the most important day of her life and she has n

How the weather has warmed up outside is the time for your feet to receive proper care. Choose nail polish

Emma's dream is to become a supermodel. In order for her dream to come true, she entered a contest for

This beautiful pirate fell in love at first sight with a mermaid from the depths of the ocean. The laws of mermaids are very s

These nurses are well known throughout the hospital. That's because they like to dress very neat and beautiful

Be elegant this spring-summer wearing peplum dresses. These dresses have a romantic style of the sixties

Not only Rapunzel had long hair! This princess is a new version of her. Choose for this beautiful pri

I know spring has come, but everyone forgets that spring is a rainy season. I like umbrellas and clothes d

Decorate a cake with this cute bunny. It is very simple to decorate this cake. You just have to select it

Would you like to try a new and different recipe? How about a recipe with crabs and chili? Adding vegetables and wine

This bride is very excited! She really wants to get married at the castle. The dream is going to i

Open the closet and dress this Japanese girl in a kimono, sandals and accessories. Don't forget to style it!

It's hard to find sandals, boots and shoes to your liking. With this game you can decorate the shoes exactly a

Use the top and bottom menus to organize the most beautiful wedding. Everyone is waiting for this event

Katie will become a great artist in the future. She was always talented, from the moment she was born. About

In the spring, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day. There is a huge parade, the symbolic bouquet of

Now it's time to make some delicious cakes for your friends. How about inviting them to tea, to town

Silk jumps have become very popular all over the world and it is easy to wear. This Indian style looks like this

In the magic forest, the animals gather for a new spring party. It must be decorated before the party

Barbie Belinda has decided to get married! You probably know how hard it is to prepare as a bride. She has

All the children in the school admire her. She is the most popular girl in school, she has a strong character and she succeeds

Beautiful actress Keira Knightley has starred in several memorable roles such as the queen of Star Wars, Elizabeth of P

Even when it's raining, you can dress fashionably and match an umbrella and the right raincoat.

My best friend invited me to spend a week in their mountain cottage! She has a beautiful view,

Tonight all the fairies from the forest will gather and dance under the stars to celebrate the birth of a

This couple in love are invited to spend Valentine's Day on the beach. Search through the closets as much

This couple in love are on their first date and are very excited because they want to look perfect

Mina has moved into a new house, a large villa, and it takes a long time to decorate it. In the meantime he is playing with

Many are wondering what they will do on Valentine's Day. Ana and Nick have a great idea! They planned

If you want to refresh your garneroba with winter clothes, follow me! I know a clothing store where you can

It's time to tell the world what a good designer you are. These dresses are fashionable and dabea waiting to be worn in

Julio is an experienced chef, he invites you to his kitchen to show you how to prepare delicacies

This girl not only serves customers in the restaurant, but also inspires them with her fashionable taste. behold

In this game you will meet a queen who will hold a tea party. The environment is ready, too

This girl will definitely become a star! After the concert he had, he impressed one of the most s

Julie is waiting for her friends for tonight's party. No one should miss the Pizza Party

Wow! Snow! Everything is covered in snow. It's great! Dad just bought a snow removal machine

This weekend Jenna will give a super interesting party. The theme of the party is "Sushi". Sushi is a dish

Barbie, in this game, is a poster and has to carry letters. Barbie is always in step with fashion regardless

Barbie, in this game, is a poster and has to carry letters. Barbie is always in step with fashion regardless

Toasty is a cute puppy who has just arrived at a sheep farm. His work is not easy because he has to

Decorate these gingerbread figurines with cream. jellies, colored candies, etc.

It's winter, it's snowing, the snow has settled on the mountain and a landscape awaits you detached as if from a story you have to tell

Barbie fairy is getting ready for the holiday and bought a series of clothes, costumes and accessories for Cr

A game with the beautiful reindeer of Santa Claus that you have to dress for Christmas Eve. Choose the most beautiful

Athena was the goddess of wisdom. Athena was considered the protector of fine arts, crafts, literature

I really enjoy sitting in the park and making soap bubbles. choose a comfortable and distracting outfit for me

A new makeup model has emerged: the rainbow makeup. Combine as many colors as possible and make up the show

Santa is very busy this month and urgently needs your help. Keep the Christmas spirit

Have you ever imagined a mermaid dressed in a wedding dress. The whole ocean is ready for this feast

In this game Squirrel Boby teaches you how to make chocolate chip cookies. Pay attention to the cook's instructions

These good friends set out to go to the hairdresser together. They want a total change. Choose a hairstyle for them

The job of a hair stylist is not always an easy one. Especially if you're not paying attention to what your customers want

A store that sells fish to customers. All you have to do is serve customers with fish. It's simple

A game in which you have to decorate the bouquet of flowers that this beautiful bride will wear on her wedding day

Princess Gloria is an example among blonde girls. Her look is adorable. She likes to match her hairstyle c

Adina treats children very well, just like their mothers! Her caregiver is not to let children cry too much

Help the little penguin Bean go home! Make him jump by pressing the Up Arrow key, he control by use

This cat is bored! She wants to play with things in the house and make a mess in the room. But the cat t

Click to serve customers in order and as quickly as possible. To move to the next level you need to

It's your birthday and you have to have a fabulous time. How would you like to make up?

Remember each song and then press the piano to play it. If you miss it you get it from the beginning. Success!

You are invited to the city to have a cocktail. Choose a suitable outfit from your wardrobe. How would you dress for the needles

Indians are famous for their special beauty. In this game you have to make up an Indian girl. Choose a hairstyle

A game in which you have to decorate the table. Your friend will have dinner at your house and you have to be prepared

Mix different types of flowers to get different flavors to use in the most expensive perfume

Nail DIY 2 is back! This manicure game gives you the opportunity to make your nails exactly the way you want.

Bratz is back on stage, presenting a new collection of clothes for Bratz girls. Now it's Chloe's turn to

This princess loves flowers so much that she has a huge garden full of flowers.

A management game in which you have to sell delicious fruit ice cream.

In this game you meet Kevin from the band Jonas Brothers. You must have found out about his relationship with Daniell

Adriana is my best friend. We are very similar and most who see us think about us that we are s

A game for girls with a new beauty salon. Dora has opened a new beauty studio a place where everything is c

A photographer set off in search of models for tonight's presentation. Help these girls look impeccable

Scooby-Doo A puzzle game with puzzle pieces featuring Scooby-Doo and his friends. Use the mouse to hurt

Angel Angie helps you choose this little girl's clothes. Select the right clothes, accessories and slope

Has your prince been turned into a frog by an evil witch? Do not worry! Now a store has opened c

Barbie Bratz is filming for a pirate movie. She has to change her clothes very often because she has a lot to be

This little girl and her kitten are having a great time. They like to do balloons all day. Now it's over

Minnie Mouse has embarked on a new adventure. She has just learned to roll and she has a mission not exactly u

Sue has a new passion, fishing. Sue is now fishing and needs your help. Help Sue fish

A romantic game with kisses under the moonlight. Nothing is more innocent than a summer love. These lovers

If you want to have an exotic vacation, the Bahamas is the perfect destination! Nari enjoys a blue ocean and a

Lenny started her job as a waitress at a traditional Japanese restaurant. She must be wearing a kimono

On the land of the princesses there is a castle as only in fairy tales. In this game you can decorate the most

Take care of the clients who come to this beauty and pedicure salon. In this game he uses co products

Decorate this beach to your liking. How would you like to spend this summer vacation?

These beautiful birds need a new house. Decorate this cage so that the birds are fair

You're with your boyfriend at the movies. When the movie unfolds, it gets dark in the room - the perfect time for how much

Spring discounts are everywhere and in high demand. This girl wants to renew her wardrobe and

A game in which you have to use your logic to destroy the enemies. Find a strategy and use this

A logic game in which Yoko must reach the key to open the next level. I have to use you

Frodo is the name of this cute puppy that you have to take care of in this game. He's small now and you have to

Show how you would treat a cute cat if it were at home. In the top bar they see the needs of cats and you must

Miranda is having a party tonight. At 6 o'clock he comes after her and she must be ready. She wants to look splendid

Do you like Lady Gaga's new look? She always has something new to show! Choose a costume for Lady Gaga and

Search and find the 40 hidden stars. To earn as many points you need to hurry. The game

Barbie is facing a pretty big problem. You have to help her catch the pigs from the farm that succeeded

Vanessa has a day off and decided to go shopping. She wants to dress in the most fashionable clothes and has

An evil witch destroys the beautiful room of the princess. Help the princess put all the furniture back in place and arrange it

A game in which you have to dress and make Prince William and Kate. Newlyweds, Prince Wi

Sara opened an ice cream parlor on the beautiful beach in Hawaii. A lot of people come here and

This game is about Amy's story. So far he had a normal day but now he noticed small changes

Kimy is experiencing an amazing cruise vacation. Now she is on the deck of the ship and enjoying the sunlight

A new game with Barbie and collectible clothes. A new season means new and fashionable clothes! Look at these clothes

Today is the birthday of the beautiful actress Jessica Alba. Her friends have gathered and want to have a party for her

Most girls prefer to shop when prices are down because they can buy more

A skill game in which you have to use the balls to discover this papyrus from Ancient Egypt. The goal

Barbie poses for the front page of Star Sue magazine. Choose Barbie's hairstyle and clothes in such a way as to

The beautiful sisters Sara and Bella want to go to a belly dance class tonight. They need a cost

Barbie will have dinner tomorrow with her boyfriend. but he noticed that all his favorite outfits were dirty. So, it's tim

Description This time our trip takes us to China. Rabbit Po is going to buy a c himself

An egg coloring game. Then choose the color of the egg and start coloring the most beautiful patterns. The most fr

A game with a cute frog that needs to get as high as possible. Help this frog to jump by pressing

In this SPA beauty salon, you have to take care of both women and men. This SPA offers

Beauty salons are becoming more and more popular. In this SPA game you have to deal with dressup and design

A game for animal lovers, in this game you have to take care of a very pampered puppy. Must s

Follow the instructions and cook a delicious dessert. In this game, the chef teaches you how to cook

Barbie in love is at the pool with her boyfriend. They are tired of swimming in the pool and they miss s

A game in which Barbie is in her room and sitting at the computer. Looks like he's finished cleaning his pent room

This cute kitten game gives you the opportunity to dress this kitten. You can put a hat on her, she's

A game in which you can decorate these tennis as you like. What color would you like your sneakers to have? Use mau

Use mouse and click polka dots to choose a floating clothing, fantastic hairstyle, background,

Lily has just started high school and likes a classmate next door. On this day of school he does not know with c

To play this baby game you have to choose between a baby girl or a baby boy. Then do it

An interesting game in which you have to deliver the goods from the farm to the city. You have to help the farm prosper

A baby sitter dressup game in which you have to dress the baby. You also have to take care of that

Are you a good farmer? Let's see how you take care of this wonderful farm where you have to cultivate the land to it

A game where you have to be a farmer and take care of all the work on the farm. You have to sow seeds, you have to water

A Dress Up game with Mori Girl. Mori Girl is a girl in love with the Japanese style. Japanese clothes are making a splash in the world

Justin Bieber is a music singer much loved by fans. In this game Justin Bieber is in concert and the third

Barbie is back in the kitchen and in this cooking game, Barbie will teach you how to cook a real pizza. Follow i

A game for those who love babies. Babies are so cute and punctual. These babies in the game a

A classic memory game in which you have to be very careful and remember the objects in the picture. To get to the level

A fun game for kids who like to collect games. This chicken has an important mission. He should

Deliciously cooked chicken is preferred by most people. You want to learn how to cook this dish

A striking combination of two world-famous celebrities: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber! To the surprise

A game that teaches you how to make stuffed animals. Follow the instructions in the game and you will be able to sew on the machine

This cute girl wants to cook an apple pie. To prepare the apple pie you need to pick

A game to make fruit lemonade. Now you can make fruit juices quickly and easily. All you have to do is

A fun game in which the toys are hung on balloons and you have to release them to reach the ground. Everything that tr

If you also like ponies, then take care of the pony in the game. This cute pony will participate in his first step

Create an avatar with Sue Star the way you like it. You need to click on the squares on the horizontal next to your lips

Imagine you have to dress Justin Bieber (Canadian R&B pop singer) for a romantic date

This cute girl is getting ready to go to a gypsy party and you have to choose the most beautiful clothes from the

This girl works in television and has to look good every day. Choose clothes for her from the Boutique. Then he has

This famous band of singers needs your help to decorate the stage and choose the right clothes. Spectacle

A game in which the famous Sue Star must be arranged for a magazine appearance. Depending on Sue t's style

A puzzle game with Dora and her friend Diego in which you have to arrange the puzzle pieces until you discover the image of Do

Dora's house. Dora shows you her house: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and the garden. Choose one of the rooms and help her

This fairy is one of those who has magical powers. With her magical powers this fairy can create rainbows. In the

Jessy is a girl who likes the punk style, a nonconformist style. She is getting ready to go out to the club tonight and

The king invited Princess Amelia to spend a beautiful afternoon at the castle. The princess wants to impress

Barbie doll is a famous mannequin, in this game, she plays the role of a famous mannequin and poses in various magazines. R

Help these girls perform their dance number! Be careful which key you need to type so as not to miss the move

It's the weekend and Naty is ready to go shopping. She loves shopping in supermarkets

A game for girls who start school and do not know how to dress. Select clothes for the Barbie doll because that

Barbie is a very beautiful and romantic princess and in this dressup game she is at the edge of the lake and she is

Barbie doll is invited to a party by her friends. For this party she chose several clothes

A fun game for girls who like games with Barbie dolls. In this game you have to select a girl

Barbie has a date tonight with her boyfriend, your duty in this game is to find Barbie a car outfit

Earn money before time runs out! You are a waitress and you have to serve the customers who come to this

This is the game of serving ice cream to customers according to their desire. They will want the ice cream to be served

Barbie doll has an important role in this game. She attends a meeting and must be dressed in a

Barbie has a new room that she needs to decorate. Choose from the multitude of decorations the objects you think

The Barbie doll is getting ready for the carnival. Barbie is the guest of honor and she must look fabulous! That is why t

This Barbie doll is passionate about golf. This week Barbie has a championship she shouldn't

A wonderful game with your favorite cartoon characters with Tom and Jerry. And in this game Tom and Jerry do not im

A new game with the Bratz dolls Yasmin, Sasha, Jade and Chloe. To start this game you have to choose one of the dolls

In this chin game she plays the role of the sleeping princess who had to be awakened by her handsome prince. Princess Barb

A new game with your favorite pets. Choose your favorite cat or dog and look for the most beautiful access

A cooking game for girls in which you have to prepare a cake. To start the game you have to choose the tart that

Britney Spears games have become very popular with children, in this dressup game with Britney Spears you have more tasks

Miley Cyrus became a star due to her talent and the large number of supporters, in this game with Miley Cyrus dress

This Barbie Bratz doll comes from a medieval world. Barbie doll gives a lot of value on her appearance, go out

A new game with Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) with make up and dress up in which you have to take care of her image. In the section

A game with your favorite stars: HANNAH MONTANA, NICK JONAS and SELENA GOMES. In this game you deal with their ext appearance

A game of planting fruit trees.In this game you work on a farm as a manager and you take care of the fruit planting, you can s

A game for girls in which they have to clean the house after a party. We know that after every party it remains

If you like flowers, then you will definitely like this game where you have your own flower shop, you can plant flowers

On online game for children very colorful arcade in which you have fun in the candy factory. A game like games

A very fun game for girls in which you have to jump rope online. If you like to jump rope then this game

A very funny flash game in which you have to save the carrots caught by the air bubbles. A funny game that requires attention

A game in which Cupid has a new mission, he must form pairs. To play this flash game I have to collect

The first series of the game with the beauty and maintenance salon in which you have to take care of the clients who want your horse.

In this game, your SPA beauty and maintenance salon has become very well known and recommended. And, the services of p

A game in which you work in a fast food restaurant and you have to serve customers with food. Use the keyboard to

In this game you work at a beauty salon. Your clients are among the models and you have to take care of yourself a lot

Sami has opened a manicure salon and is very happy. In this game with the manicure salon I have to help her

A great game to build in which you will build your own chain of stores that will expand in Houston, Chicago,

An ice cream serving game in which you have to serve children with the ice cream they ask you for. A very fun game in

A great game in which you work in a restaurant and you have to serve the customers who will come to eat. Your debt is

A very fun game to serve in which you work on the beach on a beach. This beach area is arranged for

A serving game in which you have to serve children who will come to buy cakes or juice. You just opened a basket

A beverage serving game in which you work as a waiter in a select bar where music is also played. Your duty as a waiter

A game in which Barbie invited her friend to dinner and the evening meal must look perfect. In this game you have to

In this serving game you play the role of a waitress. You are on a terrace by the sea, and your customers are tourists like

A very fun and funny game with wizards in which you work in a wizard shop where they prepare different

A game for kids looking for fun. This game is like aqua land, the world or the universe of children on water. A l

Hannah Montana is an American television series that appears on Disney television. The series has as a persona

A great game with bratz girls. Barbie Bratz decided to go to the beauty salon, she called her friend

It's Christmas, Barbie wants to wear something special tonight. Help Barbie choose the right clothes for her,

Dress her chin with winter clothes. Choose the most beautiful clothes you can find. Barbie cares about her and wants to

Christmas is here and Barbie does not know what to wear. Check all the clothes and accessories that are and dress her

Barbie loves winter and winter sports. She spent a lot on a weekend in the mountains. Barbie was at a resort

Barbie is very chic and elegant. She really likes to wear rose-colored clothes. Today she is walking

Barbie is pregnant and will give birth to a baby in the summer. Although she is pregnant, she likes to dress in fashionable clothes

A dress up game in which we have an actress, singer and television producer, the beautiful Ashley Tisdale is

This Barbie is a model who works with the most famous fashion designers. Today she will present a collection of dresses.

Get into the Christmas spirit with this new dress up game. Help Barbie find different Christmas costumes

Dress up the Barbie doll for a walk in the park. She wants to admire the beautiful autumn colors. After a hot summer

Barbie is a modern princess and like any princess she likes to look chic and be admired by everyone. In the evening of

This chin has a very healthy lifestyle. Besides eating healthy, she does sports every day at a gym

Dress this little Barbie girl who went with her friends on a trip with tents on the edge of a lake.

A wonderful summer day when Barbie went for a walk at her grandmother's house. She has a new wardrobe with clothes recently with

In this dress up game it's summer, and the hot days call you to the sea. Barbie is already on the beach and wants a beach

In this dress up game, Barbie is in the person of Selena Gomez, a star appreciated by many children for f

Barbie is organizing a party tonight. Because she is the host, she has to receive invitations. Because he

Barbie is a model, she participates in a photo shoot for a huge pet store that is about to open. I choose

Barbie goes to a recently opened mall with her friends. Here they have everything they need to be beautiful and beautiful

Imagine that you are a very skilled manicurist and this chin came to you to do her nails. Choose a mo

Have fun with this stylish manicure game. Decorate your nails the way you like and don't forget to put c

A fun game for girls with manicure. The new nail designs are very trendy. With such a manicure v

These barbie girls are going to a party tonight and they want their manicure to be perfect. They know that nails s

Do you really like the role of manicure? This time you have the opportunity in this wonderful game, to paint Ba's nails

Because you really like nail polish games you have the opportunity to use different colors in this game and

Barbie goes to a party tonight, being invited by her friends. There will be a beauty contest

In this mannequin game, Barbie works at a salon. 3 clients have already come. Help Barbie finish making me

Show your manicure talent with these oriental nail polishes. Start by choosing the length of the nails, then apply the nail polish on c

You are the owner of a luxury pedicure salon and you have to show your talent. Paint your toenails cat

Do you like your toenails to look perfect all the time? This game for chicks helps you improve c

Another manicure game that puts your imagination to the test. To start, choose the size of the nails by clicking on the nail

In this manicure game you are in a salon and you have a very interesting job to do, which requires attention.

These barbie girls are going to a party tonight and they want their manicure to be perfect. They know that nails s

Barbie has always dreamed of having a dream wedding in a wonderful castle. Barbie in this game will be the bride and invited a lot

The bells ring at the palace. The youngest princess gets married and the whole world is invited to the wedding. That's why she has to

In this game with barbie brides we have a bride who really likes the color pink. He really wants to get involved

This Barbie has decided to take the most important step in her life and get married. She wants her wedding to be a

There will be a presentation of wedding dresses in this game. And Barbie is in a time crisis. Choose for her the dresses and the needle

This Barbie doll went to a fashion show to choose a wedding dress. She found a lot of dresses

Barbie is very happy today because she will spend the most beautiful moments of her life. It is said that on the wedding day,

Almost everything is ready for this wedding, the location has been reserved, the church has been established, the cake with 40 floors

This Barbie is a princess and is preparing for the most beautiful day of her life. Choose the most beautiful dress c

This young princess is getting married at the palace. She has a lot of wedding dresses, from which she has to choose one. Has n

Beautiful star Selena Gomez, a talented actress and singer is preparing to change her look. You have the opportunity to

A chic and beautiful girl must look good all the time. In this makeup game, Barbie is getting ready to go to class

Barbie loves to keep up with fashion and has always wanted to look good wherever she goes. In this dress up and make up game

Barbie is very shy in this game, but at the same time she is very beautiful. Do you think that if you had makeup, it would end?

Make up her chin as nicely as possible because she has a date with her boyfriend. She is a very pretty girl but definitely

Barbie really likes to look good and feel beautiful. That's why he spends a lot of time in the mirror. look

Imagine that you are an artist and you really like to make girls, and you are looking for a job. Just

Barbie is a very well known hairdresser and stylist, that's why all the brides in town come to her to be arranged for

Can you cut, style and make this emo barbie as she wants? This is a challenge you face

This girl needs a new make-up. She really likes the emo style and wants to adopt it too. I have to fix it

Barbie is getting ready to go out. Make up your chin and make sure it looks gorgeous to impress your friends

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Where does the joy of taste come from?

I don't know if it's the same for you, but I'm fascinated by the connection between our emotions and food. The way the senses respond to stimuli such as & # 8222to the mother at home & # 8221, the fact that the taste of food can go from ordinary to extraordinary not depending on the ingredients, cook or cooking technique but depending on the time, place and company where we eat & # 8211 these things seem worthy of study. Maybe someone is studying them (who knows, maybe even the famous British researchers) and we wake up tomorrow with the unraveling of the mystery on the table. Speaking of meals: I don't know if Hochland encourages studies like the one we talked about above, but I know for sure that he encourages family meals, otherwise I wouldn't have talked about the joy of taste. And speaking of family meals, for me, the best ones are the ones that bring us all together as many as possible (there are many of us, in many corners of the world and because of this quite difficult to gather) around the goodies cooked by parents . Chicken soup (raised at home) made by my mother, steaks made by my father, vegetable soup topped with cream or Codrenesti pies made by Raluca's mother, the stuffed cabbage that I almost never make but that we have every time we go home & # 8211 all this is better when the family is around the dishes.

If you have a feeling of & # 8222mmm, I still want & # 8221 when you eat with family, it means we are not so different. And it means you have something to talk about (that's what we talked about). I'm waiting for your stories about family meals, from today until May 22nd. You must be in the comments for this article (and not others, or by e-mail), leave a valid e-mail address when filling out the comment form and be patient by 22, when I choose ten stories 8211 the ones that excite me the most, because we are talking about emotions here & # 8211 that will be rewarded with goodies from Hochland, which encourages meals in the family, because in the family the joy of taste is greater. If you want to research and find out more about the joy of taste, you also have the Facebook page.

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family meal, one, rarely two a day, is like a reunion with old friends. after a day of office, school and other work, after the packages eaten on the run and most of the time just tasted, the meal with your family restores balance, peace and ..the joy of taste. not so much the meal itself as its preparation. everything takes place as a ritual & # 8230the little ones walk around to help as much as they can, the husband makes the last & # 8222preparations & # 8221 because he is the chef on duty :) .any meal, no matter how poor in food , in families becomes richer & # 8230

Have you published the recipe for the cakes in the fourth picture above? They look delicious and I would take care of them now. :)

For me, eating with family and loved ones is a real pleasure and delight. I really like the holidays when the table is decorated with different ornaments and everything is an amalgam of scents that gives you a euphoric feeling, the smell of cake is inviting and you feel like simply breaking out of it the sarmalutes with sour cream and polenta I would eat non-stop, the wine should be pleasant and all this you serve with your loved ones is perfect and makes you the happiest being in the world as it is ideal to feel every time we eat as a family

I love family meals..they are so wonderful & # 8230Unfortunately, modern life has erased this habit from our schedule & # 8230Fortunately, in my case this does not happen & # 8230In our house, the family meal is the letter of the small law I have been taught that it is important to dine with all your loved ones and I will never give up this advice. For me, the meal taken with the family means a real treasure: it offers me a warm environment, a pleasant atmosphere, many goodies on the mass taken with the family is the place where we share our joys and sorrows and here we find out what happens in the other's life. Some may find this habit rigid, but I like it: I feel safe when we are all together, and the fact that I have a close relationship with my parents, my sister and my grandfather. It's a unique feeling, a soothing feeling and I wouldn't replace (for now!) The time spent at home, at meal time, with a trip to the city, with friends or boyfriend. So, as long as I live with my family, I am happy to always eat with them, as a family. It's always so dear to me when I see so much joy on my mother's face when we eat everything from the plate and we say, "Mom, was it so good and tasty what you cooked?" It's like I see my dads who always quarrel :))) (me and my sister) when we put a piece of our boys under the table (we have 2 very cute puppies). And isn't it so in families the joy of taste is greater? & # 8230 .

Bogdan, look for codrenesti pies on the blog.

I don't know what it means for other family meals, but for me they are a real occasion for joy and a treat for the soul.
Unfortunately, the moments when we all manage to gather around the table are quite rare, maybe that's why I value them so much. Many of the family members live in different parts of the country, some even abroad, therefore we manage to get together only for holidays or important events.
Those moments spent at the table, in the family, enjoying a good meal and telling the moon and the stars are unique and I often return with the thought of childhood, the moments when we managed to dedicate more time to each other.
As I write this message, I feel like I am flooded with the smell of sauerkraut in the vine leaves that my mother prepares, the smell of fresh cakes taken out of the oven, or the aroma of beef soup. The joy of these tastes is perfect and has its charm only at family meals.
There are certain tastes, smells and habits that make you think of family, take you back to childhood and make you never forget them, and for me family meals are part of this category of habits.

In our house, eating with the family is the letter of the law. We have breakfast and dinner together every day. At noon, everyone is at work and the little one is in kindergarten. Dinner for us is a very important moment because this meeting keeps us together all the time, we tell each other things and events of the day. Eating with the family creates connections between family members and improves communication between them. I feel extraordinarily good when I have the people I love the most, it gives me more security, confidence and well-being because I see my family united and happy!

The family meal is very important, I like to have loved ones at my table, that is, parents, husband and children it is a wonderful thing to see everyone around the table where the dishes are carefully made and decorated with taste and great love. 8230 attracts everyone's attention and when you see the smile of approval for everything you have done, it matters a lot, it is a greater joy when you talk about what you cooked, the ingredients used, the decor that makes you look carefully at that way and the love of loved ones. sensational to feel so much energy around and especially if the dishes you serve are appreciated is wonderful, family meal is important for me as a mother, wife and daughter-in-law at the same time, I am proud of what I cook and I am appreciated at my true value.

Meals in families, a less common habit in my case because the one above wanted me to be away from my family and in turn my children each live with their families quite far from me. Of course, every time we all meet at home, I make the food that I know they appreciate, even if it's traditional holiday food, birthdays or simply a Saturday or Sunday lunch. Being from Bihor, my Oltenian husband, I managed over time to combine the two areas of the country quite different from a gastronomic point of view, so that I made my husband like chicken soup with noodles. made by me with & # 8222 real chicken & # 8221 eggs, to put sour cream in sarmale, or to like lettuce soup made like at my mother's house. Instead, I learned to make very red Oltenian soup, usually because they put a lot of & # 8222platagele & # 8221 made in the housewife's house, which give it that sour taste so good and the steak that is drier than at we..
What can I say about the pies you call & # 8222codrenesti & # 8221, but they are made everywhere in Transylvania, even in Banat, I also make them with potatoes (which I season with what I have around the house) or sauerkraut. , which is a delight and is to everyone's liking. So whenever we meet all or at least one part, family meals are a real pleasure on the one hand for those who enjoy the dishes and of course a reward for the mother who prepares them.

Unfortunately for many families, eating together has become a forgotten habit & # 8230We live in a world where time never seems to be enough, and we sometimes forget about the & # 8222 Joy of Taste & # 8221, which we can enjoy together! This happens in my family from time to time, but we still try to get together around the table at least for dinner. It's as if then, the prepared goodies have a different taste, they are much more delicious and healthier, and they give you a good mood!
For this reason, I always try to take full advantage of these moments so important for our body, to live to the maximum & # 8222The joy of taste & # 8221 with my loved ones!

For me the family meal is very important that's why almost all my meals are with the family mainly with my husband and daughter and every Sunday it is mandatory with all family members from parents, siblings and grandparents it is so nice to be around his family you prepare delicacies and to be appreciated by those around the table and for the child to tell you & # 8222 good pope mother & # 8221 is a wonderful thing and lifts my soul with joy.


I really like it when we all get together, parents, in-laws, brothers-in-law and siblings, dear ones. The food well chosen for the holidays, the enticing smells is a real madness and I can't stop eating, no matter how good they are. I like stories the most when people are having fun telling jokes and all sorts of funny things.

I love to eat with my husband every day, but unfortunately he is away with work and I eat more alone, but when he comes home on the weekend, I prepare with Joy everything I know he likes best, on Sunday we gather with everyone in the house or outside in the garden, or at a picnic in the woods and I feel SO HAPPY, when I see them all together and telling each other what they have done

The family meal has always been something sacred for us, both at home and at my mother-in-law's or my mother's. The joy of sitting at the table together and the stories told are invaluable to us. and extraordinarily tasty. in the yard and the meal prepared under the old cherry makes the dishes much tastier, then the girls can play freely in the fresh air. Nothing is holier and more beautiful than eating with the family, and we must take full advantage as much as our parents they are still alive, because then it will be our turn when we will receive our own children and grandchildren at the table!

As a child, I didn't have much family meals, my parents being divorced. I have always missed these little things but they remind you that you are not alone in the world and give you the strength to move on. Now I am married and I have 2 children and in our house every weekend family meals are mandatory.

Because when I was little I didn't have much family meals, because of the different schedule, I was always impressed by the large families, who get together even on the weekends. Besides the fact that the food seems tastier next to a glass of talk, it is a wonderful opportunity to share the joy of taste with other family members or friends.
Now I have my family: me, my dad and Sarah who is 1 year and a half old and we are trying to get used to family meals. The evening meal brings all 3 of us together and I am delighted when I see them enjoying the dishes I prepared when Sarah sleeps at lunch - it's true that I don't have time for complicated meals yet - but that's why I'm proud when I'm appreciated. We talk, we talk about how our day was, Sarah sometimes gets bored of us -)) so we have to have fun. But dinner is always a joy and an opportunity to meet. The weekends are special because we are often with the parents and yes, then it is the most pleasant moment & # 8230we are all, we enjoy the food cooked & # 8222ca at home mom & # 8221, I do not know why the food is tastier there we women exchange recipes, ideas, and men talk about football or politics, while Sarah, pampered by the family, walks from arm to arm!
The joy of taste is complete when you share it with your loved ones!

Your article reminds me of my childhood years, when we were all sitting around a table sitting in the middle of the bed. We were five children and seven parents. Each of us helped set the table and then we all sat around it and whatever it was. in the bowl, we hurried to eat as soon as possible so as not to remain hungry. Although my mother made a lot of food to reach us. But probably the fact that we were many, we liked to urge and feel good. the same thing happens. We can't eat without each other. And what a joy for us when we gather around the table at home. We feel like a real family and sometimes I shed a tear of remembrance of the past years, my parents my brothers!

The family meal is first and foremost an opportunity for all family members to meet, starting with grandparents, parents, siblings, sisters, the list can be extended to uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Any family reunion is a moment of joy, of rediscovery, of telling stories and finding out news and opinions live.
First of all, I believe that family meals involve dialogue and involvement.
The preparation of the meal is like a ritual in which everyone contributes something, the whole activity being coordinated by the mother. Unlike the meal taken at the restaurant, where everyone can order what they want, the menu of the family meal is always a consensus accepted by all.
Turning to the tastes and aromas of the food cooked by my mother, they transpose me personally during my childhood, especially during the holidays, when I had no other concern than play, making me feel very happy.

For me, homemade food is a real joy. And especially when I prepare something that reminds me of my childhood. Just yesterday I prepared a homemade bread that reminds me of the smell from my mother's kitchen :) I recommend you try it.

As far as I know, Sunday meals, in my grandparents' house, were a ritual in which I participate with great pleasure. The children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren & # 8211 were all present at lunch to enjoy the delicious dishes of the grandmother made with common ingredients, but which had an aroma and a taste as if they still feel them. I have never eaten a delicious chicken ostropel, a stevia soup or a miracle pie with cheese, as only my grandmother knew how to do. I miss those times, because the thread of the meetings gradually broke with the death of my grandparents. I miss the smell of grandma's kitchen! I would give anything to have the joy of finding us all around the rich table!

Dining with my family is not a tradition forgotten somewhere in the corners of childhood, it always persists with us. What I like most and most is that the door to communication is always open and good communication leads to harmony and peace in the family. I once read an article that said that family meals make you healthier, why? Because those who eat together regularly consume a larger amount of vitamins and minerals. Children who eat with their parents eat more fruits and vegetables than those in families who are not used to eating together. It is good to do as many things as possible with your family. By sharing ideas and being present body and soul in the lives of loved ones, it is easier for you to have a united family, in which communication and understanding are basic. For this reason, the benefits of a family meal will make their presence felt not only at meal time, but long after it is finished and the dishes are washed. Thus, choose to remove this tradition from the list of endangered ones and put it back on the list of priorities.

No-but-maybe family meals are very important, and the dishes are much tastier when they are made with love and shared with loved ones. In my family any holiday, birthday is spent in the family, around the table full of goodies, joking and debugging memories.

Every day we are on the run, at work, at the gym, in the park with the child, anywhere, but not only with the family. We also live in different areas, that's why it's understandable. We work at different times, we wake up at different times, we are different and I think this is wonderful.But the meal on Sunday, at noon, we took with our family, at our parents' house, where my mother tried to bring us back the joy of taste since we were children. He calls us on Friday and asks us: & # 8221 what do you want me to cook for you this weekend? & # 8221 And we choose food, cakes with a taste of joy, of childhood. It's wonderful, when we enter the house on Sunday, the enticing smell brings a big smile on our faces and we say kiss my mother's hand, kiss my father's hand, thank you mother for everything you do there in the kitchen! And they rejoice when they see us, when they hear us, they rejoice enormously, and sometimes they hide their tears but we see them and we go to the bathroom in a daze to recover. The meal begins with soup, either chicken or beef, continues with the second course, stew with meat or sarmalute or fish with garnish and ends with a magnificent dessert that brings joy to the taste of childhood: whether it's cornuleta with osanza with shit or other stuffing, whether it's the cake with baked sheets on the back of the tray, or blackberry, or the wasp's nest or many other delicious cakes we all leave with batteries charged, happier, happier, more confident and thinking of a new meal next week. Of course, when we leave, we empty the trays on the table so that we have supplies in the next few days :) The family meal also offers you physical and mental health, it feeds you both inside and outside, that's why it's good to keep in touch with our loved ones. to thank them on every occasion for everything they do for us.

Beautiful article indeed when I read it my thought ran away from childhood in those days when we went to grandparents and we all sat at the table under the walnut tree where each had his place and his bowl and the grandmother came with steaming polenta and all the good things she did with great pleasure for us, a real delight and a real joy, a pity that those times have passed and now we are always on the run.

& # 8222Mom, let's better cook both, so we put even more love in the dishes ”.
That's what my daughter told me when she was 9 years old. Family meals are a stimulant of communication, creativity and the development of the child-parent relationship. The most interesting part of family meals is that you can change your mind and find out what's going on in the life of each family member. It is a good opportunity for mom and dad to set and discuss some rules with their children and, especially, to be a good role model themselves. Remember: what matters is the frequency of these "meetings" with your child, but especially the quality of time spent together. Cooking is an art in the true sense of the word. If we add the fact that we love to cook, especially with our loved ones, we can say that we will be able to set up a tradition: family meals.

Family meal is a tradition and it reminds me of when I was little and we all gather at the table and we are very happy. dear for my family, parents, brothers, friends and my heart grows when he praises my food and the appearance of the meal. this is because we love Hochland products and they are not missing from our table & # 8230Congratulations for making our days serene and more beautiful.

How glad I am to read these lines now, which I once thought very intensely even though no one had told me about it. I remember that at one point I wondered why I remember certain very, very pleasant moments, moments when I remembered how tasty I ate then, in those circumstances. Then a thread of doubt appeared to me, or, I don't know how to say it, in which I started to analyze: I liked so much what I ate then, or I liked that I was with certain people at that time. table. To better understand, I analyzed other moments, when although I was with the same people, the food being less tasty, it did not have the same charm in my feelings and memory.
& # 8222One of those special moments and storytelling was this year, I was in Sinaia, at 2000 m, a restaurant that many know for sure, everything was solid wood, in a rawer state, although outside very cold, the heat and the atmosphere of the place, they had covered my cheeks with an unusual redness, my hands that are traditionally very cold, were warm and happy too & # 8230. some sheepskin clothes, massive and imposing in that atmosphere & # 8230. some big shepherd dogs gagging their tails at every attempt to pay attention to them & # 8230. all this was beautiful, it was wonderful and then, the story culminated with a delicious meal and a mulled wine with cinnamon-an oxymoron, sweet and sour at the same time! The friends I was with were more resistant to the cold and walked more than me on the mountain storm, then entered and after a short look, they found me glued to a table by the window, under which hot air was probably coming from a radiator & # 8230. very happy, extremely happy! & # 8221 Then, after a while, I caught my thoughts running towards that moment, was it so tasty? were it the people around me? was it the atmosphere of the place, the dogs and the shepherd's clothes? no no. I understand, they are all indispensable for that whole need every time, I can't imagine my polenta without the smile of the dear people who were there with me, I can't imagine my mountain without the shepherd dogs and the mulled wine & # 8230 etc. and so on That's what I concluded, the food is delicious if it is cooked with a lot of soul, someone dear smiles at you while you enjoy the food, these are pleasant things that stimulate you first of all visually & # 8230. I think without these & # 8222condiments & # 8221 I wouldn't remember that little story in which I was so happy.
Thank you for the space provided here, I still cook with great pleasure and what Adi does is very close to my soul! Have a good day!

Family meal & # 8230a real adventure. I don't even sit down at the table because my father immediately wakes up that I forgot to bring him salt, or sour cream or cheese that he can't eat without these. Then the 2-year-old girl who wants to be alone and they put their hands everywhere, to taste, daddy an argument that it is not beautiful, I arbitrate between them, the girl is upset, daddy is upset & # 8230I will reconcile them, the little pope, teaspoon, she when she wants, when she doesn't want & # 8230a battlefield & # 8230.

In my family, the one in which I was born, there is no such custom, although there were many of us. We only eat together for Easter and Christmas and I really liked that. When I met my husband, one of the things that impressed me about his family was that, as always, every night, they ate together at the same table. After we got married, my husband brought this custom to our family. For me, it's the most enjoyable thing to have for dinner with my husband. And even if sometimes I'm not hungry, he asks me to sit next to him, not to eat alone, to be together. And he tells me that he's been waiting all day for him to come and sit at the table with me in the evening. Many times, if he is late, I would rather wait, be hungry, than eat without him.

I love to go home to my parents or mothers-in-law and get together to dine together and tell each other what we've done before. time I wait for my husband to eat together and tell what each of me did at work, I often stay hungry and I wait for him and he quarrels with me.

mmmmmm, what a joy when I go to my mother's house on the weekend, she is waiting for me with a table full of everything, we all gather at the fried chicken with mujdei and polenta and a glass of red wine and a delicious cake, I love the weekend

Where does the joy of taste come from?
Out of the desire to see those around us happy!
I like to cook for my family and when we all meet at the table, I don't even have to eat anything, I get tired of just watching them devour with extraordinary pleasure, everything I cook for them. I like to amaze them every time, and that's why I always bring something new in a recipe.
The family meal is the meal where everything you eat tastes good, it is the meal that contains the best foods, no matter what is on the table.
When we all gather at the table, even once a day, then I realize that apart from everything we have achieved in all these years, I have the greatest achievement, namely the FAMILY. We gather, even just once a day, at the table, we eat and talk and we all laugh.

Mmmmm, only when I think that after a tiring day of work arriving home, my husband is waiting for me with a hot and tasty meal, surprising me more and more with different snacks, including the melted cheese with hot polenta & # 8230..mmm, a madness !
From an early age, my mother used to tell us that eating in the family is a holy thing because in the family the joy of taste is great.

Nowadays, time no longer allows us to be with the family so much, not even at the table. we can change our minds. And like any man when he has his family with him, I am extremely happy and I feel totally fulfilled.

The joy of taste comes from the depths of the soul… The joy of the soul can not be more beautiful than that of eating in the family. For me these moments are really important & # 8230I know how to always enjoy them… What can be more beautiful than when after a day of stress and agitation, someone dear is waiting for me to eat together, I forget all the care of the day. Any food cooked or not seems like a gift from God. What can I say about the refined cheeses that pamper all my cravings?

Ever since I know myself, I have wanted a large family, to gather all around the table and to talk while enjoying the dishes. Unfortunately we rarely get together with everyone, each went his own way, I see my sisters much less often than I would like and then on the run .. but on holidays we get together small and large and it's wonderful, such days I would live always and always without ever getting tired!

for the whole family, mother, father, brothers, brothers-in-law, aunts, uncles, grandchildren, grandparents the whole family is usually Sunday when we all gather and it is family Sunday. with the loved ones you feel happy and fulfilled.

since I know myself in my family as a child I used to eat together, my mother does not let us eat separately each when she was hungry, we all sat at the table and talked about what happened that day, I laughed I said, sometimes we I was always preparing our favorite dessert for each day. united family. once a week she goes to my parents and her parents and we have lunch with the family. there we gather more, our brothers-in-law and brothers come, it is an atmosphere as if every Sunday is Christmas.

In our family it is the custom that every night we all gather at the table, to taste the goodies made by my wife during the day, to drink a glass together on the sound of a quiet song and to relax.
Beautifully arranged meal, goodies that entice you with their appetizing smell and taste from appetizer to dessert (I admit I'm a gourmet), the joy of being all four at the table and the praise that my wife receives from the rest of us, make me to feel the happiest man, husband and father.
And on holidays, eheee, then see the feast! Meals that my mother-in-law used to make and were appreciated by my father-in-law, are now prepared with a lot of love and joy by my wife, and we, together with the cousins, are served as princes. The relaxed atmosphere, full of joy and fulfillment makes us prolong the sensation until late at night, along with the jokes and jokes told with a lot of charm by our boy.
We feel good, we sit at a table full of selected dishes, we are pampered by each other, we are together, we are happy. especially since he has someone to do all our cravings :))

The family meal for me is holy, we usually gather at the table every weekend for the whole family, there are many of us, parents, in-laws, brothers, sisters-in-law, I feel very good when I see that everyone close to me is with me, it is an indescribable atmosphere, I like to cook everything from the heart, and I prepare absolutely everything with my husband, we are happy when we see how eagerly others eat our goodies, the joy comes from the depths of the soul, we are a united family and this is the more beautiful . I cook every other day, and I like to cook tasty and healthy.

He is a perfect musician! He knows hundreds of scores by heart, some he could even interpret with his eyes closed, others he has never performed, but I'm sure he would do excellently "at first reading", and most of them "I listened to them", moving in astonishment and vibrating with pleasure. He, this innate performer, knows how to play the instruments as if he had been born with them, as if he had come into the world accompanied by these wonderful objects. His keys, from which the sounds come out as if you were opening a box in which you have long gathered dreams and expectations, are the eyes of an exceptional stove that he acquired out of the desire to caress his interpretations as much as possible. His strings, from which so many unexpected sounds come out, are the various knives, axes, ceramic pots, trays, barbecue grills and other wonders that he brings out like a magician from a job. His musical notes are carefully preserved, in the same way as the jars, smaller or larger, in which he closes, depending on the season, the multitude of plants allowed by God to grow on earth. Colorful boxes full of fish dreams year, in which he patiently waits for the herbs left to dry over the autumn and which have been carefully chopped and placed like soldiers ready to enter into a straight fight at any time.
Well, this virtuoso of the flaps of the stove, of the strings pinched quietly by the scattering of the fingers from which he presses larch aromas, this lover of notes smelling of steam of truffles, is the man I love. I fell in love with him & # 8230 or the way he knows how to cook & # 8230 or maybe I loved him without knowing what wonders he knows how to get out of almost nothing & # 8230 maybe it doesn't even matter anymore!
What I know for sure now is that just as a disciple pursuing his master trying to steal his trade, so I, with a vegetable peeler in hand, follow my master, whose "disciple" I am, subjugated. of the mastery with which the wooden bow-spoon spins in the air, trying to smell the smells that pile up to come out of the pot that dances on the fire tongues with blue tongues. I don't think I would ever get tired of watching him and enjoying the symphonies he performs: the wonderful cherries with flavors known only to him, the extraordinary steaks in the oven that sit quietly listening to him on beds of fresh vegetables, the sarmalute mirobolantes in the beef leaf, some simple girls, from the country, sitting neatly next to each other, in the magic clay pot, the majestic sauces that tickled my senses every time in a different way, just as I would never get tired of -I enjoy the small overtures made of almost nothing: bean dishes, cheese on the lid, peasant eyes, mushrooms pulled in butter, beef muscles cooked quickly and more and more. Apotheotic and surpassing any kind of scales he pulls out of his sleeve, just like on the last ace in a card game, a masterpiece of art appears from the miracle oven: a cheese pie that I can't get enough of looking at, I sniff, trying to understand the secret and greatness of taste.
No, I can never be like him: I can't hear anything around me when I'm with the instruments in front of me & # 8230 detach from them, only when the score is over and even then, he rests his long, bony fingers still on the keys & # 8230 no, I will not be able to handle so skillfully neither the wooden spoon nor the knife under which all the vegetables he the cut sits so neatly and so neatly, I can't even mix so majestically in a golden polenta, like a kind of secret enchantment and unheard by the ears of ordinary mortals.
But I know that I will be able to remain forever the one who will enjoy all these wonders, the magical moments and the unique aromas that only he can bring out of the arc that with
The person who amazes me and delights me with his culinary talent has meanwhile become my husband & # 8230 only two days & # 8230we have united our destinies before God. In the church he sealed our oath of love with a kiss & # 8230 only I smelled the aroma of green pepper and fresh thyme. So we are a family, sometimes cooking just for the two of us, sometimes for a whole house of guests & # 8230 puts, every time, the same passion in this art & # 8230regardless if on the stove dances a little olicioara or it is burdened by the weight of 4 full gavanos of hidden mysteries.

I am lucky. The skill of my parents in the kitchen is recognized, appreciated and praised by our friends (mine and my boyfriend) and theirs (parents) whenever they come to dinner. In my case, at home, my mother is twice as good! 1. Because I grew up with food cooked by my family and 2. because my mother and father even make some simple, extremely tasty dishes that you can't get tired of or get bored of.
What my mother does: soups (for my father that he is from Banat and he doesn't get along well with the sour ones), soups (for me that I am only half Banat and also that failed, everyone who tasted his soups said no they ate tastier ones, and it's about people from different parts of the country, raised with different preferences and tastes), sarmale (also for me), pizza pies & # 8211 mom calls them pizza, dad calls them pies, I call them I eat :), crempita (cremes), strudel with pumpkin or apple and many others. Of all that satisfies us all. We are not capricious, just edible. Especially me, like my father. :)
Dad takes care of everything unusual, new, extravagant. His appetite is too easy. And as he sees and hears many new recipes and other ways to combine and cook food, he is often tempted to put the new teachings into practice. I support him! Mother less. She is more conservative. :)
I love them both, I am very proud of them, and very grateful for the way they raised me and for everything they taught me.

family meal? something that I appreciate only now when I also formed a family & # 8230 at the age of 20 I went on my way, to a school far from home, far from the Maramures habits of eating and talking.
During school I met my husband, who comes from Moldova, another place with rich meals, but different from what I taste at home. so I, from Maramures, moved to Galati, where I tried to convert the new family to the tastes of Maramu, but they converted me to the Moldovan ones: sarmalute in beef sheets, chicken borscht, cheese pies which means completely different from & # 8222 home & # 8221 in Transylvania.
at first the dishes were not very to my taste (the soup was a bit sour), but now the taste of the soup from my mother is unusual, as it is a bit sweet, as my husband says :) however, I remained faithful to the chalk pies with cheese and dill never tasted) so I have to cook to praise the food & # 8222ca at home mom & # 8221 & childhood lands.
although I left my mother for about 7 years, the family meals are holy even now, as when, when I came from church on Sunday, and my parents ate: type 1- chicken soup with homemade noodles, type 2- a steak or sarmale in cabbage leaves and of course the cream from the dessert, only that now the husband's parents put the table and taste the chicken borscht, rasol or sarmalute in beef leaves, and cremsnit.
after all, it doesn't matter the differences, it matters that we are together, we get along well and we are happy! no matter what we eat :)

the joy of taste? hmmm, how's that coming? it was better, the joy of the tasty taste :), I say & # 8230a family meal is both happy and tasty .I like family meals, summer meals, outside in the yard, when the wind blows, and from the summer kitchen come smells of numa -numa! I remember my grandmother making a cabbage with a stick and licking your fingers, spinning the polenta with one hand and throwing the towel after me with the other & # 8230I remember how we set the table with plates, glasses, cherry glass :) & # 8230I remember & # 8230
family meal has its charm that saturates your soul, makes your heart rejoice & # 8230 irremediably & # 8230

The importance and joy of eating in the family, I realize them only now, when I don't have them anymore and that's because I live with my in-laws who never eat in the family, they eat one at a time. for various reasons, I didn't get my little girl used to eating at the table with us, and now she can't stand to see us all at the table. and all I can do is remember the days when I was at my parents' house, when we all crowded around the table, more than that, we elbowed each other, and stole food from the neighbor's plate, I remember the smell of hot soup and the polenta steaming on the table, I remember the joy I felt when I helped my mother to set the table when we all sat down at the table and it was such a happiness that it sounded like a hum. and no matter what we had on the table, we were healthy and happy! now I still eat at the table with my husband when I catch him at home & # 8230but & # 8230. that I will revive & # 8222the joy of sitting at the table & # 8221!

When I was little, I often ate with my family. We were a large family: my father had 3 brothers, and we were 7 cousins. At all onomastics we all gathered. My mother and I used to make some very good cakes, we stay until 12 in the evening preparing them. I had several favorite cakes: TV (a cake with two crispy sheets, between which is a fluffy cocoa top, syrupy and united by cream), meringue cookies put on biscuits in the house and combined with a cream of butter and cocoa, cake with bee honey sheets and semolina milk cream, meringue cake, pineapple cake. It was a delight. My mother also made some super marinated & # 8230 super tasty and fragrant and well made marinades. And we children had the opportunity to play, to talk. But those times are over, we have grown and time no longer allows us to meet so often.
Now we feel best with our children on the grill. We leave with the whole arsenal: barbecue, charcoal, chicken, pork kaiser, mushrooms, fish, sliced ​​bread for frying at the end, cabbage salad, mustard, plus plates, bowl with lid, forks. We place our place on the bank of the cannonball and get to work. In the meantime, we also play football on the grass. After eating well (this is how the Romanian feels) we go and take a nap on the beach. A good walk is a great end to the day.
All the best.

For me and my four children, every meal is a family meal. It rarely happens that we are not together when we eat. And even if sometimes it's just a trivial potato soup with a lot of sour cream, eat with gusto, laugh, joke, tell everything that happened at school and at the end I say & # 8222Thanks for the meal, it was delicious & # 8221. I also prepare new dishes for them but, in general, I do what I know they like. The satisfaction that can be read on their faces is like that of some kittens that have just devoured a pot of sour cream. For me it is the greatest joy. I wish with all my heart that these moments are not lost when they grow up and everyone will follow their destiny.

For a moment I transposed myself into the past, in my childhood I relived those moments.
My father cut wood at dawn, my mother made the fire on the stove and put the bread to leaven, and we always woke up to the smell of warm bread and ran to the stove to see what was hidden in the steaming pots.
Mmm, a delicious chicken soup with noodles, a veal stew, hot bread in the oven that already tickled our senses with its smell and always buried something sweet. I don't know where to find the time and energy to make them all.
Once the food was finished, a real ritual followed: my father came in with his arm full of wood, put another arm in the stove, then washed his hands and we could sit at the table. My mother broke the steaming bread and distributed it to us fraternally, then she filled our plates with food. Dad used to say our dad and then we ate. God, what tastes, what flavors, I don't know what witches my mother used to make, because her food was always the best.
I always fondly remember her Wallachian pie with fresh cheese and raisins. The children called the brick pie. I've done it many times since then but it's never been as good as my mother's.
Many years have passed since then, I grew up, I got married, I started a family. Unfortunately we only manage to eat with the whole family on weekends and holidays, because the century of speed has left its mark on us. this habit. Most of the time we eat a snack on the run, and it's a shame that in time the true values ​​are slowly lost and the joy of taste loses its value.

The joy of taste, the moments spent in the family are very important to me from the moment the children appeared. The meal in the family is always delicious. The best when little bb chews a teaspoon, when his sister helps him Pope. When we are together and tell each other what we did during the day. The joy of taste can also be called family. When we gather around the table it does not matter what we have on the table. It is important to be together. The century in which we live let's forget the importance of family moments, of a movie seen together, of a warm meal served in secret, in silence. I think that family meals should be encouraged, ordinary moments might sound like some, but they help us to clothe each other, we help children in their education. We teach them to be aware of family, trust, respect.

Meals taken as a family are always an occasion for joy and sharing with loved ones. Sometimes it is not even the food itself that matters, but the joy of reunion and communion. When we were little our table was an amalgam of goodies inspired by Romanian cuisine, I mean here my mother's Bucovina, Maramures cuisine (I was born in Baia Mare) and my father's Jewish cuisine. So I was always fascinated by what I had in front of my eyes. Today I am a happy wife and mother, fulfilled and always ready to prepare with great pleasure for my husband and the two boys the foods but especially the favorite sweets. We try to carry on the tradition of being at the table together, of passing on to the boys the recipes of our grandparents and ours so that they don't get lost with their departure from their parents' house.

A plain village, at the beginning of the wilderness, with tall and shady chestnuts around the bell towers & # 8230when I think of the family meal, the house and from which a divine scent comes off & # 8230this the thought flies to me the first time I think of meals and family reunions. The perfect symbol, the quintessence of the family meal.

Then come, on the thread of memory, other memories, dishes with long-forgotten names. Saddle zama, good and warm, and cold, green pasula zama with ai and sour cream, cherry zama, paradox zama & # 8230sagagulere with croampe & # 8230curvature cucumbers & # 8230macaroni with gray & # 8230dried strawberry with mouse and onion rubbed with olives and vinegar & # 8230valued squeezed & # 8230snitele (Sundays) & # 8230sale (pies stuffed with sheep cheese and & # 8222buruieni & # 8221- loboda, green onion tails and dill) & # 8230hicken steak grown in the yard, slightly stronger than that of bought, but so tasty! All taste different from the nonsense, and the water has a different taste, and the air smells different, like nowhere else. And maybe, especially, the fish rolled in flour and fried in pots that Uncle Petre from Cris caught.

It wasn't the summer when my uncle didn't come for a few months on vacation (although he was retired, he still worked for the Pensioners' House in Arad). Although Cris was full of poachers, who did not shy away from fishing with the net - the barbaric method, which led to the depopulation of Cris by fish - his uncle had his fishing license paid on time. Every morning, with the fishing rods on his back, he would cycle to the shores of Cris, a road of about 6 km, and in the afternoon he would return with richer or more modest catches. broken thread. Or he would dig in search of frames. But what I especially liked about my uncle was the fact that he was a born storyteller, and family meals were always extended, under the bushy shade of the walnut tree in the yard. We all listen to Uncle's stories. And he had stories. About how the Hungarian gendarmes had come once, when he was a schoolboy, on horseback, wanting to kill the teacher, and about how the teacher had escaped by hiding in the school chimney. About how his father had sent him, when he was older, to learn a trade, in Oradea, at the School of Arts and Crafts, from where he graduated as a carpenter. About the interwar period, when he worked in Bucharest, being a master carpenter at the Grivita workshops. About the pubs on the outskirts of Bucharest at that time. I listened fascinated, munching on fried lipsticks, my favorites. The meals always ended with the & # 8222lebenita & # 8221 taken out of the fountain, from the cold. Indeed, his uncle was a very good carpenter. Testimony were the chairs, tables, floors, even the windows & # 8222coptoristei & # 8221, all made by him, impeccably joined, by the hand of a craftsman who knows the trade & # 8230

I went too far in this post, I wanted to talk about my mother and how she makes the best food in the world, but instead, I dug up old memories. Good.

Suddenly, the memories rush: the grandparents' yard… a village in the heart of Oltenia… deafening mornings of goose cards… hot peasant and the air asijderea… watermelon and melon… Dasnatuiul… and she: weak, fast as a whirlwind, with a big heart - my grandmother… and he: tall, well made, fierce with rage, with the soul of a child-my grandfather… and I: the muzzle of a man they have raised since I was 6 months old & # 8230I remember that I grew up waiting for the holidays summer. And they got older from one vacation to the next, wanting to live as long as the bride could see me. Only God called them to Him before I could fulfill their wish & # 8230. Grandmother laid out the red cloth with yellow flowers, placed on it the freshly steamed bread taken out of the key, the bowl of tomato salad and goat cheese on a wooden bottom & # 8230and today when I eat cheese with salad I see with my mind's eyes the sunset behind my grandparents' house .

The happiest memories of family meals are those of my grandmother from my mother. As a child, I invariably spent my summer holidays in the country, a village somewhere in cosmopolitan Dobroge.
Any dishes she prepared were wonderful. Most of all, I loved the Saturday ritual when making bread. The laborious operation started on Friday night when I was preparing the flour in the bucket and putting the colaresis to leaven with a little water. Early in the morning, Grandma would wake up, starve, and put the bread in the trays. Then came the operation I never understood: heating the oven in the yard. I still don't know how he managed to hit the temperature today.
The smell of bread taken out of the oven, with its crispy crust, its soft and steaming core, was nothing compared. In addition to bread, he also put a tray of breadcrumbs with sheep's cheese in the oven.
Those days were wonderful. The dishes were simple and I always asked my grandmother to make us scovergi in which she was a great craftswoman. Everyone ate to their heart's content and appetite with jam, cheese or honey. The weekends were wonderful. The "townspeople", the grandparents with 4 children who came to gather at the weekend, also came. The meals then were wonderful. It didn't matter what dishes he had, it didn't matter if they were fasting or sweet, they were the most wonderful meals. The joy of seeing each other again, each telling something no matter if that something was nothing or an important thing made the dishes wonderful.
I think then we ate the best stews and the soup with grandma's tits made with floating gold coins, the pie with sheep's or urda cheese, the polenta with milk and a little salt, the chicken in the cauldron were great. We didn't even know when the plates were empty, we were listening to the stories of the big ones.
Today, as an adult, I find those meals great, the dishes great, and no matter how hard I tried, I never fully found those tastes. Maybe because the meals were then related to the idea of ​​home, reunion.

family meals & # 8230. still part of our way, my family, to be. I have to tell you that I didn't have grandparents in the country, there were more townspeople. but the family meals were just as delicious even if it was just me, my brother, mom and dad. the meals I'm telling you about happened on the weekends when we were together. always, in summer, in winter I started with cheese with polenta and sour cream. I think I ate tons of cheese :))) my brother, as a child, also tried the version with bread, but I must tell you that the bread was made by my mother on the gas stove that my father had installed, in the hallway, on the floor 4 where I lived. the stove had a double role, it was hot, it was harder with heat and hot water on the 4th floor and my mother made bread, daily, and on the weekends the pie. my mother doesn't make many cakes, but you can't find a pie and cake like hers! then I switched to the second course, a juice, of any kind and quickly to the main course, a steak, a fish. and followed the dessert I mentioned earlier. but the law was cheese with polenta and sour cream! when he appeared in the landscape, my husband started to take part in these family meals and now he has gotten into it so well that he knows that we have a weekend schedule and we will not skip this event, whatever else it may be. can you imagine that such a meal lasts 3-4 hours during which we told each other everything that had happened to us during the week and I don't think I can find a better and more pleasant way to spend & # 8221 some quality family time & # 8221 the American!
My story made me want it, so even though it's Monday, I can't wait for the weekend and my mother's pleasure!

I love to dine together with the whole family, to get together even if this happens less often, only on holidays, birthdays and birthdays. But my joy was never complete because someone was always missing, my father who he left me when I was little, whose longing I still feel when I am also a parent. it was not for me. I love to make preparations, to cook all kinds of goodies for my family, to see the others happy and satisfied. I also miss my grandmother who pampered me with all kinds of goodies as a child made by her, which my mother also makes, but it seems that they were better and better than my grandmother's. cheese and green onions, dill, loboda, etc., I was crazy about them. It wasn't Sunday when my grandmother didn't make us soup with t homemade chicken on the chicken, mashed potatoes and steak. The potato chips (wide noodles) were the same, delicious.

It was a story taken from the books, a story that we all like to tell. It was me (the youngest in the family), my mother, my brother and my sister. -a corner of the kitchen and we enjoy our mother's dishes in full joy and harmony. The news spread and soon the whole block would know how much harmony reigned in our family. And that's because, the neighbor from 2, the neighbor on the ground floor, the neighbor's puppy in front of our door and other friends of my brothers soon became members of our family meals. My mother took under her wing all those who nestled with us every night, and the happiness and gratitude was even greater. I remember, for example, that we all went the gang at Easter Resurrection and then after the service, we ran to the house where we knew that our mother was waiting for us with a table and a smile on her face. one of us a card: & # 8221Happy Easter! Dear, mother! & # 8221And then we liked to & # 8222baptize & # 8221 each dish and have a lot of fun: & # 8221beautiful eggs, stuffed cabbage rolls, smiling Easter :)) etc .And while we were enjoying everything, while everyone was talking about the law her mother looked at us from the head of the table with glittering eyes of joy and laughed under her mustache at one of us, saying: & # 8221What else can your mother give you good? & # 8221 And so were our meals in the family, by holidays, on weekends, whenever possible. Today, the vivid memory of the past made us bring back the magic of taste, in the closed world of family meals, full of unsuspected feelings.

When I was little the joy of eating in the family was immense. I was lucky to be born in a large family and this made me very happy. The meal for me was a moment I was looking forward to. I remember that My mother always made us a lot of delicious dishes that we enjoyed with pleasure. We were a fulfilled family. Now, the meal does not mean for me the same occasion of joy, but I think fondly of everything that was once, to the cakes and all the goodies made by my mother..which unfortunately is no more.I have many beautiful memories that I think of when I eat with my father and daughter..they are representing my little family.

I am always on the road, I have a very busy schedule so that our rare family meals can be reduced to a weekend breakfast. And then I am happy to rediscover the constants of my life: my wife's big cappuccino cup & # 8230 Mother's green coffee cup & my eternal cup of milk & our little princess's cereal teddy bear & # 8230and & # 8222Our Father & # 8221 murmured by my mother (now that my father is gone) & # 8230But there are surprises too! The sandwich takes various forms (butterfly, flower, face, soldier & # 8230), depending on the little girl's inspiration & # 8230and she is also the one who & # 8230new & # 8230 helps the grandparents to set the table and say the prayer & # 8230

I close my eyes and a pleasant tiredness covers my whole body and I suddenly wake up surrounded by silence, a lot of green and fresh air. For a moment I thought I had reached Heaven, for as people describe it, it seemed so, but my doubt was quickly driven away by a gentle voice, the voice of my grandmother inviting me to give her a hand of help, knowing how much I enjoyed getting involved in household chores. The joy of everyone gathered around the table was always preceded by an equally great joy, that of participating with body and soul in the dishes that were to be prepared. The serene mornings when I went with my grandmother to the garden to collect some of the patch of earth around the house that they cared for so dearly will remain unforgettable for me. She did not make sophisticated dishes, but simple things from what she had at hand, but with her mastery and imagination she always managed to conquer us all. All had a special charm - baked polenta on the outside stove, on coke fire, nicely browned sticks, stevia food, baked potatoes on embers, cheese with white curd as the cloth in which it was placed, stevia borscht and loboda or other greens , the fish borscht made in a cauldron, outside, at the fire of wood, the cozonacs baked in the hearth that were made only for the holidays and more and more. But, above all, it was the fact that he managed to make every meal a real celebration. We all left everything we had to do and in the blink of an eye we mobilized small and large to set the table and enjoy it in peace. I don't know, as if in those moments time was standing still, I was as if in another dimension - I was laughing, talking and not counting the praises of the tasty dishes on the plates. There was a state of euphoria floating in the air that I would have liked to last forever. I open my eyes. What a beautiful dream! No, it wasn't a dream, but for a few moments I went back in time and retracted a piece of the past.
I tried over the years to recreate the atmosphere I lived as a child. Many years have passed since then, many things have changed, some of our loved ones have passed away, times have become more turbulent, we have become more and more anxious and in a continuous struggle with ourselves and others or who knows… maybe that it means to mature, but things have remained unchanged, beautiful and unchanged, and one of them is the joy of cooking, preparing food for loved ones and gathering around it as in childhood. Although it seems a common thing to dine with the family, for us it is an opportunity to break away from the daily hustle and bustle, to do things together, to give free rein to the imagination, to live new experiences both gustatory and visual and to to confess in this way the love we have for those with whom we go through life and with whom we share both good and bad. I like to cook for my loved ones, to surprise them with dishes, colors, tastes, combinations and shapes of all kinds and more than that, I love to read on their faces the impatience to sit at the table, the delight when eating and the long discussions around the table, especially at night, when new plans are born, when fatigue or discomfort of the day disappear as if by charm and when warm looks and words intersect with the aromas of the kitchen, and only good thoughts float in the air and worries are driven away by the charm of a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. I know, it's a simple joy, but simple joys make our lives more beautiful if we know how to discover them, appreciate them and not forget about them.

by the nature of the service, I have the opportunity to take different, diversified and exotic lunches sometimes. lunches with my mother instead are full of flavor, peace, relaxation. They are lunches that leave their mark on every occasion, lunches that by their simplicity but by the richness of taste fulfill me, define me, lunches that go back in time, lunches at which I would like to have & # 8222 programming & # 8221 all my life & # 8230

I long for my childhood when my mother pampers us with all kinds of goodies, starting with the right beef soup with sour cream, the sarmalutes that melted in your mouth (the best in the world, I can say - I haven't eaten anywhere so tasty) pie Dobrogean with a thick layer of beaten eggs with sour cream (after which I still salivate), chicken ciulamaua with polenta (a delicacy), meatballs with dill and more and more goodies after which I felt a great joy, not only because of the taste but also the family reunion around the table where we each told each other what we did during the day, what crazy people we did around school or with the children playing. The moments when we gathered the whole family around the table were the most precious minutes of the whole day, but then we didn't realize, we didn't appreciate their value because we were simple children who enjoyed the wonders that came out of their mother's hands and enjoyed all the delicacies and we ran quickly to the play so as not to lose something. Only years later do we realize how much meal in the family means and how important this is to the development of a child's social skills.
During the summer holidays, my sister and I used to go to my mother's house in the country where we were also pampered with all kinds of fish dishes. My mother made a delicious soup in which she put several varieties of fish and finally freshly chopped larch, as I always asked for a portion, it was so tasty, or cooked marinated fish, carp brine, fish on the stern. Dad was a fisherman and all day he went fishing and brought us only goodies and we really felt the joy of the taste of fish. When she brought crayfish it was a great joy because we all liked it and we ate until our fingers were wrinkled from cleaning the tails (they were the tastiest) we all gathered mom, dad, and four nieces plus and my parents and cousins ​​and I heated a table where I sat for stories for a few hours. The joy of taste comes to me from childhood when I enjoyed food that I always long for and the most important thing is to gather our whole family around the table and enjoy together!

Family meals are the only opportunity to meet and troubleshoot things that happened that day or week.

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